Vevo Announce Next-Gen MTV-Style Music TV

The next generation of MTV-style music television is here - but how does it fit into an era of online video?

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If you watch music videos on YouTube, you're probably familiar with the VEVO brand. Whenever you see the VEVO stamp on a video, you're watching an official stream which pays the artist every time you hit play.

Now VEVO is launching VEVO TV, an online music television channel which mimics the old-style of MTV where a linear stream of music videos play all day long.

The channel will stream 24-hours per day, with hour-long themed blocks of videos couch as "hip hop" or "rock". The stream isn't random; VEVO staff will curate a playlist of the best videos to make sure it doesn't feel random, and you can watch it on almost any internet-connected device through a browser or dedicated VEVO apps.

So why would VEVO attempt to revive the old style of MTV programming when we have infinite choice of what to watch online?

It seems that infinite choice is the very problem VEVO is trying to combat. With so much new content to browse, and with new videos being added every day, some music fans are paralysed with choice and don't know where to look for something new, according to TNW.

A curated stream of music videos, blending both big hits from the past and present with brand new releases, could be a great way for mainstream audiences to sit back and enjoy music the way we used to on MTV.

VEVO TV is not a completely passive experience, though. If you like a song, you can save it to your personal playlists to watch later.

What do you think of this attempt to bring back MTV-style programming? Could the metal world benefit from a channel like this, and would you watch it? Join the debate in the comments.

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    You know what, I'm glad they're doing this. Especially the blocks of videos that all fit into genres. The "M" in MTV is dead.
    "Whenever you see the VEVO stamp on a video, you're watching an official stream which pays the artist every time you hit play." This actually sounds good, anyone that can explain me why there's so much hate against VEVO?
    That's it? Ads and profanity censorship... So the fact that they give the band you love money to keep them going and making the music you want to listen to in addition to already giving you the chance of listening their music for free just isn't enough. Because that ad is just so horrendous and the fact that you can't say **** is way more important than everything obviously. Sorry but all you complaining people sound like a bunch of spoiled brats to me...
    Exactly. The album sales are down so much and if this can help bands earn extra money (which they have a full right to by the way, it's their music, they came up with it and paid the recording and all other expenses) and focus on music more without financial problems, it might result in bands actually making better music
    mainly since they overly censor everything other than that I love the quality and everything else
    Now I can actually watch music videos instead of 12 and Pregnant with 5 STDs.
    I believe all the VEVO hate came because of advertisements and having to see a close up of Justin Bieber on the side of the video while listening to something like Pearl Jam. In reality it probably brought some videos a lot of views therefore making more money than they would have as a partner to YouTube with an unseen video.
    The ads also made the video slower to load when you have slow internet connection. Having to stare at Nicki Minaj's wide-eyed stare while waiting 5 minutes to hear to song is torture
    I don't think this will be of great use to die hard metal fans. Pop, rock and any associated genres, sure. But metal and, I suppose, other really extreme music genres like sub-electronica genres or whatever, will probably never be played on the channel and most certainly never the kind that the die hard fans would want to hear/see. We all kind of cringe every time mainstream media tries to bring in a little "metal" in their programs. Like Judas Priest on American Idol. What are they playing? Living After Midnight. Which is one of the tamest, most pop Priest songs ever. You probably won't hear Black Sabbath play anything other than Paranoid or Iron Man on TV either. It will never dwelve deep enough for the die hard fans to really take notice. At least, that's my 2 cents.
    Seems somewhat interesting, but for me the whole endless choices thing never intimidated me so I won't really have use for it.
    The sad thing is, more mainstream artists will most likely have way more airplay than Underdogs. But if they can prove me wrong, and help us discover amazing new and old artists, songs and even genre, I'm in.