Wayne's World Was Lambert's Intro to Queen

Singer first heard band in Mike Myers' comedy, which was approved by Mercury himself.

Ultimate Guitar

Adam Lambert first discovered Queen during the famous "Wayne's World" "Bohemian Rhapsody" scene,  Classic Rock reports.

The singing sensation was 10-years-old when he saw Mike Myers and Dana Carvey belting out the track in animated fashion in the smash hit 1992 film.

The hilarious scene won the approval of original Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, guitarist Brian May said last month. Nobody could have guessed the man who would full in for Mercury years later was discovering the band from that movie scene.

He recalls telling his dad he thought the song was "cool" and he was soon introduced to the band's back catalogue.

Lambert is currently performing with Queen heroes Brian May and Roger Taylor as Queen and Adam Lambert on a mammoth North American tour.

Lambert appeared on TV talent show "American Idol" and later landed a role on "Glee." He has also released two solo albums, with a third in the works. Lambert tells the Oakland Press: "As a kid, I think that's the first time hearing something and wanting to know more about it. I thought, 'What is this song? It's so cool.' And my dad said, 'Here, son, this is Queen.'"

Decades later, Lambert says his dad is as stunned as everyone else that the 32-year-old is on stage with May and Taylor. He adds: "He's like, 'Holy sh-t. You're on stage with Queen! I can't believe it.

"If someone had said to me, 'By the way, you're gonna be on stage at Madison Square Garden with them in five years,' I would've laughed in their face. It's an honour. I'm very humbled and very lucky I get to do this."

On Lambert's contribution to the live show, Taylor says: "He's sensational. I describe him as almost a camp Elvis. He has this unbelievable range, because Freddie had a great range. Adam can really cover it. He's an extraordinary singer and a real talent. I feel he fits into our sort of theatricality. It was very comfortable."

Queen have made no plans beyond the current tour, which will be followed up by four shows in Australia.

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    I think Wayne's World is an excellent way to be introduced to Queen, scenes like that make memorable ways to be introduced to great bands.
    Def right on that, it's a great movie to introduce more than just Queen. I indirectly discovered Genesis/Phil Collins solo work after my Dad taking me to see Tarzan and I told him "I like the man's voice who sang the songs." Thus he bought me tons of cds.
    Honestly, that's the way I was introduced to Boyz II Men. Not a rock group by any means, but ever since that episode of Fresh Prince I've found them to be a great group.
    I thought Freddy died before Wayne's World came out? :S
    Correct - Mercury died in late '91, the movie came out in '92. So either he had an advance screening/script approval, or they had a hell of a spiritualist. Or someone's just talking crap.
    Well movies do usually take a few years to make, so it's entirely possible that they had a screenplay or some rough footage to show Freddie.
    Most likely it's just Ultimate Guitar making stuff up again. I like how I get thumbed down for stating a fact. He did die before the film came out, so why are you people thumbing that down when it's a fact *facepalm*
    I never get the aggravation that people feel regarding the discovery of bands. Whether you heard a band in a moive, video game, advertisement or guitar hero, who cares? The only thing that matters is you've heard something you like and have continued to enjoy and appreciate it thereafter. P.s Loads of people were introduced to Queen through this movie!
    Good for him. Take away his image, and whatever else it is that seems to bother people about Adam Lambert and just listen to him. He has a great voice and amazing range. He wouldn't be touring with Queen if he couldn't handle the singing. I'm by no means a fanboy (don't really like his solo stuff) and I get that people are touchy about anyone replacing Freddie, but credit where credit is due I guess. I realise not everyone feels that way, just my two cents.
    INMHO, Wayne's World actually re-kindled the Queen spirit and re-introduced them to the world. Everyone should feel priviledged.
    imo he shouldn't be in queen 'cause he isn't a real queen fan if he didn't know them before wayne's world.
    that's what I used to feel about Rush fans and "I Love You, Man" but at the end of the day, no one discovers a band in the same way, but appreciation is appreciation. don't be an elitist douchebag, because the world keeps on spinning.
    That's the dumbest thing I heard this week. The only thing that makes you a fan is the appreciation of something. So if you just happen to bump in to a good band through watching a shitty movie you're not a real fan? Go be a hipster somewhere else please, the guy was fcking 10 years old.
    Well then it's a good thing that he's a member of the band and not a fan of the band, huh?
    Just like no one is a 'real' Beethoven fan if they were exposed to his music by "A Clockwork Orange". If you weren't at the original performances, you have no right to be performing Beethoven's music.
    He was 10 years old. That's a pretty young age to be introduced to music that you come to love, unless you're parents always play it or listen to it in the car or something like that. Give the guy a break... BTW, Saw them in Houston last week and they were phenomenal! Lambert can sing like no one's business and Brian May is such an underrated guitarist, he was on FIRE all night.
    You're not a Pink Floyd fan because they were playing instruments before you were born. You're not a Led Zeppelin fan because you weren't at their first show. Machine Head is my favorite band because of the last 3 records but I don't have much like for the ones before that. It doesn't change the way that the newer material makes me feel. I'm still a fan.
    I was 12 or 13, and the exact same thing happened to me. I went to the movie theater with a friend and saw Wayne's World. I came home and was explaining to my mother what comedic genius I had just seen and describing the song, and she replied "I have that song on vinyl." She then gave me a copy of "A Night at the Opera" and the rest is history.
    FWIW, pretty much everyone's first exposure to Queen was Wayne's World.
    ^ pretty much the dumbest content on the internet for July 18, 2014. Nice job.
    have to agree, some of us have been around for awhile or have older siblings. I know its hard to believe everyone on this site isn't 15.
    the first gig I ever went to was a queen gig in 1985, in Melbourne when I was 15. (I went with my mum). It totally blew me away and is still the best gig ive been to and ive been to heaps.
    I agree. Unless youth were there you probably haven't heard of them. I was exposed to them because of the movie and I'm not a Wayne's World fan. At least I wasn't back then. So maybe not everyone's, it certainly many.
    I wouldn't go see them without Freddie, and I dislike bands touring after losing an irreplaceable member, but I gotta say if I were offered to sing for Queen I would probably cry and exclaim yes like someone whose just been proposed to by the love of their life lol...also say what you want about adam but that dude can ****ing sing
    Lambert got it all !! Perfect match for queen he got kinda voice of freddy and stage performance and oh yea he like to suck d****
    People may not like Lambert because it is not "their" type of music. The guy actually has some great range.
    Dr. Genitals
    Well I wasn't much of a Creedence fan, until I watched the Big Lebowski. I knew a few of their songs like Fortunate Son, and that was about it. Movies are a great way to discover new artists, and anyone who gets angry at someone for discovering an artist through a movie, is an ass and needs to lighten up.
    chris flatley
    the funny thing is that people criticising him for the way he discovered Queen was only predicted but didn't actually happen and people are rallying to his defence. lol.
    Lambert is crap. I thought he's got better, but the further the current tour goes the worse it all looks.
    It would've been great to see Queen live, especially when Freddy was alive. But the $$ they asked for tickets in Australia is obscene.