Vinnie Paul Doesn't Think Pantera Will Ever Be Inducted Into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

"How in the world did it take forever to get Black Sabbath in there?" says the drummer.

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Ex-Pantera and current Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul revealed his doubts about Pantera being ever inducted into Rock Hall.

Matt Wake of recently conducted an interview with Paul (via Blabbermouth). "Uh, I don't really think so, man," said Paul. "It's already been proven there are tons of travesties that have gone on with that place. How in the world did it take forever to get Black Sabbath in there?

"Honestly, I don't think PANTERA will ever get in there. But if we do, I'm going to embrace it just like anything else. I've actually been there and heavy metal is barely even represented in the place, so I wouldn't expect that to happen."

Vinnie Paul also shared his opinion on Pantera's debut record, "Far Beyond Driven," which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

"Being a part of the production of every record I've ever been a part of, I really, really appreciate the fact it was recorded analog," he said. "It was before Pro Tools existed and music became simple, you could cut, paste and do that. Back then you had to play every single note that was on there, man. And you had to sing every note and (play) every drum lick and every part, and you had to be really good to get all that stuff right. I really do appreciate that more than ever."

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    since when was far beyond driven their debut album?! just in case UG try to change the article and this comment makes no sense at the time i wrote this the article says "vinnie paul also shared his thoughts on panteras debut record "far beyond driven"
    That's so wrong on all levels, even CoB wasn't their debut album. UG's probably still checking which album to pick as debut. Protip: it's not the Great Southern Trendkill...
    Earliest thing I can find is Metal Magic
    I prefer to ignore their power metal days and think that Cowboys was their true debut. That being said, it still wasn't Far Beyond Driven lol.
    "I prefer to ignore their power metal days and think that Cowboys was their true debut" Most Pantera fans do, even Pantera does. Of course, this means they ignore their only good album, "Power Metal", and are left with a discography of crappy 2tuff4u/2lazy2riff Redneck Metal.
    Lee Mc
    I think that's how the hall of fame works. 25 years since their first major release, so it would be CFH and none of their previous stuff.
    Lee Mc
    I think that's how the hall of fame works. 25 years since their first major release, so it would be CFH and none of their previous stuff.
    wise words from great wizzard Vinnie
    Nirvana made it and the nu-metal movement that was influenced by Pantera lasted longer than the grunge movement.
    the day madonna got inducted to the rock and roll hall of fame is the day it lost all crediability
    As much as I feel they deserve to be inducted, I have to agree that the possibilities of it actually happening are pretty slim. Sad, but that's probably the case.
    They deserve it eventually, but theres plenty of other bands that are in line that deserve it first.
    Far Beyond Driven is Pantera's "debut record"? So they only made three albums in their career, none of which included "Cowboys from Hell", "Walk" or "Fucking Hostile"? How are UG's writers not being fired over ridiculous mistakes like this?
    Uh.... you're forgetting the first three albums from the 80s.
    Actually they had FOUR albums in the 80s, one with Phil... I didn't forget those albums, I just didn't name any songs from them because none of them were 'hits' and it was before they found success.
    Hold on there Pantera, can we get Deep Purple, King Crimson and Yes first? Not that it matters...
    "Vinnie Paul also shared his opinion on Pantera's debut record, "Far Beyond Driven," which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year." "Debut".
    I think Rock & Roll hall of fame is sham anyway that had no credibility to begin with.
    Do artists really care that much about winning awards? Don't they know that awards rarely go to the people who actually deserve them. A small commitee holds the decision, most people in there don't even have a music background. At least let the people choose who makes the decision if you don't want the people to choose directly. I seriously hope miley cyrus or justin bieber get inducted, so people would stop taking it so seriously. An award doesn't make an artist great, and being a great artist doesn't get you an award.
    he didn't really seem to care that much about it he was simply answering a question that the interviewer asked
    He's right, not that it matters.
    Idk man. It might be what Phil and Vinnie need to bury the hatchet. To be put in a room together and honored and reminded what they did as a group for music.
    Alright, so, looking at the list of their inductees, Pantera certainly have the credentials to join the HOF, but shouldn't more attention be paid to Priest and Maiden? I would argue they have had a significantly larger impact than nearly all the Metal bands out there short of Black Sabbath. If I'm Vinnie Paul I'm sending this reporter to Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson before I even weigh in on that question.
    I think Pantera will get in there eventually, and it'll be partially because of Dimebag's death, and people wanting to "respect" him for his contributions to music. I love Pantera as much as the next guy, but let's be honest here- if the RRHOF focuses on Pantera, their focus will be more on them because of Dime's death, not because they deserve to be inducted for the music. But first, we need to get Priest, Maiden, Deep Purple, Willie Nelson, SRV, Yes, King Crimson, Motorhead, Megadeth... do I need to list more?
    Yes, you do. You might disagree with me, but i think that Skid Row, W.A.S.P., DEATH(the progenitors of Death metal), Dokken(Goerge Lynch is one SICK guitarist), Scorpions, RATT, Motley Crue, ACCEPT, Twisted Sister, Cinderella and Lita Ford deserve it too. Well, and the rest of the Big 4 Of Thrash should be in there too.
    Well as far as i am concerned, and i am sure metal fans the world over, Pantera is in the Heavy Metal HoF which may not exist for real but it does in my world.
    This was Pantera's debut, not FBD PANTERA - Metal Magic [FULL ALBUM] (1983)
    Of course Pantera will never be inducted Like so many other great bands , that's why it's called the Rock & Roll of shame .
