Vinnie Paul: 'There's a Lot of Magic in Spontaneity'

"You've got to get it the first time it happens," says former Pantera drummer on the process of making music.

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Former Pantera and current Hellyeah stickman Vinnie Paul recently discussed his approach to making music dating all the way back to Pantera days.

While interviewed by Mulatschag TV alongside singer Chad Gray, the drummer was asked to describe the band's working process and recording habits.

"We mic everything up and we hit the space bar and we literally just start playing," the vocalist said. "I don't think that there's a single note that Hellyeah's ever played that isn't recorded somewhere, on some hard drive, somewhere in the house."

The singer continued, saying, "Him [Vinnie] and his brother had a philosophy that if you do it that way you never have to go back an try to think 'What was that part?' You can go back and use it as a reference."

Vinnie Paul finally chipped in, commenting, "Write and record as you record and write. It's all there, it's always there. There's a lot of magic in spontaneity and you can't duplicate that sometime, so you've got to get it the first time."

The group's latest studio release, "Band of Brothers," dropped back in July 2012 via Eleven Seven Records as the third effort in the Hellyeah catalogue. The album was followed by a total of three singles - "War in Me," the title track and "Drink Drank Drunk." You can check out the full interview below.

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    There's more magic in forgiveness,Vinnie.
    Get over it dude... Everyone needs to gtfo it. Forgiveness doesn't happen because you or anyone else demands it. Someday, I hope they work it out. But then what? Dimebag is dead. Pantera isn't EVER going to be the same without him. It may be time to just move on and let them deal with things the way they see fit.
    I'm over it...He isn't. Rita Haney forgave Phil, why can't he? Anyways, Its not about the pantera reunion. Its about feeling better, I still think holding those feelings towards phil or rex won't do any good to Vinnie.
    I love Pantera but Hellyeah is just SO BAD. I want to like them because of Vinnie but it's like he just gave up trying to write good music and decided to drink a ton and half-ass it for awhile. Maybe that's the point. Their music is just SO CHEESY...
    It's only cheesy because of Chad Gray. He doesn't fit the cowboy persona very well and is just trying too hard it seems like. I'm bias though. I love the band.
    its also kind of funny chad is putting on this whole southern cowboy personality when he is from peoria illinois. i like hellyeah but im ready to hear some more mudvayne!
    Totally! I love Pantera and I like Mudvayne but for some reason I can't find anything about Hellyeah that I'm into but my mind is still open...
    Bring Mudvayne back for the love of god and rid the world of this awful band. I don't think I can sit through another Hellyeah album cycle while Mudvayne has been sitting dormant for so long.
    Yep. In need of a mature Mudvayne album. Pantera is gone and really Re-Inventing the Steel album was a nail in the coffin. What he says is bang on. The spontaneous musical melting pot is the purest form rather than sitting constructing a musical piece just for the means of making money to appease the recording company.
    Hellyeah has one kick@$$ song. And the rest are terrible. Stand or Walk Away. Other than. Forgiveness is magic Vinnie.
    I don't care about PANTERA, it died with Dime. I wanna see VINNIE AND PHIL kiss and make up!
    i really love vinnie's playing. he's a fantastic drummer. you feel so much for the guy knowing what hes gone thru. vinnie and dime was just a killer ass tight unit. i've given "hell yeah" a couple of tries as far as listening goes but it never really peaked any interest in me. i'd have a heard time ever seeing a pantera re-union, it would just not be it, without dime. but i'd like for phil and vinnie to reconcile, just talk it out guys. just talk, even if you guy separate ways after wards.