Wednesday Question: Worst Rock Albums?

Vote for the worst albums ever released in our no-holds barred top 10 this week.

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Our weekly polls are always about discovering the best in rock music, based on votes by the Ultimate Guitar community. But every now and again, we like to flip the format on its head to discover the very worst of the genre, allowing us to poke some fun instead.

Last year we asked you about the Top 10 Worst Metal Albums, and the result was a riot of bad riffs and poor album sales. We're going to revisit the same question for another giant genre: rock music.

This week's question is:

What is the worst rock album ever released?

You can nominate an EP or album. As long as the result is famously terrible, it'll fit right in.

If you want some ideas on who to nominate for a chance to appear in the top 10 this week, just think back to when rock videos exploded on digital music channels. There's more than a handful of lacklustre punk bands and one-hit rock wonders in line for the top spot this week.

Nominate one album per comment, and up vote any that you agree with. We'll collect the results, force ourselves to listen to them, and report back with a no-holds barred review of why they're so bad. Enjoy! Or rather, don't enjoy!

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    African Child - Infant Sorrow
    More like a "most disappointing albums" or "most popular bad albums" list. No one has listened to enough bad albums to make a "worst albums" list.
    IT should have been something like "overhyped albums that flopped", or "bad albums made by good artists".
    Lil wayne - rebirth
    Lil Wayne has rock albums?
    He made on and it's very bizarre. It's like a rock album made by somebody who never heard rock music before, someone who was just trying to recreate the genre based on a vague description. It's quite baffling and a bit fascinating, but also very bad.
    Bon Jovi - What About Now Still disappointed until now.
    Section 5
    That album was bad by being so instantly forgettable I literally couldn't recall anything but maybe two songs after listening to it. It gets my vote.
    It sounded too forced... as if they aren't motivated to make a record. Have A Nice Day was their last stand - the last album that I liked from them. Lost Highway didn't appeal to me at all and The Circle was too bland and cold. What About Now is where they went further downhill.
    It was pretty soft but the I liked a bunch of the songs there were some great melodies. I initially didn't like it that much but it grew on me, same goes for The Circle. Earlier stuff like These Days and New Jersey took me just one listen.
    Bullet For My Valentine - Temper Temper
    You think it should count as rock? It's more metalcore-ish I think. Or at least they tried to write metalcore
    FFS, UG have been way too ambiguous with this 'rock' label and everyone's getting way too,'oh no that's industrial neoclassical emocore, you can't have that!'
    I'm pretty sure the band themselves classed it as a Hard Rock album...I may be mistaken
    The one terrible album that Nickelback release every few years with a different cover.
    My Last Words
    As much as I don't like Nickelback, their albums are well-written and especially catchy. Then again, it's all so tempting to jump on the "****-mainstream-music-they-suck-and-they-don't-have-any-tal ent" bandwagon that alot of kids are riding these days. Hate me for saying this, but there is plenty of talent in pop.
    Personally I think Nickelback's music lacks passion and excitement, and is a dull pastiche of rock that includes nothing enjoyable about the genre. It's not that they're mainstream, it's that their music is so cynically designed to be mainstream. That and Chad Kroeger sounds like a moose choking on a particularly spiky acorn.
    This sums up my reactions to their material as well. I can understand the other guy's point but he is defending it under the notion we hate it to conform, not by our own subjective opposition to how they cater to the lowest common denominator. I have to agree with him on the point that some pop does have talent, but I would not use the word 'plenty' nor does this have a blanket effect on ALL pop music. There is garbage in EVERY genre just as there is brilliance in EVERY genre.
    Dude, read the lyrics to Dark Horse. The whole ****ing album. Just the lyrics. That will be enough proof of how bad they are.
    Read just about any rock band's lyrics out loud and they'll sound ridiculous...when I want to decide whether I'm going to like an album I LISTEN TO IT.
    Nickelback honestly aren't as "atrocious" as people make them out to be. Are they great? No, but at least they play rock music. They're honestly one of the few bands who have been keeping rock in the mainstream. And the songs that weren't singles are easily their best.
    They do indeed rehash their own material however. Cite How You Remind Me which was just recycled to create Someday
    what if I told you that just because music is catchy, it doesn't make it good? Chinese Food is a catchy song.
    My Last Words
    I'm not saying that their music is catchy and therefore good, I'm implying that a great deal of their catalogue is catchy and well-written and therefore one shouldn't write them off as the worst band in rock. Also, Chinese Food is by no means a catchy song.
    If you had to pick one Nickelback album for this list, I would suggest "Dark Horse." It's even bad by Nickelback's standards.
    My favourite bands include Tool, Mastodon and BTBAM - mostly prog, but growing up listening to Nickelback I love them. People need to listen to their albums "The State" and "Silver Side Up" and give them some credit - post grunge indeed.
    The State wasn't bad at all...but thereafter I don't know what happened to them to be honest, lol.
    Simple.....they sold out.....
    I'm no nickelback fan or sth, but, why does everyone hate them so damn much, i mean, they did it, they're writing some bullshit pop songs for the cash, but the albums (except those bullshit pop songs) are solid. For instance, the album All the Right Reasons starts with a pretty badass song. It seems to me, that they know how music buissnes works, except of the radio bullshit song they're making pretty awesome modern rock.
    That's the problem. Most people only hear the ballads because they're on the radio. They have a ton of badass rock songs that most of these people have never even heard.
    You realize it's more mainstream to hate Nickelback than it is to like them right?
    That effects the quality of the band?
    Be honest. Have you actually listened to any of their albums before you came up with the whole "ERMAHGERDTHEYRESOHORRIBLE" opinion?
    My god i love this comment. So much. Like love at first sight kinda love - there must be some bearded beast behind such a marvelous comment. I will find you and present you with a real medal, probably made of plastic or something but still a medal nonetheless. Aliens #YOLOSWAG2K14 Tasty treat indeed!
    I wouldn't say Nickelback's albums all sound the same. I've listened to all seven of them and there is something unique about all of them. They are no where near as bad as Five Finger Death Punch for having no musical progression. I'm not hating on FFDP by the way. I do like them.
    How can u say that about a band that have success like they do?? until you write an album that is successful and makes money your "opinion" has no merit. Don't slate someones work unless you can do a better job
    So no one should criticise anything unless they're experts in it? You're talking rubbish.
    Well...I have ears. With your logic food critics should own restaurants, and movie critics should be directors.
    Anybody on this site could write a better album, but unfortunately for us we don't have the money and promotional tools that Nickelback have.
    "Set The World On Fire" - Black Veil Brides.
    They said rock
    FFS, UG have been way too ambiguous with this 'rock' label and everyone's getting way too,'oh no that's industrial neoclassical emocore, you can't have that!'
    Falling in Reverse - Fashionably Late. I Think they outdo BVB in terms of shit-ness. That single 'Alone' almost made me quit listening to music forever
    Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends... For that epic time in Music, this was very disappointing.