Watch Beck's Cover of Arcade Fire's 'Rebellion (Lies)'

artist: Beck date: 04/23/2014 category: music news

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Watch Beck's Cover of Arcade Fire's 'Rebellion (Lies)'
On Sunday night at Coachella, Beck made a surprise cameo during Arcade Fire's festival-closing set, donning Aaron Paul's Pope Bobblehead to help cover Prince's "Controversy." During his own set at the very same main stage just an hour beforehand, Beck preceded "Morning Phase"'s "Blue Moon" with a cover of Arcade Fire's "Rebellion (Lies)" off their 2004's debut "Funeral."

As he told the crowd beforehand, he first heard the song while waiting outside of a local bar, its anthemic tones convincing him to await entry even amid a torrential downpour. Imbuing the song with that history, Beck delivered a brief but heartfelt rendition, stripping it down to an acoustic guitar and vocals that mirror a similar sense of small-town romanticism.

Watch the performance below (via Consequence of Sound):

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