Watch: This Is What FFDP Sound Like With New Singer Filling in for Moody

The man's name is Tommy Vext.

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Watch: This Is What FFDP Sound Like With New Singer Filling in for Moody

As widely reported, Ivan Moody left FFDP mid-tour after an onstage meltdown and is now being temporarily replaced with Tommy Vext of Bad Wolves for the remainder of the trek.

And now, pro-shot footage of the gang rocking "The Bleeding" and "Wash It All Away" at this year's Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium has surfaced.

You can check it all out in the embedded player below.

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    If he just stays on stage and doesn't leave the band every 3 concerts, he will be a major improvement to the band
    Can I just say, I've always found this band's music terribly cringy and forced. 
    It's like how Manowar took all the cheesy things from metal, portrayed them as literal as possible and became a musical wet dream for D&D nerds. This band is the version that took all the cringy/edgy "badass" broshit from Nu-metal and turned that into reality.
    I thought the first album when it came out was great. It was heavy, melodic, the guitarists would shred, and the lyrics were not nearly as cringey (mostly just about beating the shit out of stuff). By album 2 you could already hear the transition into the garbage they release now. 
    I guess you could say this lineup change is leaving some people feeling a little... "Vext". (YEEEEAAAAA!)
    It still smells like a summers eve and exploded can of Monster energy drink mixed with Axe body spray.
    So... Are they really required to wear their own band's merch?
    If they dont, who will? Their merch isnt exactly nice
    Is any band merch nice?   Who wants to wear a ginormous silk-screened logo on a Fruit of The Loom shirt for $50? 
    Is he waving his cellphone at the beginning of the set? For fuck sakes. This world is getting to fucked up and zombie like its beyond ridiculous.
    This bands music does not transition to live settings well. 
    Mwah, atmosphere at the Graspop show was great! YouTube is not a good representation of reality, I went to shows I thought were awesome and watched them on YouTube later and was disappointed
    I've seen them lives a few times, they've always been excellent, tight and the crowd have been into it. This website has quite a random hatred of FFDP that doesn't exist elsewhere. I'm not a big fan, but live, they're great, defo one of the best I've ever seen live. (Speaking as someone who's seen Maiden, Priest, Sabbath, Rammstein etc..)
    Even though moody acted like a proper douche and wrote pretty terrible lyrics his vocals and audience engagement eclipse the new guy by a lot
    I kind of agree. My only real problem with Ivan is his shitty lyrics, I really think they'd be a decent band if someone other than Ivan wrote.
    hooks way too old for that hair. i dont care what kind of band you're in
    It sounds just as if Ivan never left, didn't know two people could sound so alike. Also nice save during the intro solo by Jason
    Its not bad, would like to hear some studio work since a live show sounds horrid all the time....
    What the hell? Just cause Moody had a moment doesn't mean replace him. This guy is NOT Moody, he's a flunky. This is wrong, would you replace James Hetfield from Metallica? Or Ozzy from Black Sabbath? Wtf
    AC/DC replayed Brian Johnson with Axl Rose
    this is still so damn hard to read without laughing but it's true lol
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