Wavves Not Being Sued By Disney

artist: Wavves date: 08/05/2010 category: music news
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After touting a "mild" lawsuit from Disney over his song "Mickey Mouse," it turns out Wavves frontman Nathan Williams was just having a laugh. Williams was onstage at New York's Bowery Ballroom, discussing how the media giant was forcing his poor little band to rerelease their latest album without the offending track. He referred to Walt Disney as a "Nazi" and, earlier that day, perpetuated this lawsuit on his Twitter account. But according to Pitchfork, Wavves' label Fat Possum has confirmed that the story is a work of fiction. Such is good news for Wavves - any successful lawsuit brought on by Disney would surely extract every penny young Williams has to his name. All Disney baiting aside, Wavves are currently riding high with their latest effort, "King Of The Beach" and are slated for their highest profile festival appearance yet at Lollapalooza this weekend. Williams and company will be on tour the rest of the fall, with some high-profile opening slots for Phoenix scheduled in October. If he's so inclined, other fake lawsuits Williams could mention in the next months include Hasbro, makers of the Super Soaker, for his song "Super Soaker"; Topps, makers of baseball cards, for his song "Baseball Cards"; and Warner Brothers, who own the rights to the "Peanuts" catalog, for his song "Linus Spacehead." Thanks for the report to Spinner.com.
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