    Da kerry king project shud b indicted.
    Am I the only one here who doesn't mind the KerryKing01 posts? I think they are pretty hilarious.
    Pantera will always be the heaviest to me. Nobody respect metal. Forever a genre of outcasts, and I don't even give a shit. Hardcore and Metal should always stick together in my mind, they're like cousins. (And punk is like the step brother of the cousin) Downvotes welcomed.
    You forgot to mention Hard rock. It's not so much "outcast" as metal, but it's close relative of traditional heavy metal, and a fair share of people look down upon it too.
    And nobody will respect Metal as long as the biggest band we can offer is Pantera, of all bands Metal has to offer.
    Leave Glamtera Alone!
    The RNR Hall Of Fame doesn't respect metal
    Why should Pantera be put into the rock n roll hall of fame while bands like Judas Priest, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, and Yes STILL haven't even received a nomination? I'm sorry, there are plenty of more iconic metal bands that deserve it right now more than Pantera.
    What is with all the RRHOF chatter these days? Who give a flying f**k about the RRHOF!?
    As Good, and Bad, as Pantera was im not sure if its really RRHOF worthy. I seen them in 2001, what a hell of a show, best concert ive ever seen but how many times can you really listen to their newer albums without wanting to claw your face off?
    i'm sick of all thie talk of the rock and roll hall of fame the rock and roll hall of fame isn't a building or an organisation it's in the heart of every fan and every person that ever went to a show or bought a CD or a t shirt or switched on the radio that's what makes the hall of the fame the fan's decide that and in my eyes pantera are an immortal band who will be remember by metal fans for decades to come and thats good enough for me
    *Bleeuuurrgh* But no seriously, the rock and roll hall of fame is a building, and an organisation.
    that almost gave me a headache trying to read that. punctuation is your friend. at least throw a couple extra spaces if you can't hit the " . " key
    so between the person who doesn't use punctuation and the person who can't understand the sentence without. who's really the idiot?
    thats kinda why punctuation is there-to help everyone understand it. take this simple sentence for starters... "lets eat grandma." OR.... "lets eat, grandma." of course some of you will think its funny to let your cannibalistic side through, but more often than not, that little comma is the difference between hacking up a loved one, and inviting her to dinner. BIG difference.
    The thing is, if people still take the R&RHoF seriously, then they aren't paying attention. The R&RHoF has been a joke for a few decades now. It's a popularity contest.
    Why, nivarna did Also how cum this is over the ac/dc story, even if it's newer
    Am I the only one on UG who actually respects the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame? (Not to diss any of the bands that aren't in)
    Thank god we have Golden Gods Awards.
    He probably hopes they don't so he doesn't have to share the stage with Phil.
    Fuck the hall of fame.
    Maybe not Vinne, but PanterA deserves to be in there
    Hahahaha if FBD was their first album why do I have one of their glam, 80s album Power Metal?! FBD was 94, VDOP was 92, CFH was 90, and then the first 3 no one really cares about. Hahaha wow
    I love the great southern trendkill man. one of the angriest albums i've ever heard.
    I flipped shit the first time I put that cd on. Wasn't expecting that 8 second long gut blasting scream on the first track, TGSTK
    Um, excuse me? Pantera's debut record? So, the 4 independent and 2 major label albums they already had out before that didn't count?
    heres the deal, i'm a metalhead and love pantera, but you guys all know that 99% of ppl on this planet cannot name 1 pantera song besides walk, if they even know that song. They were an extremely heavy band for the time and that kind of music is looked down upon in society in general. despite them being awesome, they never achieved the popularity of a black sabbath, or metallica, bands that everyone knows of and listens to. I do realize they had number one albums which was great but the rock hall usually lets bands in that appeal to wide audiences. They really don't deserve to be in the RnR hall of fame honestly, but butthurt fanboys who cannot see past their own love of the band will disagree. You know i'm right and you see the points i'm making but just because you and your buddies jam pantera all day working out, doesn't mean they are rock hall material. vulgar display of power is their best album btw
    Meh.... nobody really cares anyways, not even him.
    Induction and further the whole ceremony could probably be the only chance to see Vince and Phil standing next to each other. Or maybe there would be two separated ceremonies?
    They could be one of those bands where people can say, "How did Pantera not make the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame?!", which sounds more powerful.
    I really hope they do but the RRHOF is kind of a joke though.
    Far beyond the driven, what the **** am I reading?
    Pantera is already eligible first off. Their first album was released a month or so right after Metallica released Kill 'Em All (You know, when they were a hair metal group that they deny it's existence). Second off, the first album the acknowledge and that people known them for is Cowboys From Hell (1990), which was their major label debut.
    RnR hall of fame means nothing.
    According to about 125 times all the way through if you are talking about Reinventing the Steel. I think it is their best album next to the Great Southern Trendkill.
    Blah. That was in response to morbidguitar's comment saying the albums made you want to claw your face off. Idk what that even means.
    exactly, i love pantera, but butthurt fanboys wont look past their own love for the band. just because you and your buds listen to them doesn't mean anyone else does
    RnR Hall of Fame is for ROCK AND ROLL. Not greasy haired metalheads.
    Year Zero
    Of course they wont itll be the rap hall of fame pretty soon followed by dubstep.
    Debut album? Come on, how old are the writing staff here, 13?
    JD Close
    I don't think Pantera should be inducted. The only reason they are considered so influential is because of what happened to Dimebag. I would, however, support every member of Pantera except Phil Anselmo being inducted - that dude sucks.