Walter Trout in Need of Urgent Liver Transplant, Fans Urged to Help Via Fundraiser

Guitarist will die within 90 days unless he gets a liver transplant. Make a donation and help spread the word.

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US blues guitarist Walter Trout recently faced a rapid health deterioration and will die within 90 days unless he gets an urgent liver transplant.

A YouCaring fundraiser was instantly launched to gather $125,000 for the surgery. As of today (March 21), the $72,000 mark was successfully crossed, so reaching the given goal is a realistic expectation.

As the fundraiser description reads, Walter was touring an recording until recently, but a sudden liver failure has now left liver transplant as his only chance of survival. "We all want him to also keep playing music for decades to come once his new liver is implanted and settled," says the official statement.

"Doctors say that Walter's lungs, kidneys and heart are all in great condition, so once a new liver is in there, he is expected to make a full recovery. You will own a little piece of this success every time Walter takes to the stage in years to come when you help support this effort."

Being active since the late '60s, Walter performed with such class acts as John Lee Hooker, Canned Heat and John Mayall's Bluesbreakers.

You can make donations and find additional info here.

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    I wonder how America's doctors and surgeons sleep at night knowing they have the needs to save a person's life but refuse to do so unless paid for it. In a country as developed as America, you'd think healthcare would be free to all citizens
    A lot of the times the final decision isn't left to the doctors or surgeons. The hospital administrators are looking at their bottom line and trying to keep the hospital "profitable". As a US resident, our health care system makes me sick (no pun intended). It shouldn't be run like a business.
    Given a man 90 days to live... You gotta wonder how that shit doesn't play on someone's conscience, regardless of money involved
    Yeah, say something like that to many Americans and they'll say something along the lines of "that's socialist shit". They still talk shit about Obamacare.
    Free healthcare is a wonderful idea, but it's not really plausible. Medicine is very expensive to make and research. It takes years to get a degree, which isn't exactly a fun experience and you spend a lot of time working. Money is one of the best incentives for those people. Then you have to consider the funding that's needed to get medicine tested or even to have all the necessary technology to treat patients, which is insane. Even if we pay it all through taxes, it's quite a large cost to everyone. For free healthcare to be even remotely plausible, people would need to take much better care of themselves, which I don't see happening anytime soon, especially with obesity rising.
    you are talking like countries don't have free healthcare by paying through taxes. Canada, Germany and so on.
    Canada does not have free healthcare I live here its a dumb American myth like we have pet penquin's. Most provinces you are forced to pay medical premiums at 50 to 100 a month plus if you have insurance at work they ding you another 50 to 100 a month this free health care everyone says I have is pretty expensive.
    Also on top of those 2 charges they take tax from you for health care. The average normal person goes to the drs or dentist once or twice a year put all those amounts together your averaging about 800 to 1000 a visit hardly free.
    So i guess the only real difference is that our government saves our money that we earned for us, as opposed to americans who blow every cent they earn at wal mart and have nothing left when the drs make you pay upfront.
    Free healthcare is a wonderful idea and totally plausible. Please don't spread your ignorance. You are the scum of the earth. Greetings from Finland! (We have free healthcare!)
    Spend less money on the military and you'll realise its not such a pipe dream
    Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Canada, Norway, UK... I'm sure all these countries agree with you.
    This, this, and more this... You can just "magically" have free healthcare. Medicine is expensive, organs are expensive. This is why the ACA is destined to fail. What's going to happen when you need a liver, and you're on a waiting list for 6 months to get one because of free health care?
    Organs are expensive??! Those organs came from people that died and agreed to give it to someone who needed it after that. You put a ****ing price on it?? The word scum isn't enough to describe you. I wouldn't piss on you if you where on fire.
    Haha ****ing idiots. You think the world is all nice and happy? The truth is, it's supply and demand and people have to fight to survive. Your argument will only work if there was 1:1 ratio of people needing the organs. Unfortunately, it does not happen this way, if Walter Trout indeed gets his organs, someone else won't. The current system is ****ed and needs to be reformed, but please shove that idealist drivel up your ass as it won't help anyone. It just makes you look like a whiny bitch. Same with dumb asses here thinking everyone in the world could live like a 1st worlder. We'd need 7 Earths to do that buddy, at this current state. Sure, hopefully we come up with a technology as a solution, but as of now quit dreaming.
    I wasn't aware there was going to be Kool Aid at this party!! Oh... I see you drank it all. Shit.
    We have free health care in the UK, which covers anything more serious than just a checkup, and we don't have too many problems with it tbh
    It works pretty well in Denmark, we are a properous nation and healthcare is free . But the country is waaay smaller, so that mght be an important factor. But it can be done and it's quite nice.
    Doctors and surgeons don't have the option to give their services away for free, unless they own their own practice. And if they did, then they'd have too many patients trying to get in and little to no income. You can't blame them, they don't set the rules they have to play by. At least be intelligent and thoughtful enough to direct your comment at the politicians and populace.
