Wednesday Question: Best Signature Guitars?

What are the best guitars to be endorsed and developed by real-life rock gods? Nominate your favorite here!

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There are many types of guitar in the world. But not all guitars are created equal.

No, we're not talking about electrified and acoustic, or how many strings they have. We're talking about signature guitars; the kind that are given the blessing of a rock god with a flick of a pen and a kiss from the stars. To some guitar collectors (or in some cases, newbies, depending on the celebrity and brand!), signature guitars are the difference between holy and unholy tones.

This week, we want to separate the dodgy cash-ins from the good stuff with this question:

What is the best signature guitar ever?

The rules are simple: the guitar has to be officially endorsed by a musician. That usually means they've put their name to it, and in most cases they've had some input into what the guitar actually does. It's hard to guarantee their level of involvement, but the best guitars probably took some input from the legends that let them grace their name on the product.

Post one nomination per comment, and up vote those you agree with. We'll round up the results in a shred-tastic top 10 list this Friday!

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    John 5's signature Telecasters with the chrome pickguards and double humbuckers
    Dean MAB-1 Armourflame, Michael Angelo Batio isnt my fav guitarist but its a fukking sweet axe
    ooo no someone said dean instead of a les paul or tele...lets all downvote. fuktards
    Dean MAB-1 Armourflame, Michael Angelo Batio isnt my fav guitarist but its a fukking sweet axe
    Why do you guys hate it? It might not be a 'Telecaster' in the sense that it doesn't really have the signature sound. But it is amazing nevertheless. And it goes to show that if you tried, you could play anything on anything.
    Randy Rhoads model Jacksons, Les Paul, and Karl Sandoval Polka Dot V
    Aaaaand your comment will count for nothing despite the likes. It helps to read to last sentence of the article.
    I haven't been lucky enough to play the Polka Dot, but I do own the USA Rhoads white with black pin stripes, amazing guitar, named her Delores.
    Mark Tremonti PRS
    Glad this was at the top! I've got the 2010 model in the tri-burst colour, ****ing best guitar I've ever played.
    Dave Navarro white PRS. Not a Dave fan but I love's me some custom 24 and this ones in white!
    The "Air Guitar" that Sylvain “Gunther Love” Quimene uses . 2 times world Air Guitar champ . It's free (plus taxes of course)
    Wolfgang ...Eddie puts together a stud guitar no matter what maker; Music Man, Peavey or Fender...
    yeah own 2 Have to say my 2 wolfgang's are real special guitars different I own and like Strats, Pauls, PRS etc etc but most sig guitars have just a cool sig on the head, the wolfgang is NOT one of those guitars.
    ..check the back of the headstock and you will find Eddie's signature...
    As far as sig's go, I personally have eyeballed and drolled over really anything from Hetfield, including his Hutchinson guitar concept guitars. The snakebyte and the white Iron Crss being my favourites from him. The Epiphone and/or Gibson Thunderhorse explorers are pretty sweet. You serve sushi on them so how is that not sweet!? I'm not much for Lamb of God, but Will Adler has some pretty sick ESP's. Now as far as uniqueness goes, Matt Heafy's signatures aren't that special, HOWEVER, I would drop 3 months pay in a heartbeat on both of his Epiphone signatures BECAUSE he felt it was really important that they be the same ones you and I play in the store and can take home with us. That and the fact he has two versions of it. His old Japanese Sun Dean was pretty sweet as well.
    Head and Munky- K-7 Ibanez Steve Vai sig 7....funny looking but sounded great Randy Rhoades Jackson Flying V Mick Thompson number 7 Ibanez looks and sounds bad ass Jeff Loomis sig Schecter 7 string
    signature Dime washburns, the real deal. Not just a dean with Dime's name on it. The higher end Dime deans are very nice as well.
    Without a doubt, Jim Root's Fender Telecaster (not the Squire). For the price, tone and no nonsense features, it is the best signature guitar.
    I agree, but the $1500 USD price tag is a bit much for how bare bones it is. Just my opinion. otherwise great guitar
    I'd have to say John Petrucci's Ernie Ball Music Man signature. Those things are pretty insane.
    Dave Mustaine - Rust In Peace VMNT has got to be one of the best. That or Zakk Wyldes Bullseye Les Paul
    Why is everyone hating each others opinions? I shall submit Mike Mushok's PRS Baritone. And the Hello Kitty strat, It's pretty cool.
    Kurt Cobain's jaguar. Because it is a really interesting guitar, I read a little about the history of it and how Kurt found it in a local paper. It had been modified before he even got it with different pick-ups and neck. And after playing one, the amount of tones it capable of it really astounding. Usually I'm not a fan of signature guitars, but this one gets my vote!
    I'd say Jeff Loomis's signature Schecter. It's really a monster of a guitar.
    its good, owned one for 3 years now, but it just collects dust cuz i play my chris broderick jackson now. the loomis definitely has some major flaws tho.
    Sooooo many to choose from, but I think my personal favorite has to be Eric Clapton's Cream guitar, The Fool.
    I owned an LTD Alexi Laiho V and that guitar played amazingly well. Great instrument. Got rid of t because I wanted something just a little bit more practical that I could play comfortably sitting down.
    The Gibson Les Paul is by far the best signature guitar ever made... designed with Les Paul and each one bears his signature on the headstock. It's the definition of a signature guitar.