Vinnie Paul on Pantera Reunion: 'If Eddie Van Halen Died, Would You Ask Zakk Wylde to Fill In?'

"It's really selfish for people to think that, and it's stupid," the drummer adds.

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Vinnie Paul once again addressed the matter of a hypothetical Pantera reunion featuring Zakk Wylde on guitar, calling the idea's supporters "selfish" and the overall approach "stupid."

"People are selfish, man," Vinnie told EMP Rock Invasion (via Blabbermouth). "They want what they want; they don't care what you want. And it's unfortunate that people go, 'Oh, wow, man, they can get Zakk Wylde to jump up there on stage and it's Pantera again.' No, it's not, you know. It's not that simple."

The skinsman then brought up a question aimed at reunion supporters. "If Eddie Van Halen was to get shot in the head four times next week, would everybody be going, 'Hey, man, Zakk, go play for Van Halen. Just call it Van Halen.' You see what I'm saying? I mean, it's really selfish for people to think that, and it's stupid. It's not right at all."

In conclusion, Vince added, "They call it a reunion for a reason. It's called bringing the original members back to what it was. So there's a lot of these things that they call reunions that aren't really reunions. They've got one dude from the band floating around in them, you know. That's not a true reunion. With Pantera, it'll never be possible."

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    That Van Halen comparison misses the mark, seeing as people are asking for Zakk specifically to fill Dime's shoes as he was his brother in all but name. Nonetheless, all Vinnie needs to say is he doesn't want to do it without Dime and that pretty much wraps up the argument, it's his right.
    The Van Halen comment is perfectly fine, you are the one who is missing the mark. His point is that Dime wasn't just some guy in the band, it was his brother, just as Alex and Eddie are. Try putting yourself in his shoes. Your brother was shot to death on stage, and all people want to talk to about is getting some guy to fill in for him. It's irrelevant how close Dime and Zakk were.
    Well I think your missing the mark. Only reason people are asking for Zakk is because he was one of Dime's best friends which would make it relevant, as opposed to some random person like in the scenario Vinnie came up with Zakk filling in for Eddie Van Halen which is hard to imagine. And I don't need to put myself in his shoes, I already mentioned that it's his right to not want to do it without Dime. F**king hell, read the comments properly next time
    I felt the same way. The Van Halen thing was kinda stupid. Not to take away the negative and tragic aspect of Dimebag's passing, but its been ten years. It wasnt a week like he compared to. I, personally, believe that Vinnie wants to do it, but cant come to grips with playing with Phil.
    I definitely think it's more to do with his relationship with Phil more than anything else, they're not exactly the best of friends anymore. That said, whilst a full blown reunion is definitely out of the water, it would be nice if they did a few tribute shows, like Death did last year and what Acid Bath are doing sometime in the future.
    But no one is saying it's a Pantera reunion? Everyone wants it to be a tribute to Dime, where his best friend jams with the rest of the original band members to celebrate his life, not bringing back Pantera with a new guitarist and making new music.
    Most of us aren't selfish. I think we genuinely just want to see the members of one of the worlds greatest metal bands on terms again. Otherwise, the legacy of Pantera will be flawed.
    Being on good terms would be nice... However, the only way that the legacy of Pantera would be flawed is if this "reunion" went forward.
    Vinnie is right. You are all pretty f*****g selfish. He has made it CLEAR time and time again he doesn't want to do it without his brother. Those are just the cold hard facts, Jack. And people still sit around saying, "Why wont Vinnie listen and do exactly WE want and tell him to do?"
    Agreed. Vinnie doesn't owe anybody a thing. If he doesn't want to be a part of a show where someone imitating his deceased brother, who is anyone else to judge?
    It might be, but I think that the bitter grudge between him and Phil is the main reason
    Enough of these stupid reunion talks regarding Pantera, Zeppelin or whoever. It's as if one of them farts and it sounds like the riff from Walk it makes headlines and then there is talk about a damn reunion. Just let the legacy of these bands live on for what they were. Honestly, I'm a big fan of Pantera and All the guys involved but let's face it, Phil does not sound the same anymore.
    Saw Page & Plant tour back in the 90's (and Zep twice in the 70's)and the 90's show was by far the best. Page, Plant, Jones could pull it off if they want to...
    I'd honestly rather have him and Phil Anselmo just bury the hatchet. Yeah them playing Pantera songs with Rex Brown with maybe Zakk Wylde filling in on guitar would be cool as I never saw Pantera live but honestly I'd just have him and Anselmo make amends.
