Varg Vikernes Surprised by French Police Behavior: 'I Faced a Cultural Shock'

Burzum mastermind comes out with his terrorism arrest details, saying he felt "ashamed for being Norwegian."

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After being released from custody following his recent arrest on terrorism charges, Burzum mastermind Varg Vikernes posted a detailed journal to describe the entire experience.

In a series of lengthy posts titled "Terrorism in France," Vikernes named "polite and professional" behavior of the French police as what surprised him the most, describing it as a complete opposite of his experience with the Norwegian authorities.

"They tried to get clarity," the singer said. "I was shocked! Having experience with the band of thugs known as the Norwegian criminal police, who never seemed to care for anything but getting me and everybody else they arrested, no matter what, I was talking to policemen who were instead doing their job, like common people expect them to do and like they are supposed to do.

"No false testimonies. No fabricated evidence. No planting of illegal items on our property. No desperate attempts to make everything I said sound as if I was rotten to the core. No obviously deliberate misunderstandings of what I actually said. No attempts to put Marie and me up against each other. Nothing, save some confusion regarding what had been confiscated where and who had been present when this had been done."

Varg elaborated further, even confessing that the police professionalism made him feel ashamed for being Norwegian.

"At the same time the local policemen in Brive behaved exemplary too, all of them and all the time," he said. "They were polite and professional. No screaming of vulgarities to the incarcerated. No threatening behavior. No disparaging laughing or exposure of us to ridicule or other unpleasantries. No misuse of power. Wow! France was really different. At that time I felt a bit ashamed for being Norwegian. Maybe civilization had not yet reached Norway after all."

The singer also addressed the reasons behind his arrest, saying, "I know why they did this. They told me: they arrested us because 'someone' had told them that I had been one of those unfortunate 500+ receivers of the 'manifest' of the Zionist, Freemason and Christian mass-murderer Anders B. Breivik, who received it before his horrendously coward crimes against anti-Zionist socialist youth on Utoya.

"The French police had been told that an address receiving his manifest, registered in the name wolfschanze, was my e-mail address. According to the police this (false) knowledge alone lead to our arrest. Hm ... I wonder who told them this, and why?"

Vikernes concluded, saying, "I have yet to see any European family fathers and pregnant mothers of three small children commit any acts of terrorism anywhere."

Varg's journal is divided into several parts and includes the singer's story in detail, as well as a set of conclusions he drew upon his release. The story can be found at the following link and is available in several languages, including German, French, Russian and Serbian.

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    ...damn, not all cops are bastards!
    Never had problems with them in Denmark. Just think of them as ordinary people trying to do their jobs. Even when I got arrested one time, everything went after the book.
    French Police Interrogation Police: "Did you commit that crime" Suspect: "No" Police: "well looks like we're all done here"
    That's more like Police : "As-tu commis ce crime?" Suspect : "NON!!!!" Police : "Ok, on en a fini ici!" That's only in France. In Belgium it's perfect.
    Von II
    Despite his past and ignoring some of his ideas that he maintains, he seems to have become a much better person. They pretty much turned everything upside down, totally surprising Varg, and they haven't found a single thing. Reading some of his blog posts, he just seems to have his hands full with being a father rather then a terrorist.
    He's chilled out, really. Classic case of age quashing idealism (even if his idea were, uh... ****ing nuts).
    Nero Galon
    I lived/sometimes live in France time to time and the French police is split up, there is the police and then the Gendarmerie. They can be pretty badass, a culture shock to a brit that has never seen a policeman wielding a military shotgun and all other sorts of firearms.
    When they're waiting for a drug convoi, they're waiting with MP5, trust me when you go past them, it doesn't feel good...
    "the Zionist, Freemason and Christian mass-murderer Anders B. Breivik, who received it before his horrendously coward crimes against anti-Zionist socialist youth on Utoya." He made me throw up
    I'd hate to think the French authorities have become spineless. After all, these are the people who gave us Devil's Island and the National Razor. Times change.
    This guy shouldn't get any attention, he is straight killah bia***! I mean damn! He even killed his best friend forever!
    Though I don't agree with Varg's ideas, specifically that people born in a specific part of the world are better than others, he made a very lengthy post about why exactly he killed his 'best friend forever'. It doesn't absolve him of the crime, but it at least shed some light on it besides rumors. He is a killer, but killers sell copies. Did you not look at the recent Rolling Stones cover?
    sh-t,dont get arrested in jacksonville florida,they will beat the sh-t out of you,while your hand cuffed & hogtied,trust me,i experienced it...;
    The French police didn't have strong evidence to begin with. Its funny to see so many people strawman everything the man says, just because they don't like him and his somewhat strange world views. I don't agree with a lot of what he says but he's far from being a "nut job" that many portray him as. As for the murder of Euronymous...get the **** over it already. The man served 20+ in prison for the crime. They were both young and dumb teens. Euronymous was far from being an angel himself. We are talking about a guy who took pictures and made a necklace of his "friend's" blown off skull just for the sake of publicity. As far as I am concerned, Euronymous was a lower piece of trash then Varg ever was.