Velvet Revolver To Team Up With Aerosmith On Tour

Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum revealed that the band will be teaming up with Aerosmith for some South American dates in April.

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Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum revealed during this past weekend's Camp Freddy Radio broadcast on Los Angeles' Indie 103.1 FM that the band will be teaming up with Aerosmith for some South American dates in April. The trek is expected to include stops in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. Currenttly the group is booked for the following shows (these dates have not yet been officially confirmed by Velvet Revolver or its management):

04/12-15 - Quilmes Rock 2007 @ Estadio River Plate - Buenos Aires, ARG 04/18 - Parque Simn Bolvar - Bogot, COL 04/18 - Palacio De Los Deportes - Bogot, COL

Velvet Revolver recently began recording its sophomore album, titled "Libertad", with producer Brendan O'Brien, who's worked with Audioslave, Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots.

Velvet Revolver hopes to release "Libertad" in late April or early May. Credits for the info to

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    come to slovakia again.. last time it was with snakepit and it was not yesterday
    pleease come..... back to the recording studio and finish recording ur album!!!!!
    !CC wrote: nobody comes to New Zealand
    +1 Such a sweet combination.
    i hope they come to stoon...i had floor when aerosmith was gonna come last spring, then steve tylers throat got all f'ed up...and i woulndt mind seeing velvet revolver either
    i saw aerosmith when they were on tour with motley crue. motley crue absolutly sucked(sorry crue fans). but aero was on it. and aero isnt going to split, they just released 3 new songs that rock, and there's rumors floating around about a new album in the works.
    WoW, This is almost a dream come true. To bad they wont be coming to Minnesota. If they were, I'd die a happy man.
    Awww, I just saw Aerosmith, but they were with Motley Crue. I'd much rather see Velvet Revolver with them. A lotttt more, in fact. Ah well. Coolness nonethless.
    prolly wont come to indiana just like every other band in the country so im really upset
    Aerosmith are still killing it at live shows. They aren't as old as the Stones and they're definately enjoying themselves still. As well, Velvet Revolver...thats just another discussion completely. On topic, however, I wish I still lived in South America.
    what the hell? why doesn't anything this good come to the UK! I soo wanna go see Aerosmith, and when they were touring with Crue, I was so happy then found out its only in america. now with VR I was even Happier. but thats just in south america. ... are Aerosmith touring different continents with different awesome bandds ??
    Sounds cool... Again, lucky south americans. Still, a lil bit weird - Aerosmith have just finished a major tour with Motley Crue, and are just setting off with VR. I thought they'd split up ('Smith), as I hadn;t heard anythng about em since 'i don't wanna miss a thing' came out...
    last time i had aerosmith tickets they cancelled their show for tylers vocal problems and never returned to that venue, thus i have lost all respect for aerosmith. kudos to vr and i hope the sophmore album is excellent
    GNRmetfan1290 wrote: I think they need to come to the US. You know what, screw it. FULL WORLD TOUR. How awesome would that be?
    Yeah, damn right! I'm not a massive fan of either band but i do really like them both. What do you say GNRmetfan1290 start protesting? =p
    I think they need to come to the US. You know what, screw it. FULL WORLD TOUR. How awesome would that be?
    Can't wait for Libertad. Hope it's good. Aerosmith and VR would be kick ass. Lucky S. Americans!
    ahhh i moved to the US from Colombia 10 years ago, and now i wanna go back to watch this awesome showwwww
    !CC wrote: nobody comes to New Zealand
    i dont think thats a fair comment, no one comes to CHRISTCHURCH but this year ive been to chillis, GnR roger waters snow patrol silverchair powderfinger and muse and have already got tickets for foo fighters an am going to jack johnson kiss and OZZY! thats a fair few, an ive missed heaps of gigs i wanted to see so to say that no one comes isnt very fair, plus revolver were here in 05 anyway!