    Am i the only one who's on Vinnie's side? C'mon let him do his own thing in peace. If he feels that he cant do it without Dimebag, it's ****ing ok.Not was just the guitarist of his band, was his brother the one who was shoot RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS EYES.Seriously give him a break about all this pantera deal.
    vinny yes you are rite. and as you said not to long ago. you do not make money from music you have not for years you do it for the love of it. seems to be a bit of a controdiction on your part. but yes i know they might be dark days that you to do not want to re visit. so yea it is not a reunion but a tribute to you and your wonderful brother and your brothers that are still with us from the band. pantera for life!!!!!
    kill it
    I agree 1,000 percent. That's why it should be a 'tribute' to Pantera and Dime, not a reunion. I bet Dime would like that, and I know all the Pantera/Metal fans would.
    I think 'reunion' is the wrong choice of word. A tribute to Pantera under a different name with some original members would be different and more respectable.
    He will never get over of his brother's dead. And Eddie van Halen and Dimebag are two very different guitarist so Zakk Wylde couldn't ever play for both, Van Halen and Pantera...
    Exactly. I've seen it before when a band tries to replace the irreplaceable. Listened to an interview with Steve Morse last night about being in Deep Purple. Great guitar player but he's not Ritchie. Probably a better technician on guitar than Ritchie but he sounds nothing like Ritchie with the band....
    Am I the only one who doesn't want a "Pantera" reunion but just want Vinnie and Phil and Rex to get along one more time and bury the hatchet....a Dimebag memorial which Phil was not allowed to attend earlier...I want something like that...
    Agreed. No albums or anything just a one off world tour
    No world tour. I just wanna see a youtube video of them having a beer together.
    Like we don't remember and listen to Pantera without reunion? C'mon people.. I think Vinnie have made his point clear like 1000 times already.
    I saw them several times at the times i needed see them.. Nothing else would top that.. I'm lucky for that... and i thought trendkill was just freaking killer
    Second Rate
    There, it's been settled for the millionth time, There will be no Pantera reunion with the obsessive ex-girlfriend on guitar. Now move on. There are still functioning Metal bands out there that are worthy of attention.
    No, but as someone who actually liked the sammy era, if David died I wouldn't mind Sammy coming back.
    Dunno why they'd say zakk anyway.... that's way off.... they might as well put EVH in there... that sounds ridiculous.
    I know Zakk and Dime were good friends, but yeah i don't know why everyone assumes that Zakk would be number 1 choice.
    Zakk Wylde himself is the one who's also perpetuating these ideas. I don't want a Pantera reunion either. Pantera was Dimebag Darrell, not Zakk Wylde who'd do it because it would also mean dollar signs. He can deny it all he likes, but he'd be right there to collect the paycheque from the live shows instead of giving it to Dime's widow. Pantera belongs in the past and I am personally sick of hearing about this every 2 to 5 years. It would also make me sick to see Phil Anselmo on stage singing Pantera songs again after all the bullshit he did to make the band break up in the first place. If it wasn't for his idiotic behaviours they'd probably still be together to this very day and Dime wouldn't have been standing on a stage somewhere playing in a side-band. Leave the Pantera reunion crap alone, the only reason it would happen is for the money and that's wrong.
    That's the thing with blaming Phil. It wasn't all his fault. He took the scapegoat because the media made him a scapegoat by fueling the fires of feuds. If anyone remembers correctly, Great Southern Trendkill wasn't that popular of an album, fans started turning their back on them. Dime seemed like he almost phoned in that album with none of the amazing solos from previous efforts -- the ones that started disappearing on Far Beyond Driven. Reinventing the Steel was supposed to be their comeback album but by then they had lost the fire. Going to see them live was like watching a repeat of a bad sitcom. Pantera crumbled, because of a lot of reasons with poor tour receipts being one of the defining factors. Then Rex got all uppity about the content of the songs, Phil went on his own merry way, and then Damage Plan, and THEN Dime's death. When Dime died you could find Pantera tapes and CD's in the cut out bin, for $2.00. Let's not forget that Pantera's demise occurred right at the time of the advent of illegal downloading, as well. It was more than just Phil. It was a lot of things that ended Pantera, with the fans being just as responsible as the band, themselves. Also, yes, his voice is gone. While the thought of seeing Pantera in all of it's glory might be enticing, whatever would come of a reunion would just be a poor attempt to re-live a part of history then ended when Trendkill came out.
    I can't say I agree with you on his solos being any less amazing on Great Southern Trendkill and after. "Floods" is one of my fave solos of his. But I think you are pretty spot on with the rest
    A band needs all its members to work correctly. But for me Phil has to take major credit in the bands demise. Trendkill ruled and Pantera pulled massive live numbers. The brothers could not even contact Phil properly during the trendkill recordings. They were not even present during phils vocal takes. His drug problem ruined the band. There are many videos showing Phil talking down to the brothers live. I remember seeing Pantera and Phil sang half the show from a near comatose state lying on the ground or leaning against a fold back. The rest of the band were flawless. Vinnie is doing the right thing. Dime cannot be replicated, move forward not dwell in the past.
