Vinnie Paul Insists 'There's No Bad Blood' Between Him and the Other Pantera Members

"I'm just not interested," the drummer says.

Ultimate Guitar

Former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott has rejected the idea of a reunion of his old band, Ultimate Classic Rock reports. Abbott, who now plays with Hellyeah, says that it couldn't be Pantera again because of the murder of his brother, "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, who played guitar in the band.

"I'm happy with doing what I'm doing here," he told Metal Blast. "Pantera had 14 amazing years, and without my brother being here to be a part of it, it would be a travesty, man. I'm just not interested in it at all."

Darrell was murdered on stage in 2004 while playing with Damageplan, the band the Abbott brothers formed after the breakup of Pantera. Vinnie insists that the issues between he and singer Phil Anselmo that broke up Pantera are well in the past.

"To me there's no bad blood at all," he continued. "It's like when you get a divorce from somebody, there's a reason why you got a divorce. You don't have to stay in touch with that person, you don't have to f--king see that person, or do anything with them. I'm just not interested."

Zakk Wylde has long been mentioned as a possible replacement for Darrell, and back in May, Anselmo said he was open to having Wylde in the re-formed group. However, Vinnie Paul recently nixed that idea, saying, "If Eddie Van Halen was to get shot in the head four times next week, would everybody be going, 'Hey, man, Zakk, go play for Van Halen. Just call it Van Halen.' You see what I'm saying? I mean, it's really selfish for people to think that, and it's stupid. It's not right at all."

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    Ahh! Nothing like fresh news every day. I wonder if he's gonna feel the same way tomorrow. You'll tell us, right UG?
    I want to thumb this up more than once soooo much. they cover like 5 or 6 bands and people overall
    you totally got me thinking... Top 5 or 6 bands/people that UG covers (in no particular order) G'N'R (reunion) Pantera (reunion) Bono (just doing Bono stuff) Page/Plant (dude, new Plant album out!) Oasis/the Gallagher Bros. (uhhhg, these two annoy me) Hendrix (no comment) and I dunno, maybe Kurt Kobain/Courtney Love would be in there somewhere But, what do you guys think? who would you replace on this list?
    Vinnie Paul tommorow: "I swear to god, there's no bad blood between me and the other members of Pantera, so quit asking me!"
    Honestly, how funny is it that the people crying loudest for the Pantera 'reunion' don't care if the lineup is down to half or even 1/4 of the original. Phil can already do these songs at any time, no one is stopping him. On the contrary, he's already done so on his solo tour, and with Zakk. What exactly are you guys bitching about? You're not going to get the real thing, so why act like desperately trying to make up for it is the same thing? That's not Pantera, that's a guy covering his own material. If that's what you want, fine, more power to you, but those are two vastly different things. You have absolutely zero right to expect a guy to take part in a situation where you're the one drawing the line for him. It's as if whatever personal integrity Vinnie Paul has or thinks he has is supposed to be irrelevant just because you have a receipt for a Pantera CD. It seems like you guys just want to see Phil sing some Pantera songs, because it doesn't sound you like care who else is in the 'band'. And Vinnie Paul is being selfish. Yikes.
    It's unfortunate that I can only thumbs up this comment once. Phil and Rex were in Down together for awhile, I'm sure they did Pantera songs there too. For these reunion people, there was your Pantera reunion. Pantera will never be the same without Dime, he was just too much of their sound. I'm sure Zakk was a good friend and did pretty good with the Phil/Zakk Pantera's covers they've done live, but its not Pantera, and never will be.
    I'm sorry but this has to be said. If he doesn't want to do it for the fans then just find a different drummer. If Corgan can replace his entire band and have the right to call it Smashing Pumpkins then Pantera can do the same. Just ONE show, doesn't have to be a record, doesn't have to be a tour either, just do one show and make people happy.
    Pantera without the Abbott's? Why not just replace Phil and Rex while we're add it. This is just watering it down too much. Pantera as you knew them are over, its a sad reality of life. You're reference to Smashing Pumpkins is funny because Corgan is talking about breaking them up if the next album doesn't do well. Let's be realistic, even if Phil and Rex hired 2 guys for "one show". It won't end there. People will want 2 shows, 10 shows, a tour, an album. There's too many Quiet Riot's, Great White's, Axl & Friends out there. Why water down yet another band?
    If I were in his shoes I'd be doing the same thing. Imagine, your sibling dies onstage. Everyone reacts to these things in their own ways. And there is no "right" way, a tragedy is a tragedy.
    I'm on his side in regards to him having the final say on a tribute show or reunion but I do believe he's only saying he hasn't any conflict with the other members just to get everyone off his back. Only weeks ago Phil was saying he wanted Vinnie to forgive him over the feud he had with him and Dime and I haven't heard any news at all about Vinnie putting it all behind him
    Oh, come on now, this article is almost identical to the one posted yesterday! Taking the recycling of old news to a new level, are we?
    Indeed, this topic has now achieved domination on the site, so those at UG who keep posting it as new information should be slaughtered.
    Why don't the members of Pantera do something similar to the "Death To All" tour? It's comprised of former Death members and a stand-in for Chuck Schuldiner. I could see Pantera doing a similar tour.
    Flying Afros
    ..... Because Vinnie doesn't want to do it. How many times does he have to ****ing say it? He has every right to refuse. He and Dime started the band when they were ****ing teenagers. I can totally see where he's coming from when he doesn't want to do a reunion/cover band thing/whatever. It'd be like ripping open an old wound. Also, Chuck wasn't murdered on stage, or have a pretty serious feud going on with other members of his band.
    I'll give Vinnie credit for having good groove, but he's not the most irreplaceable drummer in the game... Can we just, I dunno... Move on without him and do a one-off Dime celebration? Like a million people suggest every time these articles come up? At least it would remove the question from these hack interviewers who keep opening up this can of worms.
    No it won't, because it won't be a one-off and that's it. They'll want more shows, tours, albums, etc. Pantera were great, but its over. No replacements will live up to the real thing.
    Alright so let's get an answer to this question. If Vinnie would've been killed, do you think Dimebag would be such a hard ass to replace him in a PanterA reunion?