Velvet Revolver And Weiland: More Than A One-Off?

artist: Velvet Revolver date: 01/09/2012 category: music news
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Velvet Revolver And Weiland: More Than A One-Off?
Velvet Revolver have hinted that a permanent reunion with former vocalist Scott Weiland isn't out of the question. As previously reported, the band will get back together with Weiland to play three songs at the House Of Blues in West Hollywood on Thursday, January 12. This is for "Love You Madly: A Concert For John O'Brien", a gig paying tribute to the late composer who died last August. When asked by Rolling Stone whether this might lead to something more permanent, VR guitarist Dave Kushner was non-committal: "We haven't played together in four years, and so we're really just like, 'Let's see how this goes.' I know everyone's got other commitments, but I think everyone's like, 'Let's get this thing done and get through this and then we'll see.'" Thanks for the report to
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