Velvet Revolver Not Auditioning Singers, Duff McKagan Says

Bassist shooting down speculations, also rules out Weiland reunion.

Ultimate Guitar

Bassist Duff McKagan recently addressed the rumors regarding the return of Velvet Revolver by bluntly shooting them all down.

Chatting with VH1 Radio, Duff still gave fans a glimpse of hope by saying "when it's the right time to happen again, it'll happen."

Getting down to the stories about VR auditioning new vocalists, McKagan stated, "I'm not aware that we're auditioning [any singers] right now and I think I would be aware."

Asked about the possibility of Scott Weiland's return, the bassist added (via Blabbermouth), "No, that played itself out. That was a chapter in life, you know, not a defining moment, just a chapter, and I wish that guy the best of luck and I hope he's okay."

The rest of the band seemed very much opposed to Weiland's return as well, and with no efforts being made on finding the new singer, the question still remains on whether the group's hiatus will turn out to be a permanent one.

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    Irwin Navarro
    IF ever VR plans to go back, I hope they get Chris Cornell as their new lead singer.. He did a great track on Slash's solo album so I think him joining VR would be awesome.
    Velvet Revolver audition news? Haven't heard that in a short while. I'd put money down that an article pops up tomorrow to inform us that Scott Weiland claims that they want him back. Followed by a "Maybe Myles Kennedy?" rumor. Followed by Slash debunking that rumor. Followed by Scott Weiland begging them to take him back. And finally, "Velvet Revolver hires Chester Bennington as New Vocalist".
    then lawsuits and Velvet Revolver with Chester Bennington makes their debut via soundcloud.
    Fuckin' A. I love Velvet Revolver, get the right dude for the band. Or do a complete 180 and bring in a train wreck. Like Axl. Bring Axl into the band. It'll never, ever happen, but it'd be great if they decided to **** with people.
    Being a big fan of Velvet Revolver, i hope they don't carry on with a different singer. VR has been inactive for quite a few years now too. Pardon the pun but it'll be like 'Beating a Dead Horse'.
    Sammy Mantis
    When will they quit with this facade and finally just admit that this band is finished? They haven't been active for years, and it's been even longer since people were even interested in them.
    this is a classic UG staple: Yesterday news: Scott Weiland says VR is auditioning new vocalist. Today news: Duff denies VR auditions. How did no one saw it coming yesterday? ( including me)
    Velvet Revolver are dead. Have been dead for ages. They are not coming back. Accept this, peoples. Damn shame... because they were one of the best.