Watch: 2 Girls Rock Black Sabbath's 'Iron Man' on 3 Harps

"No loops, overlays, or backtracks!"

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Watch: 2 Girls Rock Black Sabbath's 'Iron Man' on 3 Harps

Camille and Kennerly, aka The Harp Twins, presented a cool rendition of Black Sabbath classic "Iron Man" performed on three harps.

The girls noted in the description: "'Iron Man' is one of our favorite classic heavy metal songs.

"To get a wide array of sounds, we use fuzz distortion on our electric harp and well as numerous mechanical techniques on our acoustic harp, including hand percussion and pedal buzzes.

"We love arranging complex songs in a way that we can play live at our shows, exactly as you see and hear them in our videos! No loops, overlays, or backtracks!"

You can check out the clip in the embedded player below.

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    That' so badass!!! I'm getting a Harp. ( Those girls made playing a harp sexy )
    I'm a fan of their work and this is very impressive, but for some reason this didn't do it for me. Maybe it's just the song doesn't translate to harp as well as One or The Trooper did for them.
    The Harp is such a beautiful underplayed instrument. Loved the Steampunk setting girls!
    They put effort in this. That is for sure. But it does not really exite me. (Sorry for the bad English grammar)