Velvet Revolver: Big Wreck Frontman Talks About His Audition

Ian Thornley of Big Wreck tells that he was approached by Velvet Revolver to audition for the vacant vocalist position in the band.

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According to, Canadian musician Ian Thornley (Big Wreck) tells Jam! Music that he was approached by Velvet Revolver to audition for the vacant vocalist position in the band a short time after their split with Scott Weiland.

"I got a phone call from Slash - how f--king weird is that?" said Thornley. "And they had sent me a few tunes and I went down into my basement studio and just sang over one and just tried to build hooks and I was like, 'This is killer,' and just as soon as you hit play, 'It's f--king Slash!' There's such an iconic sound, just his swagger with his hands. I just love his guitar playing so it was a joy to do."

He added, "Their manager had an issue with the fact that I was playing guitar. He was like, 'It sounds great. It sounds unbelievable. Is there any chance you can do a couple without the guitar?' And I was like, 'Not really, no, 'cause I don't know what I'm going to do. Like, I've never learned those moves.' Weiland's great with all the Mick Jagger-slash-David Bowie stuff that he does. Some guys are more comfortable with that. Honestly, when Slash goes off on some kick ass solo, I'm not going to grab a fucking tambourine, it's not my bag. And so it was just a thrill to play with those guys. They were just super-cool, sweethearts. I was kind of disappointed, but you're not going to go into a situation like that and go, 'Look, boys, here's what you need to do. Three guitar attack, alright, harmony solos, I was thinking maybe more Skynyrd.'... It was kind of a like a square peg in a round hole kind of thing."

Big Wreck's first studio album in 11 years, "Albatross", is being released on Tuesday, March 6.

Weiland reunited with his original band, Stone Temple Pilots, just as his run with Velvet Revolver was coming to a close. STP has toured constantly since and recorded a new album in 2010.

Velvet Revolver has still not found a replacement vocalist and is more or less on hiatus, although it was revealed that the group recorded an album's worth of material with Stone Sour and Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor.

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    That would've been amazing! I'm bummed that this didn't happen.. Ian Thornley is the Canadian Chris Cornell!
    I've seen Ian Thornley sing at a very small bar while he was solo and that guy can sing. This would have been cool. Good for him for sticking to his guns though and not putting down the guitar
    This would've been so amazing.. Bummed that it didn't happen..
    I would totally dig this happening. But really yeah, Thornley is an amazing guitar player so it would be a shame to see him without it.
    I might actually go pick this up from the store today. that teaser sounded like it had some solid tunes. I've been listening to the single 'Albatross' almost nonstop since yesterday =\
    It's a shame this didn't work out. This guy is the only singer I've heard so far that was considered that would even be a remotely good fit. He's got a lot of Chris Cornell influence going on, and he sounds like a pretty tasteful guitar player, too. I like that Albatross song. It's just a shame it couldn't work out with this guy. Couldn't he just put the guitar long enough to get friendly enough with them to ask to pick it back up? If Slash doesn't mind Myles Kennedy playing a guitar occasionally, I'm sure he wouldn't mind this guy doing it. I wonder if that issue was even an issue with the band or if it ever even made it past the manager. It would be pretty cool having 3 lead guitar players, like Skynyrd had toward the end -- Dave Kushner is capable, his lead style just doesn't really mold well with the rest of the band, I think.
    Nothing like walking into HMV looking for the Albatross album and its not even on the "New This Month Wall". I fixed that. Took all the copies from the shelf at the back and made my own spot on the wall.
    I know this will probably cause a debate, but Thornley is a better guitarist than Slash. I love Slash, but Thornley is mind-blowing live, and hes incredibly creative on the guitar, especially live. Slash is an amazing soloist, but Ive seen them both live multiple times and Ian destroys Slash, he just doesnt get the recognition for it. Not taking the wind out of Slash's sail, but Im glad Ian didnt front VR....hes way too good to put the guitar down and just sing, itd be so weird to see him sing and not play.
    JAHellraiser wrote: who? I've never heard of this guy or band...
    then don't ****ing read and comment on this page you ****ing stupid idiot
    Thornley had a solo project in the early 00's sometime with a little bit of mainstream radio stuff, it's always fun to go back and listen to that.
    Big Wreck and Ian Thornley are one of my favorite artists. He has such a huge guitar sound, Slash's camp probably felt threatened by it. I know that sounds stupid to say, but Thornley shouldn't be playing second fiddle to ANYONE. He writes some great music and his tone is very specific. He can also play the banjo!
    Thornley is true talent straight from Canada too. Big Wreck's "In Loving Memory" record will always be one of my favourites!
    I don't care if Velvet Revolver never release another record ever again. The will they get a new singer palarver must be one of the most boring stories ever to receive collumn inches in every magazine I pick up. Ignore them and they'll, hopefully, go away.