Watch Sixx: A.M.'s Video for New Single 'Gotta Get It Right'

The single premiere was just yesterday, and now you're able to watch the video!

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A day after premiering the stream of their new single "Gotta Get It Right," Sixx: A.M. have debuted the song's official video.

Director Paul Brown, whose previous credits include videos for Meat Loaf and Paul Simon as well as Motley Crue and Sixx: A.M., uses the song's lyrics, about a relationship in crisis, as the backdrop for the story of two selfie-spewing lovebirds who use social media to try and pretend they're having a great time even after their breakup, all while the band plays on.

With its stomping beat, soaring chorus, and radio-friendly production, "Gotta Get It Right," asĀ Ultimate Classic Rock notes, might surprise a few fans, which suits Sixx: A.M. bassist Nikki Sixx just fine - and he says the rest of the group's upcoming album, "Modern Vintage," promises more of the same.

"I think what's different about this record is we've opened up musically," he argued in a promotional video for the LP. "We've covered a lot more ground, and it was something that we actually put a lot of thought into. We looked at a lot of different genres of music as influences - music that we all grew up with, and even modern music - and we kinda took all of it and just molded it into this album."

"There are moments on the record that literally sound like they were writen and recorded in, say, the late '60s, early '70s, and then there's moments on the record that sound like they were recorded in a time that hasn't even happened yet," added singer James Michael. "So sonically speaking, it's a real journey, and I think that the title, 'Modern Vintage,' really describes that."

As for "Gotta Get It Right" in particular, Michael says it's one of his favorite songs on the album, and argues that its combination of various elements makes it a fitting choice for the record's first single. "'Gotta Get It Right' was one of the last songs we wrote for this record and it really surprised all of us," he recalled. "I remember we just sat down and strummed a couple of chords; I guess I started singing this melody line to it that was like nothing else we had on the record. Nikki immediately responded, and DJ [Ashba] - they both were just like, 'We gotta go there. I don't know where this is leading us, but we gotta go there."

"Modern Vintage" is due in stores on October 7.

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    This reminds me of being stuck watching highschool musical with my 6 year old sister
    Hard to believe that this same guy wrote 'Livewire'!
    It is hard to believe. Sounds like crappy pop punk music. Like Hedley or Stereos or Simple Plan. If you don't know those are crappy Canadian bands.
    It's easier when you consider the fact that DJ Ashba co-writes every song Nikki Sixx does now, because he's never written anything good.
    I thought the first album was great! The second one fell off a bit... and I don't even know what to think of this, but it sure isn't positive.
    Now I'm ashamed to wear Sixx AM t-shirt I guess Accidents Can Happen
    I love the first 2 Sixx AM recordings. I hated the song when I heard it yesterday but figured that it was just something they thought might get some airplay. This video really scares me, like they have lost their edge.