Vinnie Paul: 'Music Hasn't Supported Me Since 2000, I Just Do It Because I Love It'

Did you know that Vince owns a strip club chain, apart from a few other businesses?

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Former Pantera and current Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul recently got a chance to talk business, noting that music hasn't been his primary source of income for well over a decade.

Chatting with Metal Mouth, Vinnie was asked about the chain of strip clubs he owns and whether he takes a "hands-on" approach with the whole thing.

"I don't get hands on no, but for the longest period of time I spent a lot of time in strip clubs, when I was on tour, when we would get done playing I would take my entourage and we' go down the strip bar and have a good time, it's a great place to go to where you're not surrounded by people that are always fans, signing autographs, taking pictures, there's beautiful girls there, there's good rock 'n' roll music, there's drinks and I figured I'd spent enough money in them the only way I was going to get any of it back was to own my own," the skinsman replied.

"So I got involved in the ownership thing, I've always been a down-to-earth business guy, that was the beautiful thing about me and my brother as we worked together - I could be the business guy, and he could be the party all night rock 'n' roll all day guy, and he would be the life of the party and I would be able to make sure we were all getting paid and things were getting done right. I like being able to own things, to not have to depend on music to support myself, music hasn't supported me since 2000, I mean it really hasn't, I just do it because I love doing it."

Asked about the origins of his keen business sense, Vince commented, "My dad, he was a really business-orientated person, I picked a lot of that up from him, like you said I own four strip bars, a sports bar, I own a music complex now, three of my own tour buses, I can't even remember everything."

On the music side of the spectrum, the latest Hellyeah album "Blood for Blood" saw its release on June 10 via Eleven Seven Music.

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    In the picture used it looks like his sunglasses are attached to his chest hair.
    Hahahaha. Give this the medal please. ^ And yes it does look like that. He sure has enough of it to hang 'em there.
    That's hilarious - I didn't even see the sunglasses until I read your comment.
    Oh if people really knew how much your favorite artists are really struggling financially. Music and film have turned into something that is viewed as free, making it impossible for artists to support themselves with their art, causing them to branch out into other businesses to keep their careers alive. Some guys are lucky, like Vinnie Paul, to have been able to invest, or to write a book, like Rex, but others, people you would call your heroes can barely pay their rent, or mortgage payments. This is what downloading does to music. Metallica isn't putting on US festivals for financial reasons but sells out 80,000 seats in France. It's pretty clear that if the US metal market doesn't start spending some money on it's supposed heroes that there aren't going to be any heroes left to mock on the internet.
    it's only recently in history that you had people becoming millionaires for playing and performing music. maybe it will soon go back to music not being some big stupid industry at some point. i don't see a problem with that.
    People have been able to do well in music once technology allowed for recording. Even some of the baroque era composers were paid well by churches and wealthy folks who would hire them.
    Not being able to pay rent or mortgages is an extreme consequence of piracy, and I'm sure a lot of underground/new bands go through financial struggles these days. But when you say my favourite artists are "struggling financially," it's all relative. Sure, artists are making less money on album sales, but they're making more money on concerts than ever before. Fans still go out to shows and that's a known fact. Also, when Vinnie says "music hasn't supported me since 2000," he doesn't mean it doesn't give him enough to survive. He means that instead of making $2 million/year (for example), he's making $200,000 now. Even though stealing is wrong and it takes money away from artists, lots of them are still richer than you or I will ever be.