Velvet Revolver Singer Auditions Are 'Coming Up,' Slash Explains

Axeman hitting the road with solo band first, confirms VR plans nevertheless.

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Slash recently gave somewhat of an unexpected announcement, hinting that Velvet Revolver aren't done as a band and even have a vocalist audition coming up in the future.

Chatting with Wow My Balls at this year's MusiCares MAP Fund benefit, the axeman noted, "I think we're gonna audition a singer, coming up. So there's that. But I'm gonna be out on the road for the next year and a half, so..."

Slash is expected to release a new album this year as a follow-up to 2012's "Apocalyptic Love." Asked about the title during the interview, he jokingly replied that it will definitely contain a word "on," so that's something at least.

"All I can tell you is that it's a really f--king great record," the guitarist previously told Kerrang! magazine. "I'm very proud of it, but I don't want to get into, 'Oh, dude, it's epic,' or 'It's the heaviest thing ever.'

"It's very rock and roll, and, as always, it's very diverse in feel, and I'm just super, super proud of everything that we collectively put into making the thing. It's just going to be a b-tchin' record," he concluded.

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    What if its Chester Bennington? Not that he'd sound good but just to piss Weiland off even more by being replaced in 2 bands by the same dude.
    Next week: Chester Bennington to replace Scott Weiland in the Scott Weiland band.
    After next week: Scott Weiland SLAMS Chester Bennington.
    Personally, I think the ship has sailed on Velvet Revolver. I liked the band--I have both of their albums. But with Weiland out (who I think had more influence on the sound of the band than people give him credit for), and Slash and Duff doing their own things, I think it's time to just move on. Their last album was seven years ago, they haven't toured much since then, and I don't think their fan base is solid enough for them to justify a comeback--at least not without some major effort.
    To me, the only way it will work is if they get another charismatic, well known singer like Weiland, or a nobody who can really sing and is hungry for success.
    exactly my thoughts, I just think "what's the point?" especially with everything else that's going on.
    I'd rather him just keep Myles Kennedy
    Myles Kennedy is awesome on the Velvet Revolver track. As to who could be a good choice besides Kennedy. Mike Patton would be cool just for the versatility, Ryan McCombs from Soil and for some reason the old Three Days Grace singer seems like he'd work
    I never thought about it, but I think you're right about the old 3DG singer. Seems like he would be a good fit.
    matteo cubano
    *cough* m shadows *cough*
    I would actually suggest Todd Kerns. That'd be really interesting, he has a great voice with a lot of sleaze.
    It's great that Slash is going on tour but, that means no more Alter Bridge dates. I still had hope of seeing Alter Bridge here in Canada. Looking at their dates they didn't even tour the US all that much like they used to.
    I've been waiting since before ABIII came out to see them tour near me but I still haven't gotten the chance to see them. Hopefully they don't take another long break and do a few more dates next year.
    I've been waiting since before ABIII came out to see them tour near me but I still haven't gotten the chance to see them. Hopefully they don't take another long break and do a few more dates next year.
    Apropos of nothing: John Bush. Because John Bush.
    The idea of John Bush fronting VR has crossed my mind a few times. I think it could work. He's got a grungy sounding voice though it is deeper than Scott Weiland's voice and I'm sure that even at the age of 50 he could still belt out some killer wails that he often did in Armored Saint and Anthrax.
    Get Lenny Kravitz already. The musicianship, lyrics, groove and showmanship would match wonderfully.
    Lenny's not that much into rock these days and I would much rather they got back to the heavier sound of Contraband than Libertad.
    Does anyone still care at this point?... I mean they were good while they lasted, but I basically forgot VR even existed by now.
    I care, that's a waste of some of the best chemistry in rock. Slash is one of my biggest guitar heroes and while he can write some awesome songs on his own he seems to work better in a band situation. I like both his solo albums but neither (as a whole) did it for me like Contraband.
    How do I audition? slash pls
    Seriously, I'm pretty sure I have the chops:
    I like how I have -4 downvotes, yet only 3 more views. Listen, I 100% respect differing opinions. But if you're going to downvote without even listening, then you're just an ass hole. Straight up.
    It would be so cool if Izzy would do it, just for the GN'R effect, but he in almost no way compares to there anybody that compares to Scott? Not that he's the best singer, but he seems different to everyone else...
    Ian Thornley (Big Wreck) would be a perfect match great voice and can play guitar. Slash already refused him once because Ian wouldn't put the guitar down and just sing. Slash should reconsider.
    Ok, so it was downvoted, but I actually like the idea of a televised competition for the slot. What would make it super interesting would be to make the auditions open to both known and unknown candidates!
    Irwin Navarro
    I hope we finally get a Rock Star: Velvet Revolver type of thing ) It would be great to see the auditions on a reality show.. Or maybe he could get M Shadows from A7X )
    Maybe Velvet Revolver and Guns N' Roses can put out 1 side each (is that thing for digital?). They might be able to squeeze it out by the end of this decade that way!
    Hopefully they make the right decision. Myles is great and all but he lacks the grittiness this band needs.
    After that one off in 2012, I hoped they would work it out with Scott - not going to happen. Not sure if I'd like to see VR with a new frontman... depends who it is though I guess.