Vinnie Paul: 'No Dimebag, No Pantera'

"I don't want Pantera's legacy tarnished by any kind of hack version of the band," the drummer says.

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During the past several weeks, fans once again got their hopes up over the possibility of a Pantera reunion featuring Zakk Wylde on guitar.

Phil Anselmo, Rex Brown and Wylde joining forces for the performance of "I'm Broken" and Phil's subsequent remarks about being open to the reformation of Pantera seemingly brought the idea back to the table, but Vinnie Paul is still standing his ground and has now stressed in the most blatant way possible that the reunion isn't going to happen.

"No Dimebag Darrell, no Pantera," he told Une Dose 2 Metal show. "It just doesn't fly; it's not gonna work."

During a separate 99X radio chat, Vinnie further addressed the matter, saying that any sort of "hacked" new lineup would "tarnish" the band's legacy.

"The legacy of [Pantera] is pretty amazing, and I don't want it ever being tarnished by any kind of hack version of the band going out there," he said (via Blabbermouth). "It's not the same without Dime being a part of it. And I think it's just great history and we need to leave it alone, and everybody that was part of it needs to move on."

"I'm really proud of where I'm at Hellyeah, I love the music that we're making, I love where we're going with this band," the drummer concluded.

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    Pantera's legacy will be damaged if Vinnie and Phil don't make amends at least. If only the story could finish on a good note.
    Vinnie Paul's been trying REALLY hard to convince the world (and Pantera fans in particular) that he's a baby. Mission accomplished, big guy. Maybe it'll take him another few years to realize that no one cares about Hellyeah and that Pantera is the only reason that anyone ever cared about Vinnie Paul in the first place.
    Honestly, even if they made amends and then Phil, Rex and Zakk went out and did Pantera (And maybe some Down, etc) covers I'd be completely happy. I'd prefer Vinnie Paul to be there if it was all Pantera as you need an Abbott brother there for it to really work.
    Agreed. It's not about a Pantera reunion per se, it's about burying the damn hatchet. Finally.
    Also I'm fairly certain Dime would be upset that his brothers haven't made amends in the wake of his death. I'm not speaking for him but I think anyone would be upset over how they are acting after he left. For Dime's sake, dammit. They all have to just suck it up and do it for him.
    As much as I'd love to see these guys play again, if Vinnie doesn't want to do it then people should not keep pushing. He made a fair point here and people should respect what he has to say, especially since Dimebag was his brother. That would make it a lot more sentimental for him, even though Phil and Rex probably loved Dime like a brother, for Vinnie it was blood and he is obviously happy having the legacy and memories of Pantera left how they are which is understandable.
    It's harder to lose a brother than a stranger. The fans may have 'known' dimebag but I don't think a reunion would satisfy people.
    Agree, I never had the chance to see Pantera live and that really sucks. But I don't think a reunion would make me satisfied.
    I'm all for Vinnie Paul, there is NO Pantera without Dime and no insipid guitar player is gonna replace him. I'm content with this. R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell \m/ \m/
    It wouldn't. I have seen Pantera 3 times and without Dime it just does not work because Dime was larger than life itself.
    He'd rather sell his cowboy hat and sunglasses collection than take part in a Pantera reunion.
    I'm really proud of where I'm at Hellyeah
    That makes one of us, I suppose. Not to mention no one's asking you to quit, either. And not to keep ragging on Hellyeah, but you're gonna call a Pantera tribute with Wylde a hack band when you run with THAT group? What the **** am I reading...
    Vinnie should do it, Pantera made legendary songs and the only thing he's doing with Hellyeah is shitting out songs that really don't do much for me...saw them live 2 years ago and beside the fact I saw the drummer from Pantera it let me absolutely cold.
    As much as I would like to see this happen, the man really doesn't owe the fans a reunion. His brother was his best friend and to get on stage and play those songs without him just wouldn't be right. I may not be a Hellyeah fan but it's good to see that he's out there playing. After seeing your brother get killed right in front of you on stage would put me off playing altogether. I get what you're saying though.
    yeah it's definitly hard for him but just a one off show just for the fans so they can end it with something good would be nice.
    I agree but I don't think he'll ever make nice with Phil. If anyone could do it justice on guitar it would be Zakk. Or even as others have suggested, a revolving door of players. I imagine there would be more than enough willing to do it. Him and Dime were great friends from what I read in Zakk's book.
    Yeah they should get Zakk but sadly I think you're right, I don't think he's ever going to reach out to Phil.
    Hard to tell if he's refusing the chance due to his love for Dime or his dislike of Phil
    Then stop thinking of it as a reunion. I don't think anybody out there, least of all Phil, Rex and Zakk, are under any illusion that Pantera will return from the grave. Its a tribute, and people with fond memories of the band would love to see those 3 on stage together again with Dimes best buddy paying respect to him in the most appropriate way. I'm sorry but Vinnie needs to get his head out of his ass on this one, though something tells me its more of a Phil problem than a Dime one.