    As someone who has a twin brother, I've gotta be on Vinnie's side on this. I can't imagine how that must have been to have gone through something like that. I mean sure, peoples siblings and loved ones die unexpectedly a lot, unfortunately, in life. But to actually watch that guy shoot your own brother on stage and kill him. How do you unsee something like that. How do you even think about getting over it. I don't think you would, I wouldn't thats for sure. If the whole idea of Pantera brings those feelings and memories back up I would say no too. A lot of people may want to see a Pantera tribute tour or whatever, but I say leave it alone, if you think he should do it though you really are very selfish and completely inconsiderate of other people in a very unhealthy way
    I agree with Vinnie. He might have a more personal take on it, since Dime is family, but his point still stands. Zakk won't do it justice. He isn't Dimebag. He isn't the same type of player. He isn't his brother. Let Pantera rest. Do some covers every once in a while, but please, don't "reunite" the band.
    I think that if any of us had our Little Brother Brutally Murdered onstage right before our eyes, then we could maybe judge. But most of us hasn't and the fact that 10 years has passed really means very little....The Van Halen comparison was obviously a reference to the sibling aspect....But NONE of us know the exact pain that Vinnie has had to deal with and I think we should all respect His wishes when it comes to a Pantera get together.....
    As much as I've always thought Vinnie was a douche I'm in total agreement with him. Zakk may have been a good friend of Dime's and he may be an excellent guitar player, but it would not be the same at all. Dime in sound, style and soul. To go do it with someone else just wouldn't be right. Let it be what it was and enjoy what the man left us.
    Personal blah blas aside, there's no reunion without him so if he's not interested then **** it! Try asking apple to do an iPhone 3 reunion and see how far that goes!
    I'm not sure the "shot in the head 4 times" comment was necessary, kinda disrespectful. Isn't this the guy who joined that god awful Hell Yeah band? Extreme butt rock
    How can you have Pantera without Dime? You may as well just go and watch Phil perform Pantera songs. Pantera died when the man was killed. Not a good idea. We have our cds and memories and that is the end of that.
    Its the same article recycled over and over.Im on Vinne,s side with this.His brother was murdered in front of his own eyes.How could you ever get over that?They really need to stop raising this topic as its never going to happen.
    FFS dont make it a reunion, make it a Dime/Pantera tribute show. Do it once per year on Dimes birthday and get revolving guitarists to honour Dime and the Pantera institution. Have the funds to charity and Dimes family. Sorted.
    Obviously Vinnie is put off by this idea. He finds it disrespectful, and/or in bad taste and he has every right to. He is also right about reunions with members who have passed away. Pantera, Zeppelin, Nirvana, etc. It wouldn't be good anyway,
    Don't call it a reunion then. Call it a tribute. It'll go over much better with the fans, allow some reconciliation between bygones, be a celebration of Dimebag's life, and even help introduce Pantera's music to a new generation. How can anyone even lose from that deal?
    How many millions of fans want it to happen versus one guy that thinks it's "stupid" and "selfish"? Come on Vinnie, if you're gonna be difficult at least don't stand on that rickety bridge. Don't call it a reunion if it'll unbunch your panties... Call it Pantera and Friends or some shit. If you ask me it's a Bill Ward moment again. He's too ****ing fat to keep up anymore. Good luck with "HELLYEAH"...
    Except Dime was his ****ing brother, seriously **** off.
    Yeah and? We want to hear and experience these songs live again. That is not being selfish that's your fan base who want it back.
    Buy a live album, play it really loud and stand in front of all of your Pantera posters. Closest thing you're going to get to them actually playing live.
    I think the emotional damage of seeing his brother get murdered on stage in front of him outweighs the desire of the fans to hear a half-baked version of "Cowboys From Hell" played live again by a band who isn't fully into it...
    Wanting it isn't selfish. Insisting on it even though the guy is dead set against it is.
    Van Halen in a a fair good reference, there is NO Pantera without Dime, one of the only bands where the guitarist was more important to the bands sound then the singer. Phil's a great singer but none of his other work sounds anything like Pantera.
    This shit has become really boring. We all know that it's not about Pantera reunion, it's about gathering the three remaining members + Zakk to honor Dime's life and achievements by playing Pantera tunes. Vinnie just has a great excuse to not to play with Phil or meet him again.
    To put it very simple - every Vinnie's quote about the so-called reunion can be easily changed into something like "There won't be any reunion, because I hate Phil and thus I won't play with him on stage ever again". If Vince and Phil had been on good terms, there would've been a reunion many years ago, no doubt.
    If I was in his shoes and my little brother died in front of me on stage then I probably wouldn't want to touch the material ever again either. Even if the other people in the band were my best friends and it would probably end up being a positive experience.
