Watch: 5 Legendary Guitarists Shredding When They Were Young

Dime at age 18, Yngwie at age 18, Becker at age 15...

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Watch: 5 Legendary Guitarists Shredding When They Were Young

A cool video mix has surfaced via Blend Guitar, featuring five guitar icons shredding away at a rather young age.

You can check out the list below, watch the video for some actual footage.

Dimebag Darrell at age 18
Jason Becker at age 15
Paul Gilbert at age 19
Yngwie Malmsteen at age 18
Zakk Wylde at age 17

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    Now post a video of old guys who can't play for shit, just to balance the feeling of uselessness.
    Some people just have a natural inclination to play fast, complex stuff. That ability probably develops faster during the first years of playing, as shown by this video. What this guys did afterwards was refine their technique and develop better phrasing skills.  The video left out Shawn Lane. There is a vid on Youtube where he is 16 and already playing his trademark 16 notes-per-second (and more) licks. 
    Shawn is tragically underrated. I've taken interest in Malmsteen, Vai, Lynch, Batio etc for years and I've only known about Shawn for the last 5 years or so. If it hadn't have been for Youtube and UG I may never have heard him.
    Imagine all of them play together...So sad Shawn and Jason can not perform
    Most amazing thing is you can really hear their signature sound already there - be it Zakk's mad vibrato, that Paul Gilbert scale thing that he throws in everywhere, Malmsteen's harmonic minor phrases... 
    Yeah, I felt like this was especially true of Yngwie. He just sounds like Yngwie, no matter what.
    Zakk Wylde gets a lot of hate around here, but that dude has had his zone for years and just rides it like he should.  His right hand is absolutely incredible to watch.  It's like a machine made for licks.
    I always get a bit of the feels listening to/watching anything Dimebag, or Jason Becker. Paul Gilbert is simply ridiculous as always, and Yngwie and Zakk both have their trademark sound and styles already developed here. Really cool video.
    Most people know Paul Gilbert has fingers longer than E.T., but damn he makes that guitar look like a ukulele, lol.
    and then this little japanese girl is born to melt all the legends mentioned here..9 years old in the vid..been shredding paul gilbert at 11 already a legend writing awesome stuff.