Velvet Revolver 'Just Waiting for the Right Singer,' Says Duff McKagan

Band will definitely work again in the future, the bassist confirms.

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Bassist Duff McKagan recently touched the subject of Velvet Revolver hiatus return, confirming that the group will definitely work again in the future.

During a chat with Billboard, McKagan stated it's only a matter of finding the right vocalist right now, naming the chemistry among the band members as something worth fighting for.

"We talk about it every now and again," he kicked off. "Slash and Matt [Sorum] and Dave [Kushner] and I played in South Africa at the beginning of June ... and of course we talked about it."

McKagan then gave more specific details about the current state of VR affairs. "We've tried out a bunch of singers, but I think we're just waiting for the right person to come along," he said. "It'll just happen. But the chemistry of Matt and Slash and Dave and I is really good, so you don't want to let that just go away."

The bassist also briefly discussed former Velvet Revolver fronman Scott Weiland and his rift with Stone Temple Pilots, simply describing it as unsurprising.

"You could kind of see it coming, I suppose," McKagan said. "It's a sad situation any way you look at it. That guy ... You hope [Weiland] pulls it together; I shared enough good times with that guy that I wish him nothing but the best."

Since 2008, Velvet Revolver are on indefinite hiatus and on a lookout for the new singer. The group's latest studio effort, "Libertad," dropped in July 2007 via RCA Records, selling 92,000 copies in the US within the first week and debuting at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    Who the Fot proof read this? You need to feed the monkeys more peanuts I think.
    Duff should just sing.
    Great idea,Duff should be the singer! He does a great job for loaded and did some great singing on G'N'R spaghetti incident!
    This was news the same day that Slash revealed his new album will drop early next year. I really hope this happens, but with Slash being so busy with his own album and film production, I don't see it happening for a while.
    IT's a shame to hear how much work Duff personally put into getting Weiland clean for it to not have stuck. Then again, isn't rehab only 25% effective? Just get Lenny Kravitz already. He'll sound great playing VR and GNR songs and the band will sound great playing his hits.
    Lenny would be cool, the same with Lemmy Kilmister I reckon. As for rehab, it only works if you truly want to progress off the drugs/alcohol.. No matter what someone tells you, the only person who can pick you up is yourself.
    Solution. Call Ian Thornley back let him play guitar. He's an awesome player, song writer and singer. It's a match made in heaven. he said no the last time they asked because they wouldn't let him play guitar.
    They reportedly LOVED him but the VR agents asked if he could be more of a frontman and put down the guitar but he said no. A shame really.
    Gotta respect Thornley's artistic integrity. he's not about the money!
    How can it be this hard to find a singer to replace Scott? Is he suposed to be some kind of amazing singer or something? Because i never thought so.
    Not a great singer in the traditional sense , but he's got a unique quality which is hard to reproduce exactly. For example; Miles Kennedy is a great singer, but falls down when trying to nail the VR stuff with Slash.
    I'm just thinking how pissed Scott would be if they got Chester Bennington to do, that'd make me have a good laugh.
    just tired of this story....years and years and still no singer...the world needs VR. They should get a new singer quickly and start again the VR project seriously...
    I nominate Chris Cornell -- + He's grounded as a person (AFAIK, especially compared to Weiland, Axl) so no frontman drama-junkie BS + He's got the IMMENSE vocal range and versatility to compliment VR's IMMENSE sound and melodic character + He's been in bands that cross over with VR's target demo, so he'll (eventually) be accepted by the fanbase majority + He's well-known & well-respected as a vocalist, such that he'll be seen as "the only real candidate" after-the-fact ( i.e., confirmation-bias-style, "How did we not think of this five years ago!?" / "We've always had Chris in mind for the job; we just didn't realize it yet..." / etc. ) - He's already got himself a super rockstar gig
    I remember getting really excited at some point in 2009 when I read an interview where Duff said VR was "weeks away from announcing the new singer". At least he wasn't lying. 200+ weeks is still weeks !
