Vinnie Paul on Pantera Reunion: 'Without Dimebag? It's Never Gonna Happen'

Dimebag's brother evidently isn't into the idea that Zakk Wylde could step in on guitar as part of a Pantera reunion.

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Speculation that Pantera is set to reform may never cease, but at least one member of the renown metal act is saying a firm "no" to any hope of a reunion.

Drummer Vinnie Paul, brother to Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell, who died on-stage in 2004, is famously at odds with their former singer Phil Anselmo and refused to rekindle their relationship despite several olive branches from Phil.

Some fans support the idea that Zakk Wylde will could up the axe for Pantera and Wylde supports the idea as a way of paying tribute to Darrell. "It's like Randy Rhoads. You're celebrating his greatness and honoring all things he has done with Pantera," said Wylde in May.

But Vinnie has made it very clear on his stance regarding rumors of a Pantera reunion. "How does Pantera get back together without Dimebag Darrell? That's the bottom line. It's never gonna happen," he said.

In the same interview, after paying tribute to late Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman, Vinnie added that there is more Dimebag Darrell material to share with fans in the future.

"Whenever I find the time and I think the time is right, I'll definitely find a way to put it out and get it out for people to hear," he said. "My brother still has a lot of great works that people haven't heard, and I definitely want people to hear it."

Vinnie is currently touring with Hellyeah alongside Megadeth as part of the Gigantour.

Watch the full interview with Vinnie Paul here:

