Vince Neil Gets Las Vegas Topless Bar

artist: Vince Neil date: 03/06/2012 category: music news
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Vince Neil Gets Las Vegas Topless Bar
According to, Mtley Cre singer Vince Neil will open a topless nightclub, "Vince Neil's Girls, Girls, Girls", later this month in Las Vegas. The club will occupy the former Dj Vu location opposite the Orleans off Tropicana Avenue a mile from the Las Vegas Strip. "It's something I always wanted to do," Neil said. "So it's like a dream come true. But this will be different and unique. It will be the first rock and roll strip joint. It was a business opportunity to become a partner that was too good to pass up." Regarding the kind of entertainment that will be available at Vince Neil's Girls, Girls, Girls, Neil told the Las Vegas Sun, "First, the girls will be edgier. Tattoos won't be banned. They will look like they stepped out of a music video. Hot, provocative and edgy. I know it all comes down to G-strings in the end, but they'll start out with much sexier outfits than you find elsewhere. Second, the music isn't going to be boring. None of that house, generic strip club music. This will be full-on rock and roll."
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