Weezer Reveal New Song 'Return to Ithaca' and Album Release Date

Band say new album is a cross between 'Pinkerton' and 'The Blue Album.'

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Weezer have previewed new song "Return to Ithaca" from their new album "Everything Will Be Alright in the End," which the band have confirmed will be released on September 29. It can be heard below (via NME).

"Return to Ithaca" has been previewed live, when Weezer headlined their Weezer Cruise festival around the Bahamas in February. It's the first full song to be premiered from the album, which has previously been previewed with its album art and various sound collages in a series of updates dubbed "Weezer Wednesday."

"Everything Will Be Alright in the End" is produced by Ric Ocasek, the Cars singer who also produced Weezer's "The Blue Album" in 1994 and "The Green Album" in 2001. It's Weezer's first album since "Hurley" in 2010.

Drummer Pat Wilson has described the album as a mix between "The Blue Album" and "Pinkerton." In an interview with EW, Wilson said: "If you took the 'Pinkerton' band and then play all the other records, that's what we sound like now: bombastic, loose, kind of booming. This record sounds like it's going to have the tight structure of 'Blue Album' with a little bit more abandon like 'Pinkerton.'"

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    It would be nice to hear a full album of guitar driven songs from Weezer again, but I like all their stuff anyhow, so I'll be satisfied with the fact that it's new material.
    hmm, I kind of like what I'm hearing. The last couple Weezer albums I haven't found to be that great, so I'll have to check this one out.
    Those riffs are faster and/or tighter than any other Weezer song to date.. Think about it! Good things ahead. I got my Hash Pipe.
    Honestly if this sucks again I'm pretty much done with Weezer. Everything since the Green album has been sub-par.
    I understand where youre coming from, but imo, Hurley was the only album from weezer I felt kind of meh about. They have definitely changed their sound in every record, which is what I love about them.
    Every new album by an old band is a mix of your favorite album and your second favorite album. But they aren't. Stop saying that.
    This sounds great, looking forward for more... and yeah since the green album tese guys havent put out any decent material.
    I wish Weezer would just stop.
    Nobody's forcing you to buy or listen to anything. You can just stop instead.
    And no one is forcing you to care what he thinks, he is entitled to his opinion. Stop hating.
    and no one is forcing you to get involved, he is entitled to have free speech in an online forum *lets keep this going*
    Sooo pumped. Last two albums have both been my least faves but this sounds like they're getting back to the basics and smashing out awesome riffs
    I closed my eyes for a second at the end there, I was taken on the same journey as whenever I listen to "Only in Dreams". I have a feeling this album might put Weezer back in my heart
    The Spoon
    The teaser sounded really cool, but history has shown many times that when bands say their new album sounds like their most popular albums, it does not turn out well. I still have faith, though.
    This sounds great, looking forward for more... and yeah since the green album tese guys havent put out any decent material.
    I took a long time to come around to their later albums, but I think there are a lot of great tunes across their recent work. The two previews I've heard of this album sound great, I'm interested.
    Sure hope they mix/master properly this time, unlike the flatwork on Hurley.
    I don't like it when bands say 'it's a cross between this album and that album'. That usually translates into 'we're out of fresh ideas, time to re-hash'.
    They're just trying to give us an idea what to expect. It's like when someone asks what does a certain food taste like and you describe it by comparing it to other food that they know. In the end, no matter what they say, you'll have your own opinion about it. See Linkin Park referring to all their new albums to sounding "hybrid theory-like" but not actually
    I think revisiting these albums does give the artists a way of looking back on the old stuff and getting them in the same mindset of when they wrote that stuff, and how much fun it was. Bear in mind it was 20 years since the Blue album, and I *think* they played it all at some point recently.