Watch: This Is What Ozzy Sounded Like on His First Post-Sabbath Show

First show with Zakk Wylde back in the band too.

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Watch: This Is What Ozzy Sounded Like on His First Post-Sabbath Show

This Friday (July 14) at the Rock USA festival in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Ozzy Osbourne performed his first show after the completion of Black Sabbath's farewell tour.

Additionally, the show marked the gang's first gig with Zakk Wylde in the fold.

Footage from the concert was quick to surface, you can check it out in the embedded video players below.

YouTube preview picture

YouTube preview picture

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    What's the fucking point of filming the show with your gayphone, if all you get from it is this shit that looks and sounds like it came from the year 2000? Fuck you, phone people.
    The distant future. The year 2000. What's with the gayphone comment? Makes you sound like a twelve year old that can't think of what to say.
    I just hate phones. Pieces of shit that turn people into zombies and it can´t event film a decent video. What´s so great about them?? I just don´t get it.
    Here's a crappy phone video of a concert so you can totally accurately gauge how good it was.
    Yes it is a crappy phone video but let your brain connect the dots.   I can tell from sitting here with these crappy laptop speakers that Ozzy, Zakk and the rest of the band sounded frickin awesome.  Guitar didn't sound downtuned to me either.
    That last solo Zakk plays on S.I.N. off No More Tears I always thought was underrated compared to some of his songs he's known for, if they record again I hope they try a melodic pop-ish approach to the songs like they did back then
    Sounds like they're tuning down a bit. I hope better video comes out, though. Audio quality is shit on these two.
    yea maybe the tempo was alittle slow too but it sounded amazing im sure better video will surface somwhere
    The last time I saw Zach with Ozzy was back in 2001 in Vancouver. It's nice to see them rocking again.