Watch Dave Grohl, Josh Homme And Trent Reznor Record Live In Sound City

The trio of super-musicians appear on tape recording the song "Mantra" for Grohl's Sound City soundtrack, and it sounds great. Watch the full 8-minute jam here.

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A live jam between three of modern rock's biggest names - Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and Trent Reznor - has been posted to YouTube, which you can see in the player below.

The clip shows them recording "Mantra" at Sound City Studios for Grohl's "Sound City: Real To Reel" movie soundtrack. The final song includes vocals from Grohl and Reznor, but it's cool to see and hear them smashing out the base track in real time.

If you like the sound of this jam, you'll be pleased to know that Grohl and Reznor both appear on Homme's forthcoming Queen Of The Stone Age record, among plenty of other premier musicians including Mark Lanegan and Elton John.

Watch the trio recording "Mantra" here:

YouTube preview picture

If you haven't heard the full Sound City soundtrack, check it out in full here:

What do you think of the performance by this short-term supergroup? Let us know in the comments.

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    Sweet. Can't wait to hear the new QotSA with these guys together. Interesting watching how methodically Dave hits the drums while recording. And, could the dude look any more like Bonzo at this point?
    That. Was. Awesome.
    They could do so much better than THAT. I hope they add some pretty eventful lyrics into the mix...
    It's the latest song on the soundtrack below the video you know? Starts around 48:15...
    New supergroup, please!
    That's such a shit idea, go die.
    yeah it would be awesome... i just don't get why UG makes a news article about a clip from the sound city movie xD
    You want to split the screen into four different shots? How about one of Homme and then just three different views of Dave?
    Never heard it with vocals, but even without, it still sounds like the ending packs a punch... God damnit, 2013 is turning out to be an awsome year for music!
    Thrice Capades
    Just incredible to watch these three do their jobs. Energy, professionalism, intensity...young musicians could learn a helluva lot about collaboration and approach just by watching this video. Also, always good to see God back on the keys.
    my GOD that was freakin' awesome...i love how trent is always the darkest thing in the room, lol
    Thrice Capades
    Just incredibly to watch these three do their jobs. Energy, professionalism, intensity...young musicians could learn a helluva lot about collaboration and approach just by watching this video. Also, always good to see God back on the keys.
    Sound City was a really interesting movie. Need more like this !
    matteo cubano
    old fashioned recording with a base track, playing flawlessly, no use of looping or pro tools everyone just nailing their parts. i wish i could be that good in a million years
    wow...that was incredibly boring and stupid
    What gets me is when these famous musicians make blatant ripoffs of other widely known songs - like when RHCP blatantly ripped off Tom Petty's song and pretended they'd never heard Mary Jane's Last Dance... well Trent Reznor just ripped off AC/DC's "For Those About To Rock" and bopped his head up and down with a goofy stupid frown on his face to Dave's boring drum beat and Josh's lame one-note bassline intro - I knew the song would suck as soon as I heard Josh's one-note bassline intro. LAME LAME LAME these guys could make astounding music and instead they just made boring plagerized crap and yet all of you are creaming yourselves over it like good little LEMMINGS
    This was not recorded at sound city it was recorded at studio 606 with the Neve board from sound city. Did they even bother to watch the film before writing the article?
    We haven't even heard the vocals yet and it already sounds complete. This is amazing, but I wouldn't expect less from those 3
    So apparently after you've made lots of legendary music, you can make lame boring crap and people still cream themselves over it?
    THANK YOU. I'm glad there are some people out there who will look at music impartially. Sorry to the fanboys that I'm not entertained watching someone play the same drum beat for 5 minutes straight while 3 chords are being played on a keyboard. UGH.
    as if you don't have jams like this. pull your head out of your ass! if you don't have jams like this then keep practicing or take your instrument and shove it directly up your ass
    I have jams like this, I just don't publish them because they are boring.
    Yeah was Trent "covering" AC/DC, or simply ripping them off, or unintentionally playing "For Those About To Rock" starting at 4:56 Dave: "You wanna listen to that?" lol sure Dave, yeah good job you guys just made a shitty Radiohead stylized ripoff of "For Those About To Rock" in a slightly higher register
    So pumped for the album, getting it today. I love all their stuff, but I will give honest opinions, so don't call me a fanboy. I can see how Mantra is boring in the eyes of a lot of people. I personally like it, it's not mind blowing but face it. With a load of various artists, do you really expect completely mind blowing songs? That stuff just doesn't happen at all. lol Yeah, it can happen with smaller super groups (Like Them Crooked Vultures), but this is different. This probably just came from a jam, just like "Cut Me Some Slack" did.
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