Vince Neil: I Run 10-12 Miles A Night On Stage

artist: Vince Neil date: 11/08/2011 category: music news
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Vince Neil: I Run 10-12 Miles A Night On Stage
The Crue frontman spoke with the San Antonio Metal Music Examiner about the comparison between the 26.2 mile marathon and being on stage. "It's two different kind of marathons," says Neil. "I use a pedometer, and I run just about 10-12 miles a night. It's different though. One thing that's different is you're singing. And you do stop and talk to the crowd. But what these athletes do, it's amazing." Vince is fitting his solo shows in around the band's schedule. "I do 2-3 shows every week. We're just taking a 2-3 month break from Motley, and then we can continue." As for what's next on the Crue's schedule, Vince says "We're on tour right now. We did the States and just finished up Australia and Japan. We leave in December for England." The UK tour teams Motley up on a triple-bill with Def Leppard and Steel Panther. And 2012? New album or more concerts? "We're looking at another Cruefest," replies the singer. "This tour doesn't end until November of next year." Neil recently swung a plea deal in a Las Vegas case involving ex-girlfriend Alicia Jacobs; prosecutors will drop one count of domestic battery in exchange for Neil's guilty plea to disorderly conduct. Neil, 50, was seen yelling obscenities at and poking Jacobs during an encounter at the Las Vegas Hilton in March. Neil's defense attorney, David Chesnoff, said, "Mr. Neil is sorry he raised his voice." Neil will plead to a misdemeanor charge and pay a $1,000 fine related to an alleged domestic violence incident. Thanks for the report to
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