Vince Neil Hospitalized During Motley Crue Concert

Singer suffered a kidney stone attack.

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Motley Crue's Vince Neil has been rushed to hospital suffering from "internal pain", NME reports.

The group were playing a gig in Sydney, Australia on March 10 when they were forced to cut their set short in order for the singer to be taken to hospital to receive treatment.

The band are currently touring down under with Kiss and Thin Lizzy. They were playing a second night at Sydney's Allphones Arena on Sunday when the singer fell ill with suspected kidney stones.

There is currently no information regarding Neil's current condition, however, bandmate Nikki Sixx tweeted the following:

Sorry Sydney for a short set tonight but Vince had to be rushed to the hospital for internal pain. Will update you on his progress.

Nikki Sixx (@NikkiSixx) March 10, 2013

Guitarist Mick Mars added:

Sydney, my apologies for a short set this evening. Vince had an attack of kidney stones. He went straight from stage to the hospital.

Mick Mars (@mrmickmars) 10 2013 .

Last year, Vince Neil opened his own strip club in Las Vegas, which he named after Motley Crue's hit single "Girls, Girls, Girls". The singer has had a turbulent few years and served a two week prison sentence in 2011 after pleading guilty to drink driving.

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    He's gone to see the medical expert they call Dr Feelgood.
    Sure he's a dick but to go from stage to the many musicians would honesty just not cancel?
    Doctor's recommendation: I strongly recommend that Mr Neil does not return to performing. Because Motley Crue are shit.
    Translation; Aren't I cool, I listen to grunge and hate hair metal derp
    Man do you know ME well!! I'm a fan of many genres, Grunge being one, but also blues from the 30's to now, funk, reggae, rock in its many forms, a lot of glam rock in particular... Your unerringly accurate 'translation' has covered all that though, and perfectly highlights the fact I find Motley Crue to be hugely overrated. Not the genre, but that band in particular. Now, how do I condense this into a generic, unimaginative statement that will get a lol or 2...? Nope, looks like you beat me to it...
    I laughed at this one,dude!!!! Nice shot!!!! Show those grungers!!!
    I don't hate grunge but everytime I see some comment where someone goes "oh Mtley Cre are the gay I hate them so much" it's so annoying... The Cre can play circles around crap like Sonic Youth, but if someone says Sonic Youth are rubbish (they are) people hate you but if you say you hate hair metal (which isn't all bad) then you're spot on the money... Elitist bullsh*t
    Meh. I really have no use for Sonic Youth or Motley Crue. Not my taste. I'm ****ed now, aren't I?
    So yeah just a question, the last two lines of the article... wtf do they have to do with anything?
    It's purpose is to create tention between users in order to achieve a massive shitstorm of comments so UG can earn a lot of money due to increased visitors. It's how they operate mate, never seen it?
    So all the music elitists can come and lambast hair metal by going "wot a misojinist he isnt evn tegan nd sara"... Love it
    I say Australia should get a free show out of this, since they never play there that often.
    They've played here many times. I was at the Sydney show the night before this, he sounds terrible live anyway, fat prick runs out of breath and can't sing all the words. Motley didn't play their last 4 songs.
    Hell, 20 years ago he was running out of breath and dropping lyrics on a regular basis. I know, I've seen them live a few times between 1987 and the late '90s here in Indianapolis.
    I'll second this. Saw them in Perth, wasn't impressed with Crue, not a fan anyway. KISS were sweet though.
    I will admit,that live he isn't as good,as on the record,however,if he would not run out of breath that often,then he WOULD sound good live,because Vince CAN actually sing well. It's just the breath thing that makes him sound like a drunk baby.
    if they saw this coming, surely they wouldn't have risked saving the best songs for last..great show regardless
    He better come back to Aus with a stronger stomach if he wants eat our tucker down here in the outback.
    I saw them in Vegas in Feb '12 and they sounded great and put on a fantastic show. Sorry to hear they had to cut the show off for the Australians.
    moody git
    i've had kidney stones. shit sucks. i wouldn't call it an 'attack' though. was a gradual build up of pain - at least in my case.
    Shit band who are past it, only morons would pay to see them nowadays.
    Kidney Stone attack? They appeared without warning and attacked him? Or they built up over time as he lived to excess?
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    Anyway,i hope Vince gets better soon,and learns not to run out of breath so often. That oughta make his performances better,and make things easier for him. So Vince,if you're reading this - PLEASE!!! HEED MY ADVICE,AND ROCK ON!!!!