Vinnie Paul: 'Avenged Sevenfold Are the Biggest Metal Band Going Today'

"It's hard to do this day in age," the drummer adds about A7X success.

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Discussing Hellyeah's upcoming North American tour supporting Avenged Sevenfold, drummer Vinnie Paul didn't hesitate to share massive praises of the band, calling the California five-piece today's biggest metal act.

Chatting with Loudwire, Vinnie noted, "They're probably the biggest metal band going today. They have an incredible following, we've been friends for a long time.

"I sent Matt [singer M. Shadows] three of the tracks before we got the tour and I'm pretty positive that's what nailed the tour for us. He loved them," the drummer continued. "He hit me up right away and said he was going to take us out with them, which was very awesome to be able to go and play 15, 16, 17 thousand seat arenas full of people that dig f--in' heavy metal. It'll be awesome. It's hard to do this day in age. To be on the bill with them is really great."

During the rest of the chat, Vince focused on the band's upcoming album "Blood for Blood," dubbing it Hellyeah's most crucial release. "Well, we definitely felt like it was the most important record of our career," he explained. "We knew that we had to deliver the very best record. After the first two previous Hellyeah records, the first two were really directionally all over the place.

"We really enjoyed doing them, we did something outside what we had done in our previous bands, songs like, any of them basically would not fly in Pantera or Mudvayne," the drummer aded. "We really got an opportunity to get that out of our system. And with our last record 'Band of Brothers' we really felt like got focused, got back to our metal roots, what we wanted to do with the record."

Hellyeah recently parted ways with guitarist Greg Tribbett and bassist Bob Zilla, announcing Kyle Sanders as the replacement bass player. "Blood for Blood" is due on June 10, check out the tour details and ticket info here.

