Watch: James Hetfield's 10 Rules for Success

James is such a down to earth guy.

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Watch: James Hetfield's 10 Rules for Success

In one of his recent "Rules for Success" videos, Mr. Evan Carmichael tackled James Hetfield, offering a set of 10 rules for success from Papa Het.

You can check out the list below, watch the video for the whole thing.

James Hetfield's 10 Rules for success:

1. Find your voice
2. Keep going
3. Surround yourself with greatness 
4. Work hard
5. Find energy
6. Be honest 
7. Get in the zone
8. Embrace nervousness
9. Love what you do
10. Connect people

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    All bullshit aside, I'm really happy for his kids. They get to grow up with such a strong paternal father. It's hard to raise a kid these days, because you have to figure out how to imbue certain old school values while also letting kids live in the present. James seems to be doing a good job and has a good head on his shoulders.
    Think it, feel it and do it! That is all and the universe supports you all the way! Work hard is a myth
    #(whatever we're up to..) Dont wear shirts that choke your belly. lol. been there. looks like it hurts..