Video: Geoff Tate Spits At Bandmates

artist: Queensr├┐che date: 07/12/2012 category: music news
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Video: Geoff Tate Spits At Bandmates
Mike Portnoy says the current Queensryche fiasco makes his split from Dream Theater look tame and not just because footage of Geoff Tate spitting at his former bandmates has been found online. Queensryche members are currently amid a legal battle over the band name and royalties with singer Geoff Tate. Now the band are presenting their side of the story to a court, and the details being leaked certainly make for some juicy reading. "Wow! What a read" tweeted Portnoy (via Blabbermouth). "This QR split makes my DT split look like a walk in the park!" There may be an ulterior motive to Portnoy's tweet. He was involved in a minor public argument with Geoff Tate, which stems back to a co-headline tour between their bands in 2000. Queensryche allegedly pulled out at the last minute. By 2006, Portnoy didn't mince his words when discussing Tate, calling him a "two-faced douche bag" for bashing Dream Theater in the press. Meanwhile, details of the Queensryche split continue to pour out in the media. Guitarist Parker Lundgren claims that Tate even "threatened to kill" drummer Scott Rockenfield after their scrap before a gig in Brazil. Tate's wife Susan who managed the band continues to appear in quotes from the court. Bassist Eddie Jackson recalls an email in which she admitted "my husband has a dark side." Watch this shocking footage of Geoff Tate spitting at Rockenfield at the 3:58 mark:
And another at 1:25:
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