Vince Neil Recovering From Emergency Surgery

The Motley Crue singer was rushed to hospital after suffering from "internal pain", but has reassured fans that he's going to be fine.

Ultimate Guitar

Vince Neil has updated fans on today's news that he has been rushed to hospital after being crippled by illness ahead of a show in Sydney, Australia.

Guitarist Mick Mars said Vince suffered from and attack of kidney stones, and "went straight from stage to hospital" last night.

Nikki Sixx says Vince was doubled over before the show and the promoter told him not to go and perform, according to Ultimate Classic Rock. Apparently he wouldn't do that to the fans, but it ultimately proved too much and they had to cut the set short so he could be rushed to hospital for what was reportedly a successful round of surgery:

Just out of surgery. Spent night in hospital probably have to again tonight. Thank you all for the kind words and prayers.

Vince Neil (@TheVinceNeil) March 11, 2013

Vince went on to thank the paramedics, nurses and doctors who helped him on his way to what is hopefully a speedy recovery. "Doc says I should have a full recovery and be back onstage for the Brisbane show tomorrow. Thanks to my bandmates and crew for your support," he said.

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    The musical elitist in me can't help but think "you should retire, I don't really like your music..." but the humane side of me goes like "Whoa breh, he's still a human being and regardless of your personal taste in music you should wish him well..." So I guess I'll be a good guy today and wish him well...
    Got to be honest, it's the musical elitist side of me that's winning...
    Yeah, I'm with you there. I mean, it's incredibly difficult to allow something to exist that generally doesn't affect me, and it's even harder to not spend every minute of my day feeling negative and giving all my attention to things I dislike. It's a real bitch sometimes.
    Did they kick start his heart?
    Way Cool JR.
    This is what you call a great man, in serious pain and still pushes to please his fans. I wish you a speedy recovery dude. Rock On!
    Whatta fuucking trooper! That is some major pain and yet he still went out there for the fans! Rock On! \m/
    Get well Vince!!! Hope to see you in Jones County Iowa this July.
    i had more respect for him till his recent round of DUI again and other matters here in Vegas. Dude seems to forget its that behavior that cost a young man his life. You killed someone Vince. yes you still drive drunk. its hard to feel sympathy for someone who don't learn from their mistakes. but get well anyways. Best singer of all time? hahahahahahahhah lmmfao far from it and as far as the could say that Vince opened up for the STONES.... j/k
    The worlds greatest singer from the worlds greatest band. Get well soon,Vince!
    I was quite confused by all of the downvotes on your comment, but then I remembered this is Ultimate-Guitar, and opinions are not allowed! /Sarcasm
    Are you delusional?
    That's his opinion. What's wrong with that? Music is completely subjective.
    Opinions? Hahahaha, people are not entitled to them. It's also my job to teach them what good music is, based on my opinion (sarcasm overload/off).
    I could see how you could have Mtley Cre considered as the greatest band of all time (to you), but there are inarguably better singers who even sing in the same style as Vince Niel. Besides that, he didn't even write 90% of his own lyrics. Nikki Sixx is responsible for practically any lyrics worth mentioning from them. The band didn't even like Vince Niel's singing, either; they just settled for him. Your favorite and the definitive greatest of all time are two completely different things. It can actually be proven that he is not.
    Can you provide the written proof? We'll call it Dewitt's Theorem.
    If someone wants to run his vocals through some sort of statistics program alongside Rob Halford's (or practically any other singer from that era), I'd be happy to post the results for you. Until then, use your ears -- the same way you could use your eyes to prove that Kobe Bryant is a definitively better basketball player than Jeremy Lin (no need for a stat sheet).
    Tommy was the only one that wasn't fond of V.N.'s built in vocal box, Nikki really loved his raw rock n' roll sound as do countless people across the globe. When people say "the greatest", what they actually mean is their favorite. There is no greatest band, guitarist, drummer, roadie, bartender...
    Well I guess so if you are comparing him to last weeks greatest singer .....Axl (I sing through my nose)Jemima.....
    Woah! What's with all the downvotes? It's just a fan giving well wishes to their favourite singer, why hate them for it?
    I'm sure Razzle Dingley's mother was very worried about Vince....
    Love Motley Crue, saw them a few years back and they sounded great, haven't liked their newer stuff, but I hope he keeps rocking on stage
    The picture on the UG front page makes Vince Neil look like Jon Lovitz in a wig! (oh, and get well soon etc!)
    Did anyone else notice the Ian Watkins picture on the homepage for this article..?