Vinnie Paul Shoots Down Pantera Reunion Again: 'A Lot of People Are Selfish'

The drummer still bitter over Phil Anselmo feud, says he doesn't care about constant reunion requests.

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Former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul has once again shot down the possibility of a Pantera reunion featuring Zakk Wylde on guitar, explaining how he's still far too bitter over the feud with singer Phil Anselmo.

The reunion hopes were sparked after Phil recently told Fanpass that "there is a great percentage of me that says, 'This generation deserves [Pantera reunion]. Let's do it.'"

Giving fans a cold shower, Vince has now told Revolver magazine, "If you had an ex-wife, and it was a pretty bitter split, you might not ever want to talk to her again. Who cares if everybody in the family and your friends want you to say hello again? It's your choice whether you want to do it or not."

The drummer further noted (via Blabbermouth), "And I think a lot of people are selfish. They say, 'Oh, he oughtta just kiss and make up with Phil and everything will be cool. And then they can go get Zakk Wylde and everything's gonna be great.' No, everything's not gonna be great."

As far as a hypothetical Pantera reunion featuring Zakk goes, Phil wasn't the only one open to the idea, as Wylde himself stated he'd be up for the task if the rest of the surviving band members settled their differences.

Giving fans the closest thing possible to such a reunion, Anselmo, Wylde and Rex Brown have recently rocked the stage together in Dallas, Texas, performing Pantera's classic track "I'm Broken." Check out the footage below for a part of the atmosphere.