    Probably the same way you feel when you watch T.V. and see those ads to donate 40cents a day to sponsor a child in Africa , then you change the channel.
    "Walter has health insurance but this will not cover the full cost of his treatment. The medical expenses, co-pay, medication, after-care, etc. are going to be immense." Isn't that the kind of thing health insurance is for? You don't get car insurance only to end up paying for a replacement anyway.
    I'm glad some people are made priority over others because they act or make music...
    As an Englishman, I find this whole thing completely bizarre. Jesus, get free healthcare already. And by the way, honestly, lay off the doctors. People have unrealistic expectations of these particular professionals..."it's terrible that they care more about the money" etc. Well, no-one lambasts Wall Street execs or high-class lawyers for the fact that they care about money or could do it for free. If you start expecting people who have worked pretty hard to get where they are, and invested significant amounts of their own capital, to do stuff for free then no-one would learn to do it in the first place. It's not sustainable to just expect someone to do something for free every time it would be sad if the patient died, as of course, it would be in this case. The government should pay them through tax. That's the only workable solution. Saying doctors should just work for free is completely moronic.
    "Well, no-one lambasts Wall Street execs or high-class lawyers for the fact that they care about money or could do it for free." While the rest of your argument was full of great points this statement is simply not true. If you've never seen someone protest the greed that they perceive in Wall Street or complain about lawyers then you haven't been paying attention.
    I'm so thankful that I live in a country where I can walk into any Doctor or get taken to any hospital by any ambulance and receive the best treatment science can produce regardless of whether I'm a high flying business exec with a squillion pounds in the bank or a single parent struggling on minimum wage with not a penny to my name. I'm glad that in this country, rich people and poor people are equal in the eyes of medicine. Hopefully America can catch up and join the first world. I hope Walter gets well soon
    I can't wait for the advancement of 3D printer technology. Scientists are already working on one that can print a functioning human heart. Gotta love technology.
    45 days left and they colected nearly 85 grands... eh yeah they'll make it in time.
    I really find the polar opinions quite humorous (not trying to be insensitive). All the people who think that organs are inexpensive and this is inhuman are not thinking with their head. There are thousands of people who die every year because they can't afford healthcare. It takes years and millions in investments before a drug is FDA approved. Even if you deduct the surgeon's fee from the budget, there are still enormous expenses in medical technology and the process is extremely time consuming (a surgeon's time is a major asset in this industry). Affordable healthcare is one thing. You can't just dish out drugs to people and let them use the equipment whenever they want. If you want to blame anybody, blame the insurance companies who set ridiculous premiums and find ways to make sure they dodge payment on a technicality when a patient needs the money.
    yeah but the whole thing about drugs taking years to get approved by the FDA is less about making sure there are no side-effects and more about maximizing profit. I just read earlier (cannot find the article, sorry) about some drug that helps with the treatment of cancer. Every patient that takes it loves it because it is saving there lives in such a profound way, but the only downside is that it is $10,000 to fill the prescription once. That ends up equaling about 100K a year should they not have health insurance. The patents are running out on this drug relatively soon, but the company that produces it is trying everything it can to prevent generic versions from being made because patients would be able to purchase the drug for as little as $5-$10 a pill. They are going so far as to offering companies like TEVA billions of dollars, and losing money in the short term just to protect their investment in the long run. But you can't blame just one group when it comes to this kind of thing. This is America, and money rules all. Healthcare is an industry, a business model and not actually an institution that is sworn to care about your health. If you don't have the money, you can bleed out in the waiting room for all they care.
    It's nice that people care for him and his music, but he's 63 years old. Thats young to die, but there are people with a lot more time to give the world who should probably be looked after first.
    This is Obama's idea of health care reform. Health care is more available, but the people who already had it, no longer have enough to cover their needs.
    free healthcare is a great thing, but that simply isnt possible with the prices american hospitals charge. the problem is that if you go to a hospital emergency room for pain and they get you a ct scan, IV, and whatever they deem necessary, your bill can easily reach a few grand. If you go to another hospital a few miles away for the same reasons and they do the same tests, the bill can be anywhere from less than a grand or as high as 5 figures. Hospitals charge whatever they want and noone can do anything about it because a person who needs it may be in a situation where he either gets it or dies. This area is in my opinion the main flaw of capitalism and the reason USA doesnt dare do a true free healthcare. I have no doubt Mr.Trout will reach his goal which is ridiculously high as is.
    link no1
    Well, why don' American hospitals 'charge' the same as other 1st world hospitals? If I needed treatment for something and I lived in the US, it shouldn't cost any more just because of the country I am in.
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