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    He is right, I see more people wearing A7X t-shirts and stuff than any other modern metal band
    The only time these guys were barely metal-ish was during their first two albums. Ever since City of Evil, they've been hard rock with some melodic metal influences but still not metal. So this is when a lot of people disagree with people referring to Avenged as the biggest metal band about, cause they ain't one
    I don't get how people say this all the time. These guys aren't an over the top br00tal obscure subgenre of death metal but they are metal nonetheless. Traditional metal with influences of thrash, NWOBHM, and hard rock. Heavy metal does not mean just chugging on the open e as fast as you can and cookie-cutter cookie monster vocals. It's heavy metal music calling back to Sabbath, Priest, and Maiden. They carry a torch similar to the ones Black Label Society and Down carry, representing the old-school. And although they may have a few ballad type tracks on their albums that aren't completely metal Hallowed Be thy Name and Fade to Back weren't either. Hard Rock is Saliva, Papa Roach and Nickelback. Avenged Sevenfold is Metal.
    More people need to realize this. You hit it spot on. Avenged Sevenfold is metal regardless of what people say.
    Then how are Metallica still a metal band? They haven't released a metal album (with the possible exception of Death Magnetic) since the Black Album, but everyone still calls them metal.
    Metallica still have the basic metal elements although, the load stuff was less metal and more mainstream rock
    As much as UG likes to be elitist and hate on a7x Vinnie speaks the truth. Sorry guys but the truth hurts, now hate on my all you want. *flame shield activate*
    God dammit, vinnie
    I'm not gonna say they're good, but their definitely one of the biggest metal acts, in terms of attracting an audience, and he talked more about how they fill arenas, not how good they are.
    While its probably true that theyre the "biggest" in terms of having legions of screaming teenage fans behind them, "biggest" could also mean sales, fan base, sell out arenas, or influence today, and in my opinion Iron Maiden, Sabbath, and Metallica, are all "bigger"... as for modern metal, id say Slipknot were bigger than A7X
    Mastodon is a bigger band, in terms of music and popularity
    while i actually do prefer mastodon to a7x, i dont see mastodon headlining any festivals, while a7x and slipknot are, so if this is down to pure popularity, mastodon aren't even close to the other two
    I LOVE Mastodon, but in terms of popularity? Not a chance. Avenged headlines almost every festival they get on. They pack arenas, while Mastodon is still packing smaller to medium sized venues. There is no way Mastodon is even close to Avenged in terms of popularity. I know this is a weird representative, but it has to indicate something, but Mastodon has 8k fans on Facebook while Avenged has almost 17 million. Avenged are, in terms of universal popularity, probably the biggest metal band out there. I would hesitate to throw bands like Slipknot and System of a Down in with Avenged, because they were already a big influence on the metal music scene (these guys had careers in the 90's while Avenged were still in middle/high school) years before Avenged even released their first relevant album ("Waking the Fallen"), so I would say that Avenged is the biggest post-Slipknot metal band out there.
    Irwin Navarro
    Truth be told, A7X is really carrying the torch of metal today.... They've come a long way. They started out as High School kids who sounded metalcore or br00tal, lost a band member, and now stepping up to the likes of Metallica, GNR, Pantera and many more. You might not like A7X, but at least give them credit that they deserve
    They're not even bad. Nightmare was their only lackluster album and it still had koo tracks, imo.
    Is* Lol people are acting like they're not they biggest because they personally do not like them
    A7X have worked hard to get where they are. All credit to them. They should ride the wave of success while it lasts!
    Is* Lol people are acting like they're not they biggest because they personally do not like them
    Rammstein packed 671,000 people last summer in Russia and they think 15-17k is a lot?
    But the difference is that Rammstein is ****ing Rammstein. It's literally impossible to not want to see them live even if you don't like heavy music. Those guys take live music to a level no other band alive right now does. Also if you think Rammstein are actually shit then i will fight you.
    LoG will have them beat next album. But Idk, I like A7X, but they just dont feel like real metal to me. They feel like metal-lite, in a sense. Dont mean that to be a negative thing. Just the way I think.. Maybe I'm an idiot..
    wow the people commenting on here are idiots, they probably are the biggest metal band right now. That fact doesn't change just because you don't like. Too many people think the world revolves around them...
    Maiden and Metallica still fill arenas as easily as ever. Avenged is clearly not the biggest at that, nor anything for that matter.
    Maiden and Metallica are bands of yesterday that are still performing strong today. Even if they, well at least Maiden, still perform well and fill arenas, they're ultimately still not metal bands of our generation. Metallica peaked over 20 years ago, and Maiden's biggest albums were released in the 80's (even if they we re still making solid ones over the last decade).
    C. Jasper
    I love it when people call certain bands hard rock instead of metal because they arent heavy enough or whatever the case may be. I'll call A7X metal. Hell, I love sabbath but they aren't the hardest band in the world, nor would ozzy call himself metal, but the fact remains that at the time they came out they were metal. You don't have to be heavier than the last band to be metal. When someone refers to crosby stills and nash as metal then we can all bitch. Just so we are all on the same page... Country blows. That is all
    Lol Natures
    You're thinking country is all just Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Billy Ray Cyrus, etc. They're the Avenged Sevenfold of country. Popular, but not the pinnacle of the genre. Look beyond them and you'll find the good stuff. Hank Williams (Sr., Jr., and III), Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, Waylon Jennings, and a lot more.
    I don't see why people hate Avenged Sevenfold so much. So what they're different and some of their stuff isn't original. I love them, I think their original stuff is great. People are criticising them for being too simple and repetitive here, while other people are saying they should go back to their old thing. I think it's all great. Their riffs and solos are great and I love the Gates-Vengeance partnership, it's the real highlight of the band. They are the biggest band of the 21st century (Metallica was mostly in the 20th, they are amazing also) and on their videos the like ratio is very high, so I'm clearly not the only one who thinks so.
    Sure it is hard to tell which band is the biggest out there. Sad but true, a7x has been a big band for many years and keep on selling out. - so they probably are a big fish out there Why? They are not afraid to change if it means they can sell more. - Not a band of my taste. a7x are good musicians who have a business more than a band.
    Avenged sevenfold isn't really metal. More hard rock
    If avenged Sevenfold isn't metal, then neither are Maiden, Priest, or Dio. Its a fact man. They've been a METAL band since the first record.
    Well that's that Maiden , Metallica and Sabbath , Vinnie reckons you all be small fry .
    He's referring to a band that represents our generation. Bands like Maiden, Metallica, and Sabbath (as big as they still are today, and will always be because they're icons) represent the previous generation. Metallica peaked in the early 90's (or late 80's, depending who you ask), Maiden released all of their huge albums in the 80's, and Sabbath released all of their groundbreaking records in the 70's. Even if Metallica's new record is good, they're essentially at the nostalgia level of their career. Release an album, tour a greatest hits setlist for 6 years... release an album, tour a greatest hits setlist for 6 years... and so on. Metallica has put out two albums in the last 17 years. I don't know why this is obvious point is so hard to see to everybody...
    The biggest mainstream I think he meant. although when metallica get that new album out it's still gonna be populair.
    I thinnk what he is trying to say is that A7X is the most popular NEW metal band. Who is probably the only metal community representative in the mainstream. And by saying " It's hard to do this day in age. To be on the bill with them is really great." I think he is saying that only because there are around with the new cats (A7X) it lets them do more things. It's like the death row records in the 90s 2pac/snoop was on top and whoever was featured instantly gained popularity it's like a helping hand for the assisting band. And by doing such you push through more bands to the popular level.
    He's being ironic, sarcastic, joking in some... manner. seriously... right? RIGHT!? D: Please tell me he isn't serious
    He's not completely wrong, but he's only saying that because Hellyeah! is opening for Sevenfold on their next tour.
    In the linear notes for the new Pantera "Far Beyond Driven" remaster: "They continue to be embraced by fans, young and old, while some of the biggest metal bands of today, such as Lamb of God and Avenged Sevenfold, proudly wear Pantera's influence on their tattooed sleeves." So he definitely isn't just saying it because of being on a tour with them. Also, Vinnie Paul does have a relationship with Avenged that goes back a few years too. This isn't really new.
    But they released only 1 album of songs that are mediocre hard rock which a few of the songs got radio play. I don't get all the hype.
    Well, the biggest rock band to call themselves metal, I guess. And don't even get me started on Hell Yeah.
    Bigger dosent mean better,thats for dam sure!There are way better metal bands out there than A7X'S crap they throw out there these days.Not since the first album have they really made any true metal,sorry but its the truth.