We Are The Illusion Tab Results Revealed!

artist: We Are the Illusion date: 10/11/2010 category: music news
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We Are The Illusion Tab Results Revealed!
Last week, we reported that Finnish Metallers We Are The Illusion were giving away their Podium Of Lies EP for absolutely free and that UG users could vote for their favourite track to be tabbed out in full by the band. You downloaded, you voted and the results can now be revealed! In the end, it was not one, but two songs that the Ultimate Guitar Community voted in through the poll; The Podium and Flawed Equilibrium. Both songs are now tabbed up and in full. Check out the links below. The songs are there for you, now it's up to you to learn them! To those who missed out, We Are The Illusion, who hail from Finland, are a five piece master class in prog-metal goodness. The band balances razor sharp guitars and mean, growling vocals with epic synthscapes and blasting drums. Even if you missed out on the vote, you can still download the entire Podium Of Lies EP for absolutely nothing from the band's MySpace page in lossless and high quality MP3 formats. The band has also free iPod and PC wallpapers for download that are based around the Podium Of Lies artwork. Check out tabs for the songs below:
  • Flawed Equilibrium
  • The Podium
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