Was Richie Sambora Pushed from Bon Jovi?

artist: Bon Jovi date: 04/09/2013 category: music news
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Was Richie Sambora Pushed from Bon Jovi?
Richie Sambora didn't quit Bon Jovi as previously reported, but was secretly pushed out. At the time the guitarist cited "personal issues" as his reason for leaving the band, but a new report in the NY Post claims that his hard-partying lifestyle put him out of favor with Jon Bon Jovi. "Jon [Bon Jovi] has been trying to get rid of him. He drinks constantly and has a stream of Hollywood bimbos around all the time," one source said. "He told me that he didnt believe in rehab. He really is a hard partier, and so are the women he hangs out with." Apparantly Jon's wife Dorothea wanted to keep the tour free of drink and drugs to keep the rest of the band on the straight and narrow (or maybe just her husband). Sambora's reluctance to quit these indulgent activities seem to have given Jon no other choice but to nudge him out. Sambora could be drinking his sorrows away because sales of his solo album "Aftermath Of The Lowdown" have been poor, despite spending over $1 million on its production. If you think that's expensive, he's lost even more on his failed clothing company White Trash Beautiful. Sambora had one parting message for his Twitter followers upon his departure: "Thank you everyone for your concern. I'm well, but had to stay in LA to take care of a personal matter. Love you all and see you very soon."
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