    The right singer huh? They should really take a note from the DeLeo brothers and STP
    So basically instead of hiring a replacement singer to continue writing music they are going to never be able to write music again because they can't find the PERFECT singer. There are literally hundreds of thousands of rock singers out there.
    Any band can hire a singer, what's the point of that? Wouldn't you want the right singer if you were in a band? Especially a famous rock band..
    It does seems a little ridiculous that they can't find a lead singer... I mean it seems like they want someone famous and then its like no that'll sound too much like (insert singers old name here) and then they want to find an unknown and its like (this guy doesnt have enough experience). The guy in the group that must want this to work the most is Kushner. If I were him i'd be out there scanning demo tapes contantly...
    I think the problem is more that they don't know what they want and are waiting for someone to come out and show them what they want.. There is also the case that Slash undoubtedly has confidence issues in dealing with singers. The reason he works with Myles Kennedy well is because Myles is chilled out and has a small ego for a front-man. Myles however wouldn't be a good choice for a VR sound. He doesn't want another Axl Rose, Scott Weiland experience.
    The point is that they have been looking for years now. At some point they have to just write an album and hire a singer.
    They're mostly all pretty busy with other stuff, though, so it's not like the band members are starved of musical expression (although I suspect this applies to some more than others). Especially considering Slash is essentially the driving force of the band (and would have a big say in singers), he's not going to settle for "good enough" when Myles & The Conspirators keep him busy enough for the time being.
    The problem is that even with all his demons and antics, Scott Weiland is one of the most talented front men of all time and a true artist, not just on stage, but as a songwriter and singer. If you kick him out of your band, you're not EVER going to find anyone to replace him. That goes double for STP and Chester Bennington. Having said that, I'd like to see Lenny Kravitz play with VR. I always loved "Always on the Run," the song he and Slash did together on Lenny's "Mama Said" album. But, like someone up thread said, probably too big of an ego for the band. Plus, I think his band is pretty much all people who have been together for years and he probably has some loyalty to them.
    Irwin Navarro
    Chester Bennington from Linkin Park or M Shadows from A7X!
    Irwin Navarro
    Okay, scrap M Shadows since A7X has a new album coming out. But Chester Bennington? He;s the right fit for VR. Im pretty sure he can manage LP, STP, and VR )
    You're just saying that because Scott Weiland was in both STP and VR, in which Bennington is in STP now.
    I don't think VR would suit Chester Bennington at all.. That's like me saying get James Hetfield for Guns N' Roses.. VR is pure rock and essentially needs a Rock n Roll bad ass on the stage.
    I love Chester, he's an amazing singer. But ya, he wouldn't really suit it. It would just sound like his band Dead By Sunrise.
    Funny how VR wanted Chester Bennington but only STP accepted him and his Linkin Park commitments. Bennington, the ultimate Weiland replacement.
    What the fot? I think the people here on UG are hired as free proof readers. Good strategy UG.
    One more chance to see if old Gunners realize that there's still one old friend who can sing Myles, Weiland and Rose under the table.. Ladies and gentelemen: Michael Monroe And my lifetime wondering why they haven't joined together continues..
    Just bring Sorum and Duff into the Slash solo band, and we all get what we want, Myles.
    i have the inicials of the next VR's singer, AR... anyone knows? xD
    10 years later, they will still be waiting for the right singer. just like waiting for a Guns 'N Roses album.
    i really could have seen corey taylor do incredible things with this band, but i guess his plate his plenty full already.
    Corey was already a consideration and they never went through with it. I don't see the point of these negative comments saying to just hire a singer, are these people retarded? There's more to being the frontman of an already successful rock band than being able to sing. I'm totally fine with them taking their time to find the right guy, because if the chemistry's good you'll have a kick ass rock record. A voice I'd like to hear with VR is Eric Dover, as long as he can sing like he did with Slash's Snakepit.