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    Absolutely. Making a bunch of shows together wont ruin Pantera's legacy. It's not about writing a reccord together or anything like that, it's about paying tribute and giving the chance to younger fans to see theses guys live.
    Regardless of the feud I agree that without Dimebag there shouldn't be a reunion
    Stop calling it a "reunion"! It aint no reunion. A Dime tribute night with a cast of guitar players to jump in, including Zakk would go down well. Profits to Dimes family or a charity.
    Maybe Vinnie Paul and Robert Plant should form a new band called No Reunion
    It was always Dime and Vinnie since the begging. Remember when Megadeth tried to snatch up Dime and Dime told Mustaine he wasn't coming unless Vinnie came. To me it's the same thing. Without two brothers it won't happen.
    Some sort of hack line up? Zakk is an absolute monster plus the remaining members of pantera. Don't call it Pantera, call it a dime tribute or something. It's crappy to see Vinnie hold a grudge after all these years.
    This guy annoys the hell out of me... It's time the whole Phil/vinny feud comes to an end. Phil had his issues but he didn't pull the trigger on dime. These guys were a big part of each other's lives for a long time. They don't need to be best friends or bandmates again. But they should sit down and clear the air. As annoying as vinny is. I think his point is very valid. Pantera has a legacy that most people love and have fond memories of. It wouldn't be pantera without dime and the last thing they need is a crappy pantera "reunion" that overshadows all the good things they accomplished. I'd bet my life if dime were still alive pantera would still be making music dispute their falling out with Phil.
    Obviously I never knew Dime personally but after reading Rex's book, I get the feeling that eventually Dime would've wanted to go back to Pantera eventually. Vince is a strange guy, and apparently tough to get along with, which is the complete opposite of how people describe Dime. I think eventually at some point Dime would've said "this whole feud is stupid, let's bury the hatchet and jam again." I guess what I'm trying to say is that maybe Vince always held back Dime from forgiving Phil. What a crappy thing for everything to end the way it did.
    I remember the morning I read that Dime was murdered onstage and feeling the shock of that senseless tragedy. I related to him in that he and his brother, Vinnie, were the same age as myself and MY brother and I couldn't imagine the magnitude of the horror and grief that Vinnie must have felt witnessing his brother's murder. I'm glad he continued on musically with Damageplan and now with Hellyeah and as much as I respect Zack Wylde and his ability to play Dime's parts, Pantera is as over as the Beatles. The songs and the memories live on, the living have moved on and are showing their respect to Dimebag and the band by continuing to play. R.I.P. Darrell Abbott, respect to Vinnie Paul
    I agree that Phil and Vinnie should bury the hatchet as human beings... But i also agree that Pantera, or the official named of Pantera, should not reform. Zakk can play tributes all he wants, as he should. Thing is, to the untrained ear, people often say Zakk is similar to Dimebag, but he really isn't, in both technique and songwriting.
    I guess the same phrase could be applied with hellyeah releasing a good album.
    Somebody better tell him that it's not about resurrecting Pantera, it's about burying the hatchet and doing a tribute for Dime. I bet he'd do this anytime if it weren't for Phil.
    Vinnie Paul is right, Pantera is dead and it is time to move on, if he can move on from what happened to Dimebag, then so can we. It's time for some new bands anyway.
    I can understand people being disappointed by this news, because we'd all love to see pantera, or as close to that as we'll ever get, perform again. So disappointment i understand, but anger at Vinnie is just pathetic, people acting as if he has some duty to perform pantera songs again, if he doesn't want to do it, thats up to him. Im disappointed, but it shows he doesn't care about the money. People should accept this and move the **** on!
    Unfortunately our society is now overrun with a bunch of entitled smarmy jerks. They want their instant gratification now, no matter who's feelings or integrity get in the way.
    Not sure how I feel about what he said. He has every right to want to leave Pantera's legacy the way it is, but I don't think a reunion with Zakk Wylde on guitar would be a hack version of the band. Zakk would make a perfect replacement for Dime. A great guitarist in his own right, and he grew up with Vinnie and Dime, what could be better?
    They should try to do at least what Pink Floyd did: Roger Waters invited Nick Mason and David Gilmour to some of The Wall concerts. They didn't played as Pink Floyd, but as a symbolic reunion. At least, they will show that they overcome the hatred and the past in front of some of the luckiest fans ever.
    I think when people look back on the history of music and metal in particular, no one will remember, or give a damn, about Hellyeah. Pantera, on the other hand, will be a part of music history forever.
