Vital Remains Singer Crowdfunding Satanic Monument at Oklahoma State Capitol

Brian Werner and the Satanic Temple religious organization fetch $26,000 for a seven-foot Baphomet statue.

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When you think of crowdfunders involving musicians, album and tour funding are likely among the first ideas to pop up. But not for Vital Remains singer Brian Werner.

As a high priest in the Satanic Temple religious organization, Werner decided to pay an "homage" to Satan with a seven-foot Baphomet statue in front of the Oklahoma Statehouse. Since such an operation requires a solid amount of funding, the vocalist turned to online community, and interestingly enough managed to fetch over $26,500 out of the initial $20,000 Indiegogo goal.

The reason that sparked the whole idea was the erection of the Ten Commandments statue on the north side of the building's grounds. As an equality cry-out, the satanists are now demanding their own statue right next to the Christian figure.

"By accepting our offer, the good people of Oklahoma City will have the opportunity to show that they espouse the basic freedoms spelled out in the Constitution," the Satanist Temple stated, adding that the organization is "keenly attune to the need for a public-friendly design and plan is to make our monument an object of play for young children," as well as that "by contributing to the Satanic Temple's monument you will be contributing to the spread of religious diversity and a raising of the public consciousness."

Being very professional and serious in his approach, Werner explained his stance during a Decibel magazine chat. "We didn't want to just put up a massive upside-down cross with a middle finger," he explained. "We were trying to come up with something more cohesive. We get comments all the time that 'I don't believe what you believe.'

"And that's the exact point," the singer added. "A lot of people don't believe what we believe. We want to put it up to show the duality of our nation. Not everyone in this country is a Christian. There are Buddhists, Muslims, atheists..."

Check out the clip below for some of the reactions to the campaign in the media.

So do you think the Satanist Temple should get their statue? Let us know in the comments.

