Watch: This Is What Kids These Days Have to Say About Iron Maiden

"He screams but he sings at the same time!"

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Watch: This Is What Kids These Days Have to Say About Iron Maiden

In the latest edition of their "Kids React" series, the Fine Bros presented a group of today's 7- to 13-year-olds with the music of Iron Maiden.

You can check it all out below.

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    The U.S.'s education is so bad, this is probably more than they will learn in 12 years of history class.
    Best comment, "If he's afraid of the dark, why doesn't he get a nightlight or something"  
    Showing the covers of two albums with Di'anno but not one song ... that's weird and a shame!
    I was a bit older than these kids when I started to listen to Iron Maiden. NOB came out just before my 13th birthday. I got it and have never looked back 
    The kid in the green shirt is awesome lol.  Definitely a metalhead in the making
    And now to spent the rest of the day listening to Iron Maiden, Thanks UG.
    As soon as the kid said "This one is definitely my favorite so far" during Hallowed Be Thy Name, I thought "you're god damn right", paused the video, and did the same thing.
    A Sin Away
    Never got into these react vids.....I know they're just kids but the reactions feel so staged 😂
    m4ss3 m/
    Man, kids are so lame these days. Iron Maiden was my favorite band when I was like 8 years old. Went to see them live when I was 12.  Edit: Okay, apparently they like it. Good for them. Now go buy their albums. 
    THEY STARTED IN THE 80S. JESUS, a simple wikipedia search would have got that
    so I did the search and it says steve harris founded Iron Maiden in '75. so in the 1970's.  a simple wikipedia search would've saved you this comment.
    Their debut album was 1980, when they technically formed doesn't matter (at least to me). Their music is typical of metal in the 80s, I would not consider them in the same ranks of Black Sabbath, for example. Also, take The Offspring, I would consider them a 90s band, despite them forming in the 80s.
    You are fundamentally wrong. Putting out an album doesn't make you a band. Getting together with people and playing music (on a regular basis) together makes you a band. They put an album out in the 80s but they made the music for that album between 75 en 80, therefore they are a 70s band. Comparing them to black sabbath doesn't have anything to do with it either. Same goes for the offspring too.
    Technically i agree with you, and always have, but my point is that to me i don't associate Maiden or OFfspring or with the 70s and 80s respectively, despite them forming in those decades. Let's agree to disagree