Video of Nirvana's Complete Rock Hall Induction and Performance Appears Online

See how the history's been made.

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Complete video of Nirvana's induction and performance at the 2014 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has appeared online.

As HenneMusic reports, the 40 minute clip features the opening career video montage and speech from ex-R.E.M vocalist Michael Stipe, the acceptance speech from the band, as well as the band's live performance.

As HenneMusic notes, Nirvana closed out the evening with a raucous set as they were joined by a host of female singers for their induction performance.

Joan Jett opened the program with a searing rendition of the band's signature tune, "Smells Like Teen Spirit;" Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth fame followed on "Aneurysm;" St. Vincent (a.k.a. Annie Clark) performed "Lithium," and New Zealand pop sensation Lorde closed out the event with a version of "All Apologies."

Check out the full video below:

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    I was there. It was surreal.
    Same, my girlfriend flipped when they announced Lorde, I just shrugged it off and enjoyed the show. Nirvana played a secret show that night too at a bar in Brooklyn. Mad that I missed that
    Aww they cut the "Hey, Chad!" Part..
    When did they say that?
    During Dave's speech after he mentioned In Bloom he was like "hey, I think Chad's here, where's Chad?" Then he sees and he waves and is like "Hey, Chad! Hey, how's it going?"
    I hate that, the HOF does all they can to keep Chad out.
    Victor Escobar
    Loved this! Having a group of female singers was a brilliant move on their part and I love how it's sort of a history of rock kind of thing. Kim Gordon and Annie Clark were wonderful. Joan Jett was good. I love Lorde but I wasn't sure of her performance initially but the more I watched the more I appreciated it.
    Kim Gordon and Joan Jet killed it, the other two, meh. I like Saint Vincent a lot though
    I was actually really uncomfortable during Kim Gordon's performance.. But at the same time I think that was the one Kurt would have liked best? Most true to the original?
    Awesome performance! My favorites were Kim Gordon and Annie Clarks performances. Of course Joan Jett was good, and their rendition of All Apologies with Lorde was great. I know it won't happen, but I would love for Nirvana to do a short tour in major cities with Annie Clark singing/playing guitar. It would be crazy.
    I think they all genuinely did very well. They all had their own approach to the vocal and executed it extremely well. And the music was still solid as hell! I think if Nirvana were to do any one off shows, not like a reunion but more so a tribute to Kurt and his music he made with Nirvana, I'd want Joan Jett to front it. Dave, Krist,Pat and Joan go well together and it would probably be really awesome