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    Vinnie Paul would rather play with Hellyeah than Pantera? This is the darkest timeline.
    wait, there are other timelines? cool. cool cool cool.
    Considering his own brother was murdered on stage right in front of him, I'm sure playing in Pantera without his brother isn't going to bring him the fondest memories. I don't blame him for not wanting to do it.
    If Vinnie doesn't want to do Pantera reunion thats absolutely fine. Only thing i wish he could do is forgive Phil and be friends with him again. Get over yourself Vinnie c'mon. Dime's death is not Phil's fault anyway..
    This was most predictable,Vinny will probably never go for the reunion idea.Im sure it has more to do with Phils actions and words in the years prior to the breakup of Pantera than anything else.
    So instead of the reunion, let's just call it "A Tribute to Dimebag" Phil, Rex, Zakk, and several different drummers come in and there we go. Everybody's happy, and VP can stay in Hellyeah and put something about drinking in every single song they've put out lol.
    You guys need to cut Vince some slack. I dont think it's anything do do with Phil at this point. It's everything to do with him waking up in the morning and Dime not being there. He apparently struggled to simply walk into Dime's studio several years after his death. And now your talking about putting him on stage with his former bandmates, with contracts, expectations from the crowd??? With a crew and staff dependent on YOU getting on stage to pay THEIR bills? It's too much. He lost his best friend and brother. Its his choice and should not be criticized for it. Fans need to stop feeling entitled to everything they want, they didnt see their brother murdered in front of them... not even phil or rex saw that.. The sheer anxiety Vinnie would feel knowing he was going to meet Phil in person... On another note. Say this thing actually happened. Do you guys think it would be sold out 10000 person arenas(pantera 2000) or would they be playing 2000 man theaters? My guess is it would be a monster bill put together with bands like Slayer and Antrax and the tour would flop. Pantera is 15 years out of the business at this point. As much as I'd like to see it I have a hard time thinking they would bring the brutality back to the people. Especially with no stage dives/show insanity that cannot take place at concerts due to legal reasons. And Zakk Wylde? I love the dude but not for this job. Would prefer Marzi. Part of me thinks that Zakk Phil and Rex would be really motivatied by the money this could generate(he aint with ozzy anymore). I dont think thats a good thing. Not saying its so, but is possible.
    I agreed up until the last bit. I'm sure Zakk, Phil, and to a lesser extent Rex, have made and continue to make plenty of cash.
    Oh I know they are well off, but think about what they were making back in the 90's compared to now. Zakk was playing Budokan with ozzy, now he's playing the house of blues. And so far I havent seen down sell out an arena tour ever. Point is, they do fine and have the hardcore fans. And I'm sure they manage well, and this isnt much of a part of this idea of a reunion. But you gotta think, in the back of their minds, they may be thinking it could pay huge bucks which isnt bad.
    If not for anything else, you would think that Vince would want to make all of that cash. Hell Yeah ****in' sucks I'm sorry. Dime definitely would not play in a band like that.
    True true. Damageplan was pretty cool but Hell Yeah is just so bad
    i have heard a rumor that Vinnie has enough old Dime riffs in the library that he may cut a new Damageplan CD with new Dime material!!!!
    "A lot of people are selfish" Coming from someone whose trying to recreate the Pantera sound through hellyeah (ah hellNO). Not that i'd be down for new Pantera music, but a one-off tribute show for Dime would be pretty badass.
    Not a fan of Zakk Wylde to be honest and he isn't a fit stand in for Dime they should do an all star set like Nirvana did get a large amount of guitarists and all play together. Also I don't blame Vinnie for not wanting to play again think of all those memories with his dead brother that would come flooding back and be horrible to deal with.
    To me the only selfish person in this is Vinnie, I don't even like Pantera but I couldn't help but smile watching that footage
    No suprise there. The media best leave the dude (i.e. Vincent) alone and stop wanking on about the "possibility" of something happening that is clearly not going to happen, just for the sake of creating news. Pantera ended a million years ago and it isn't coming back. Spanish Panther left a legacy of 9 (?) studio albums and bunch of other shit like DVDs, so let's just listen to those and stfu. \m/
    That is quite possibly the worst title you could've didn't think about that?
    Dude leave Vinnie the **** alone. If he doesn't want to do a Pantera reunion don't try to force him to do it. He saw his brother get murdered right in front of him and I doubt that not a moment goes by where he still thinks about that. Imagine how he'd feel being put up onstage with Paul and Rex and someone having to fill in a spot where Dime would have been. I can't even see him being able to make it through a few songs without having to leave the stage.
    And people want to bitch about Slipknot taking three years to get over Paul. Get a new drummer lol. He's not that good anyways. He's obviously got a superior band, right? L-O-L. Fucking fat ass cry baby.
    Truly one of the most vile and ignorant things one could say. I'd say i hope you lose some loved ones right in front of your eyes, but you'd probally end up jerking off to it and liking it, judging from the kind of scumbag you are.
    Hahaha. You get pissy when I say something about some has been, so you come back with something just as bad. Typical UG member. Hypocritical blabbering that's justified because "muh hero" got insulted.
    only difference is your a scumbag that deserves to be insulted. The person you insulted whos brother was murdered right in front of him, not so much. so there was really no hiprocracy to it. Hes hardly my hero, not even a big Pantera fan. Just wanted to let you know what a disgusting douche you are.
    No, selfish would be not wanting to do it, but half-assing it and pretending just to do a cash grab to make some self entitled internet know-nothings happy. What the hell is wrong with some of you people?
    "A lot of people are selfish." I think he's being the selfish one. Phil already said he's sorry and he's ready to put the past behind him if that means him and Vince can be friends again.
    "Vinnie Paul shoots down pantera reunion " is UG being a dick when they created that title? I mean WTF!! seriously?
    So... it seemsto me that Vinnie is the only person who is stopping this from happening simply due to the fact that he's too stubborn to kiss and make up with Phil. I get that what happened with Darrell sucks and it's obviously going to induce some emotional trauma, but seriously? This is beyond a joke now. Also, HellYeah is ****ing clowns shoes, Vinnie.
    i have heard a rumor that Vinnie has enough old Dime riffs in the library that he may cut a new Damageplan CD with new Dime material!!!!