    i agree and am sympathetic to vinnie's wishes. imagine yourself feeling forced by everyone to play music that your brother wrote and has played with since the beginning and then being reminded in its entirety that he isn't there might be fun for phil, rex, and zakk because they're getting some attention from selfish pantera fans again for doing a "tribute", but how fun could it be for vinnie song after song without dime. ppl just need to fk off, and leave it alone. go listen to the albums, it's the best you're ever gonna get anymore. if it really is about vinnie not wanting to play with phil, let's if that's right...phil could ask to sing a hellyeah song with them, or ask vinnie to play a down song even, maybe tour on the same doesn't have to be pantera related to bury the hatchet...if vinnie doesn't want to, then we'll know he wants nothing to do with phil. i'd like to see something like this happen without throwing pantera or dimebag into the middle of their feud. rip dimebag, and rip pantera.
    if you really think about it from Vinnies eyes.. i cant blame him. out of site, out of mind... its obvious and well respected of the emotions from that sure his heart drops everytime hes asked about pantera or his brother. sometimes its best for people to forget about things that hurt them and move on and avoid road blocks in your way. Im sure some UG users including myself who have lost someone they loved they lived with, and its just not right to keep living in that house/apt...easier to move. RIP DIME! Pantera will be fine!! they will defiantly out live EVERYONE on UG.
    jpnyc · Jun 10, 2014 12:58 AM
    Good on Vinnie for being straight up about it and for protecting Pantera's musical legacy. He's absolutely right, without Dime, there cannot be Pantera. Zack Wylde is good at what he does but he's NOT Dimebag Darrel. Case closed. R.I.P. Dime/Pantera
    There have been plenty I tributes to Dimebag already. Why drudge up the past just so we can feel closure or some shit. People need to stop calling him a baby and telling him to grow up. Even if you know the guys you don't really know how everything feels to them unless you are them. No reunions, no making amends. Get over it. Pantera has been done for awhile, again get over it. UG, stop posting this shit.
    I keep saying this to everyone who talks to me about this matter: Zakk playing with Rex, Vinnie and Phil won't be Pantera! He's great and all, but Dimebag play-style was unique and without him, the band would be dull. Vinnie is right, reuniting the band without Dimebag would destroy the band's legacy. And Vinnie can't reunite the band either. Once, Mustaine wanted Dimebag to play with him on Megadeth and Dime said he would only do it if his brother could be part of the band too. Since Mustaine had already hired another drummer, Dime refused to be part of the band. If Vinnie accepted to reunite it'd be like stabbing his own dead brother.
    I'd love to see Pantera reform with Zakk on guitar probably as much as anyone else. But I can understand why Vinnie wouldn't want to get on stage again to do a reunion. I can't imagine what he would be thinking or feeling playing those songs with a crowd screaming for Dimebag. It would be like ripping open old wounds every night.
    Not a Pantera fan, but kudos to them for not doing the reunion. Too many bands from the 60s, 70s, and 80s that lose key personnel continue to trot out onstage doing renditions of their hits that, due to losing those key personnel, just aren't very good anymore, and write music that sounds nothing like they used to because they lost their songwriter. Kudos to these guys for not doing that shit.
    I personally think that would be the next best thing to the real Pantera, if Vinnie would join in. Zakk and Dime were damn near as close as he and Vinnie, and it would make a great tribute to him. If anyone deserves to fill in for dime, it's Zakk. Plus it would be a great way for everyone in the band to finally make amends, and get everything strait, even if it does mean they never play again. It would be the best final concert ever.
    Most reunions I long for, but this is the right call. Zakk would be a great fit, but it still wouldn't be Pantera. At least with Zeppelin you got Bonham's son to fill the shoes.
    Tribute to dime,would be nice.But it to probably will never happen,its only obvious that Phil wants to make ammends with Vinny most of all.But you have to put yourselves in Vinny's shoes for just a moment and think would you really want to make that attempt with someone who has been not only dishonest about his issues, then he started working with down without even a return of a phone call, also went as far as trash talking his fellow pantera band members without even so much as a phone call in return to the prior attempts of getting in contact,what would that leave u to think? Then with dime getting killed,it only calcified the issue with Vinny.I dont think any of us really have a right to judge Vinny for not wanting to do a reunion.Its really no surprise that Vinny will continue to refuse the idea.
    As some have mentioned before, I also somewhat understand Vinnie, though he does act like an ******* and he is probably refusing because of Phil. But those who say it would tarnish the legacy... NO! After I discovered Death and found out Chuck is dead, I was kinda disappointed too like I am about Pantera that I didn't listen to them at that time where they were still around and didn't stand a chance to see them. But many ex-members of Death are involved in Death To All tours, which is celebrating Chucks life and influence. And Chuck was as iconic as Dimebag. And for me Death To All tours have been great in my eyes
    I agree with Vinnie, Pantera just wouldn't be the same. Also when Dime and Vinnie started Damageplan there's an interview where they both say that there 100% committed to damageplan and they were not looking down the line thinking there was going to be a Pantera reunion. Damageplan became their main focus in life. Vinnie's just sticking to his and dime's words