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    Whilst I think it would be cool, I can understand why he wouldn't want to do it. They all have their own bands now and doing their own thing so why drag up the past? Maybe some time in the future they could do a one-off benefit gig or something with a ton of different guitarists
    not to mention he SAW HIS BROTHER DIE. you expect him to get through one song on a pantera set without bursting into tears?
    Absolutely. It would stir up a whole load of emotions. Even if it takes another 10 years I can imagine it would be just as emotional as if it had happened just 1 year after
    Not sure if he cares about Pantera legacy or just doesn't want to work with Phil again.
    A bit off-topic, but how does Vinnie manage to keep the extra pounds on? Most active drummers are string beans. I always assumed that the drumming kept the pounds away. (For the record, I'm no string bean, myself; just sayin'.) I second (or third, I guess) the idea of Lombardo, Rex, and Phil doing something, but for certain, with no Abbotts involved, it would not and could not be called Pantera.
    May sound a bit weird but having a few pounds may help a bit with drumming because you have a better point of balance I have only been informed by this from the drummer in my band.... who is more or less a Stick figure
    It'll be Dimebag's 10th anniversary of his death next year. Vinnie needs to just bury the hatchet with Phil and move forward. I mean, how awesome would it be if they were to reunite, but in memory of Dime... To celebrate his life on the anniversary of that fateful night? Yeah, it sucks that Dime's not around, and nobody can just "replace" Dime, but I think that's what Dime would want. For everyone just to be happy with each other and to just jam it out.
    Exactly. Hell, reunite as Pantera for a one off show and then play under a new name (Cowboys from Hell) or something and release new music...I doubt that'd ever happen with Vinnie and Phil's relationship though.
    My Last Words
    Hey, it's Vinnie Paul saying something that actually makes sense! Pantera is over, done, finito - period.
    Why not just do a tribute show? Obviously they can't reunite, but they could jam with Zakk anyways. I'd love to see that. Dimebag would have liked to see them jam too.
    Zakk is an amazing guitarist but he isn't as abstract and soulful as Dime was. I think Zakk was faster than Dime but i think Dime was more imaginative in his approach to playing. and its for this reason that i don't think Zakk would work in a pantera cover band. ppl jus need to accept it (jus like SLASH and GnR, it AINT GONNA HAPPEN)
    Don't assume Zakk can't play anything outside of BLS style guitar playing. Search hard enough and you'll find he can play anything. He just sticks to his sound and doesn't see a reason to leave that while playing in his group. No doubt in my mind he could pull off Dimebag.
    We all know its not gonna happen...even some of us doesn't want it to happen. But...the bad blood betweem Vinnie and Phil & Rex should be solved.
    I agree with Vinny but, maybe 1 song, 1 performance as a tribute that would be enjoyable
    Even though I like Zakk Wylde and his style, he couldn't really replace Dimebags position. In my opinion, no one could.
    I agree with this! Pantera's hopes of a reunion died when Dime did. To me, it would be like watching a cover band (Zakk Wylde or not). If I cannot watch/listen to Dime live, I would rather let it be. I am however up for Vinnie release some of Dimes work that hasn't been heard!
    Steven E
    How the **** is this news? UG needs to stop posting pretty much the same damn thing all the time, one week its and article about how Phil and Vinnie still dont get along, then the next its an article about Vinnie saying no to a Pantera reunion. This is old shit thats been public knowledge for years. UG get your shit together!
    Give it another week or two and it will be mentioned again.For the record im against a reunion.Hope he sticks to his guns as its an awful idea.
    Yeah but the group was basically called Ozzy in a general sense. It wouldn't be possible to replace Ozzy in his solo band. Pantera isn't a solo band. It's not called The Dimebag Darrel's. So Dimebag not being the focal point of Pantera and being a group, not a solo artist, would in a way arguably be easier to replace a member of a band instead of a solo artists in a solo artist band. Dimebag was a vital part, but Ozzy was 80% of representing his band even with Rhoads. I don't think you took that into consideration... Either way neither is easy to replace in the case of a death.
    Every week or so this becomes "news" again. Next it'll be Sir Paul on Beatles reunion: "There's only half of us left".
    "Just like Randy Rhoads" It really isn't. Randy played under a Solo artist. If ozzy died were they gonna replace him with noname sam and still call it Ozzy? NO! Dimebag wasn't Pantera, but he was a vital part of it's success. I don't think Zakk took that into consideration...
    I completely respect and understand this. But it would still be nice to see to of my heroes from the best metal band on Earth not be in a feud with each other... Vinnie making peace with Phil would mean the world to Pantera fans.
    I can understand the with-holding of a reunion... but why the f*ck is it 9 years later and the only unreleased Dimebag footage we have is some crappy Dimevision compilation? Let's unearth those tracks, the world needs more Dime.
    thats what im saying..its like vinnie or whoever just wants to shove it in a closet and lock the door and forget about it, then go back 10 or more years then there aint shit left but dust. i know it hurts but thats life. (****ed up) BONG hit for DIME! RIP
    Phil just needs to get Rex, Zakk and another drummer (Dave Lombardo?) start a super group and play a bunch of Pantera songs. I would love to see that live. I'm sure Dime is thinking how dare people enjoy my music.
    Phil Anselmo, Rex Brown, Zakk Wylde and Dave Lombardo... That would probably be the most amazing supergroup in the history of metal!
    I think given the demand something could happen. It's a shame all those great songs are around and no one is playing them.
    There is a shitload of people playing those songs. Hell every metal band in America seems to have covered walk. I still like the idea of a one show on the tenth anniversary (not that it would ever happen) with several guitarists (Synyster Gates, Zakk Wylde, Kirk Hammett, etc.), and donate proceeds to some charity or some shit.
    Pantera ,what comes to mind when you here that name?The hardest music of its time and still amongst the most influencial of metal bands today.They were it in the 90's,the one band every metalhead would have been enamored to see and hangout with, Dime was in fact the biggest part of the link between the band and the fanbase.Without him there is to great of a void for a reunion.I dont see it ever possible,I do see the possibility of Vince and Phil burrying the hatchet,but the reunion of Pantera is far less likely to happen.
    ...Or they could ditch this fat titty bar addicted loser and make a phil-rex-zakk-lombardo pantera reunion.
    That's actually a friggin awesome band by itself, without the need to call it Pantera. They could just make some cover versions of a few mainstream Pantera songs and start a whole new kickass project.
    AWESOME!!!!! stick to ur guns Vinnie. Don't ruin the memory of PANTERA by cow toweling to the demand of others. BE URSELF BY URSELF, STAY AWAY FROM ME!!! There will NEVER be another PANTERA (sorry for all the younger ppl who didn't get to see him) Would you ask Van Halen to reunite if Eddie died? NO!!! cuz Alex and Eddie were brothers and Eddie made VH what it was. think about that.
    For Christ saxes Vinnie just do it already. Don't let this become another Guns & Roses situation. Phil wants to bury the hatchet and you don't it sounds like he's being the bigger man. And by the way sure DimeBag was a big part of Pantera but when you say it's not the same...Your just lying to yourself. The fact of the matter is you fell in love with an image not a song. I mean there's only 7 notes in the music alphabet ABCDEFG thats it (Not including the sharps and flats mind you) so with enough practice Yeah! You can sound like Dimebag or anybody for that matter.
    i fell in love with the songs, not an image and idk DIMEs Playing was pretty unique, he does things that he didnt even know how he did it. he was just that RAW! when he plays you can see it just POURING out and everyone doesnt have that feature!
    if you really think that that is all it takes to play music, i have to disagree. Phil is just on step 12 now, but that don't mean Vinnie has to accept. Phil did a lot of stuff when he was on drugs. glad he is off em but u do dumb sh*t when ur high and that don't mean ppl have to forgive you when ur not.
    It seems stupid that an interviewer would even ask this question. His brother was murdered on stage. Don't !@#& on his legacy. Just let Vinnie continue playing in his mediocre band.
    not gonna happen. still got the classic cds... and until some unreleased riff tapes surface or some old demos then that's all we'll ever have.
    since there's no chance of a Pantera reunion, why not do a damageplan reunion with Zakk, that way dime gets a proper tribute and Vinnie wont have Phil to bitch about
    just **** it man...its not gonna happen...get over it everyone. its like your first love... gone. your never gonna get her back..move on. but Vince Pantera is gonna live on FOREVER! so figure something out for DIME. done let it just fade away to nothing.
    Sammy Mantis
    Glad to hear him say this. People just need to let this go already, and be happy with what we do have from Pantera.
    It sucks, but I don't fully blame Vinnie. Not many people have been through what he has. I would at least like to see him and Phil reconcile one day though.
    It's not so much that Vinnie can't play a Pantera show without Dimebag, but that a reunion can't work without Dime. Dimebag is like the glue that held Pantera together. To my knowledge, Vinnie and Phil never had a lot in common and Dimebag sort of made it work
    No, Vinnie, goddamn it! It's not about Pantera reuniting, it's about you and Phil giving up on that feud after 10+ f**king years!
    do you think 10 years means anything to someone if they're blaming someone for the death of their brother? there's no amount of money or time that can fix this. aint happening
    Why not just a supergroup dedicated to Dimebag? Jesus it's not that hard to do. Like Temple of the Dog did for Andrew Wood. It don't have to be called Pantera.