    Vinnie still plays Pantera music though. He played Mouth For War live with A7X before.
    NOT the same. I'm sure Vinnie also plays "Mouth for War" to his iPod too. Sitting in on the drums to a song with Avenged isn't fooling anybody into thinking that it's Pantera. This so-called reunion would send mixed signals and tarnish the legacy of that band. Playing with Avenged, or any other band for that matter, is a gesture. Playing with Phil, Rex, and _____ would definitely hit too close to home.
    Quit being a bitch. Do a couple tours, show the new generation what they've missed,honor dime every night, and **** off back to Vinnie land ranch. Probably waiting for the right number$
    As someone who was part of the Pantera era there is no way any of them could re-create what that time was like. I'm in the Walk video, in the crowd. I was sixteen when that was shot at The Cleveland Agora. That time, and all of those things, and all of the craziness will never happened again. No reunion tour filled with middle aged men trying to act like they are in their twenties is going to do that for the fans. Even more frustrating for Vinnie is that this is about his brother, and the damage of Dime's loss isn't healed. Rex gets heated to this day talking about Dime and how that all went down, I happen to know. Plus, look at how metal fans treat him when he says no. He already lost his brother. Now he has to be told he is money hungry, or fat, just because he doesn't want to go back to that time in his life I'm sure he doesn't want to relive? Some metal fans are brainless sociopaths who don't care about anyone but themselves.
    I thought I was the only one, I'm 100% behind Vinnie on this. Dimebag is my greatest influence on guitar, he was one of the biggest reasons, along with Chuck Schuldiner amongst others, that I wanted to play guitar to begin with. To me, Dimebag is the greatest guitar player of all time so I may be biased but I completely endorse Vinnie on his decision to never talk to Phil again and to let Pantera sleep. Zakk could never replace Dime, regardless of it being on an album or just a tour, and these fans that want them to "bury the hatchet" have (probably) never had to deal with seeing their brother shot and killed on stage. Until you've walked (pun intended) in Vinnie's shoes, it is certainly not your place to claim it is time to 'get over it' and 'quit being a bitch.' How pretentious can we as metal fans be to demand so much? I personally just want Vinnie to be happy, which he apparently is with HellYeah, and to let Dime continue to be felt through the impeccable body of work he carved into our hearts.
    Flying Afros
    Dude, that's like, the most well-thought out, poignant, sensible comment I've ever seen on this site.
    He IS money hungry, has a chain of strip joints.
    Owning a successful business, no matter what it is, does not make one money hungry but an adult, trying to make their way in the world. If he wanted cash, and was money hungry we'd all be holding tickets to the next Pantera concert.
    I'm part of the new generation that wasn't old enough to see pantera together and even I think it'd be wrong for them to do it without dime
    Pretty sure if Van Halen died they'd get Joe satriani or someone to fill in. Not to mention Phil and rex aren't into the idea of zakk doing it
    Van Halen is hardly active as if. If Eddie died, the band would die. I highly doubt that they would go through the trouble to get another guitarist up there and fill in for him.
    Van Halen is hardly active as if. If Eddie died, the band would die. I highly doubt that they would go through the trouble to get another guitarist up there and fill in for him.
    I seen Pantera at least a dozen times throughout the 90s, I really don't need to see them again. What I would like to see is Vinnie and Phil bury the hatchet, maybe jam together on some non pantera cover tunes. Drug addiction is no Joke, Phil was not Phil when their relationship ended. Now that Phil is not dependent on opiates I am sure they could get along again and create a personal future and friendship together. Dime would have embraced and forgiven phil by now had he not been killed, that's the kind of soul dime was. Vin should man up.
    Guitarus Rex
    Well, you know... the rest of the musical world could put on their own Dimebag Tribute Concert without VP. Although the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert was well-supported by the remaining members of Queen, most of the bands performed Queen songs without any of the Queen members playing along with them. Heck, Metallica didn't even play ANY Queen songs. Het did "Stone Cold Crazy" later on though with other musicians (and a drummer!)
    Oh come on Vinnie, every one knows it wouldn't be a real "reunion" as without Dime a Pantera "reunion" is not possible. It's more of a tribute to Dime and Pantera both. If you don't want to do it because it is just too emotionally painful then that is understandable, but don't play stupid with reunion semantics.
    Vinnie just cant get over his piss ass attitude with Phil. He's being a b*tch. Whats really unfortunate is that only we see that
    I'm not after a reunion, but I would buy tickets to watch you call Vinnie a bitch to his face.
    Zepplin did it with Jason. Van Halen could do it with Wolfy. Considering Zakk is as close to a brother (other then vinnie) to Dime as possible, why not? At least for a show or two.