Weezer Preview New Song 'Ain't Got Nobody'

The band is currently in process of recording their ninth studio album.

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Weezer have previewed a new song titled "Ain't Got Nobody."

The track comes via the latest clip from inside the band's studio, where they are working on a new studio album with Ric Ocasek of The Cars, NME reports. Previous dispatches from the band have seen them playing around with heavy metal and punk sounds. However, this clip represents the first full song to be given an airing in a style that Weezer fans will recognise.

Weezer previously worked with Ocasek 1994's "Blue Album" and 2001's "Green Album." Their next studio album will be the follow-up to 2010's "Hurley" and their ninth album in total.

Weezer recorded a new version of their track "Susanne" at Jack White's Third Man Records earlier this year. The band were in Nashville playing a pair of live shows when they stopped by White's studio to record the new version of the song, which originally appeared as a B-side to their single "Undone (The Sweater Song)."

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    YEEESSSSS I love good Weezer. Meaning I love Blue, Pinkerton and Hurley, along with about half the tracks from each of the other albums. I am SO stoked about this.
    I wonder if this will be their fourth self titled? Yellow? Anyway from the preview it sounds like it could be one huge step forward from their last two disasters.
    I love Weezer for simple and catchy songs, they dont try to change style like many other bands now and thats why i love them.
    Can't wait for this new album! Despite what people say, I have loved pretty much everything Weezer has put out. They always produce fun, catchy, hook filled songs that make you wanna get up and dance. Everyone always complains that there new stuff, or stuff after Pinkerton, is garbage and they should go back to writing songs from that era but it would be pretty damn boring for a band to keep making the same type of record over and over. It's good for a band to grow as musicians and take risks. So whatever Weezer puts out, I will love forever
    Nothing against Scott Shriner because I don't think he has any responsibility for the shit music Weezer has put out since he joined, but I would like to see Matt Sharp re-join as bassist. All though he doesn't have any writing credits during his time with Weezer, I always got the impression that he potentially had some sort of influence over Weezer's music that kept it from becoming the trite crap it become later on without him.
    They had 2 perfect albums (Blue & Pinkerton) and they havent been anywhere remotely close since. This is unfortunate. Maybe they should just make a metal album.
    Give maladroit a try. Granted it's different for them, but the songs are simple and catchy. Super underrated album in my opinion.
    The Spoon
    Song sounds interesting, but I'll wait for the whole thing before I listen. Though how long can Rivers sing about being a lonely old man? He has been doing that since the Pinkerton days.
    He definitely has not been singing about being a lonely old man SINCE Pinkerton, since Pinkerton he's just been singing about ****ing bitches and partying so this is a good thing.
    Sweet Lu
    i read the title to fast and thought the name of the song was "aint nobody got time for that" lol
    Damn, this sounds promising as hell. I've been listening to a ton of Pinkerton recently. I hope this is good.