Waking Ashland Don't Break Up

artist: Waking Ashland date: 09/06/2005 category: music news
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Waking Ashland have denied rumors about the band's splitting up by posting the following message on the band's website: "Hey guys, we've been hearing alot of rumors circulating about what is going on with Waking Ashland. Waking Ashland has not broken up. Waking Ashland is not dropping off of the rest of their tour with JamisonParker. "However, Andrew and Thomas will not be playing the rest of this tour with JamisonParker. Our good friends Joe, from Sherwood, and Jonathan, from Jacks Mannequin, will be filling in for most of this tour. We will let you know of anything new that happens as soon as we know and are able to get online."
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