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    This isn't really new, and I've read somewhere: "I bet that this monument will never be vandalized"
    Everything for everyone. Sounds good.
    I live outside of Tulsa, OK (About an hour and a half from OKC) and it's funny how the news stations here are spinning it to sound like this is an attack on the Ten Commandments statue there. The argument is that if you represent one religion, then you should represent them all. The general ignorance in this state doesn't see it that way though. But it will be interesting to see that if/when this statue is built how much vandilization there will be to it by all the "peaceful God-fearing Christians" in this state. It will really show the hypocrisy and arrogance some of the more extremists have. If anyone is curious about the news reports, there's one I saw last night on Fox 23 KOKI about it. I had to explain to one of my sisters what the whole ordeal was really about.
    You're absolutely right, and unfortunately, people who cll themselves Christians, and some actual Christians in a panic caught up in the mass stupidity, will do exactly as you've suggested. The messed up parts is that will be the representative of Christ. Folks who might read a Bible, but don't rightly follow it's precepts. I'm Christian, let em build it. Either God is in control, or He isn't. I don't agree with it, necessarily, but then again I think we have bigger problems to deal with than a statue.
    The Vital Remains guy didn't start this, he's just supporting it. Check your facts, UG.
    I understand the point, but there are so many more worthwhile causes that $25,000 would help. Cancer research, food pantries, etc...
    Did they not put up a ten commandments statue? Guess that was money well spent for the good of the starving, dying and homeless.. I agree with you that all this money they waste on religions every year could be put to virtuous use. But I'll contend to the end that equality=equality and if one religion is offered a chance to do as such, ALL religions should be offered the same. Although I'd prefer no religious monuments of any type.
    exactly my point,but nobody on here seems to understand that.
    nah because sticking it to Christianity is all that matters.
    Majin Gaara
    Yeah let's go after a peaceful religion and ignore far more deadly religions like Islam. Oh, that's because you're probably liberal. Typical.
    I'm fairly certain that Christians have killed their fair share of people. Oh wait, thats right. It's fine when Christians kill people "in the name of God" but it's not when other religions do it.
    me a liberal, hahahahahahahaha, that's the funniest thing I've heard all day. I was just making fun of dumb****s wasting money on religion.
    Fine by me, it's his freedom. I'm atheist and I find this ****ing stupid, but I respect his freedom to do so...
    Out of curiosity, what's an atheist doing with an inverted cross and pentagram as their profile pic?
    Majin Gaara
    Because when MOST atheists are anti-religion, they really just mean anti-christianity. most Atheists I know now a days are pro every other religion, like Islam for example.
    Some atheists are just as bad as every other religious extremist. They are just as dogmatic, and too cowardly to actually **** with religions that are currently killing thousands, like Islam.
    I love this. Also the Lord Hannuman (spelled?) statue that the Hindu's wants erected should be put up! If all works out, this could end up being a truly remarkable come-together of all sorts of cultures! I'd love to see it! Also, on the already erected statue. Does anyone find it funny that one of the ten commandments is "Do not worship frickin' idols", so they erect a statue of the ten commandments to worship it? That's like.. Stupid times infinity.
    They word idolatry loosely. Anything can be considered an idol by them, even television. But an idol could never be something they worship and revere
    Idol: - An image or other material object representing a deity to which religious worship is addressed. - Any person or thing regarded with blind admiration, adoration, or devotion.
    I'm a christian and i understand the whole "equality" thing. The problem with that statue being made is it promotes evil. The 10 commandments don't show anything but good things. I don't care if it's a religion or not, it's all about evil and people don't like that. Our world is bad enough without some devil statue being placed somewhere. Also in our Pledge Of Allegiance we say "under God" in it, we were founded by God-loving men. We're not making the 10 commandments statue to make non-christians feel like shit, we're doing it because that's what this nation was founded on. Satan statue is just to rub it in christians faces and promote evil.
    The "under God" was added to the Pledge in 1954 to differentiate us from the "Godless Commies." Most of the founding fathers were Deists. This nation was not founded on a religion. That's why they implemented the whole "separation of church and state" thing.
    Finally someone with a brain. The idea of USA is great. But post WWII-America(also known as 'murica) is beyond all ridiculousness. It's 2014, get ****ing real.
    Why is Satan considered evil? The only reason is that Christians claim Satan is an evil figure. Satan actually embodies a lot of great qualities that people like such as individualism, rebelling against unjust authority, and forging your own destiny. These qualities are actually very much applicable to how Americans think of ourselves. You can disagree with them, but this is why Satan is a revered figure by Satanists. You should learn what Satanists actually believe, because it isn't as simple as "promoting evil." Also, you're completely wrong about this being a "Christian Nation." The United States is a secular country founded on the values of Enlightenment philosophers like Locke and Rousseau, not Christianity. The Ten Commandments display is an affront to the separation of church and state the founders established since it is a government endorsement of Christian belief and nothing else.
    It's nice to see someone knowing their facts before ignorantly defended what they've been told.
    Being a satanist means by no way being evil. There are many types but I guess most are LaVey satanists and they just believe in believing in your self and doing what you want. Not letting some old script tell you what to do. Very few satanists worship Satan as a supreme being but those who do mostly keep it for themselves.
    agree, from what I have read satanists don't actually worship satan per se but it's an idiology. although my sources may have been misleading
    "Also in our Pledge Of Allegiance we say "under God" in it, we were founded by God-loving men." The Pledge of Allegiance wasn't composed til 1892, 116 years after the establishing of the United States. It wasn't until 1954 that "Under God" was added, and it was during the fear of the "Godless Communists" coming to destroy America. Learn your history. I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else where I was capable of thinking for myself. Such an addiction is the last degradation of a free and moral agent. -Thomas Jefferson, letter to Francis Hopkinson, March 13, 1789
    in the bible the punishment for breaking the commadments is being stoned. "You shall have no other gods before me". Stoning people for being in a different religion is hate crime. God killed millions of people. Satan didn't get close. I don't know who is supposed to be the evil one.
    Majin Gaara
    You're ****ing retarded. You're taking incidents completely out of context without putting any pieces together. You have so much homework to do it's pathetically sad.
    Settle down as he is partially correct, "god" didn't kill people, people with believe killed people without believe as sanctioned by the vatican, one of many other such incidents in our colorful history. The crusades is just a very lucid instance.
    in the bible the punishment for breaking the commadments is being stoned. "You shall have no other gods before me". Stoning people for being in a different religion is hate crime. God killed millions of people. Satan didn't get close. I don't know who is supposed to be the evil one.
    First off, the pledge of allegiance wasn't written until 1898 (by a reverend, NOT A FOUNDING FATHER), second, here is a quote from a TRUE founding father "The bell ringing for church, we went thither immediately, and with hearts full of gratitude, returned sincere thanks to God for the mercies we had received: were I a Roman Catholic, perhaps I should on this occasion vow to build a chapel to some saint, but as I am not, if I were to vow at all, it should be to build a light-house. Ben Franklin
    I still find it funny that in this day and age people who claim to be "Satanists" still think that an upside down cross (the cross of Saint Peter) symbolises the antichrist and is disrespectful to the religion.
    Seeing the Republicans scramble like this to reinterpret the constitution is hilarious. It's so obvious that they only abide by religious freedom when it's convenient to them. As soon as another religion wants the same rights as their precious Christianity, they're "insulting America". Absolutely ridiculous.
    worry about your bad music dude the rest will fall in order. What is he a teleevangelist?
    I understand the point, but there are so many more worthwhile causes that $25,000 would. Cancer research, food pantries, etc...
    I wish they'd have a pic of a mock up of what the statue would look like. I'm interested in seeing this.