Vivian Campbell To Reunite Original Dio Band

artist: Dio date: 05/09/2012 category: music news
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Vivian Campbell To Reunite Original Dio Band
In addition to his work with famous bands like Black Sabbath and Rainbow, renowned singer Ronnie James Dio also fronted and founded the successful heavy metal group Dio. While the vocalist unfortunately passed away due to cancer almost two years ago, the band Dio's original guitarist, Vivian Campbell, plans to reunite with the other original members. "I met up with the original Dio band guys, Vinny Appice, Jimmy Bain and Claude Schnell again last night," Campbell posted on his Facebook page. "Now that I've brushed-up on how to play those solos again, we're planning to jam some more and plan to do some gig's, too. We found a great singer who can really do justice to Ronnie's parts." The singer that will be performing in Dio's stead will be Andy Freeman, who has worked with artists such as The Offspring and Lynch Mob. According to Classic Rock Magazine, bassist Jimmy Bain said: "We've had a couple of rehearsals and it sounds great. Listening to Vivian playing those songs again has been amazing. He's just so into doing this and his enthusiasm has rubbed off on the rest of us." "Our aim is to do some shows around November, concentrating on the first two albums. It's gonna be great getting back onstage with these guys for the first time in so long." It's interesting to see Campbell so enthusiastic about playing old Dio material, especially after he was quoted a few years back saying: "[Playing in Dio] never mattered to me and still doesn't. He's an incredible talent, but he's an awful businessman and way more importantly, one of the vilest people in the industry." Are you looking forward to the remaining Dio band members reuniting to play some shows, or do you think that it would be wrong to reform the band without the original legendary frontman and founder?
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