Weezer Reveal New Song 'Return to Ithaca' and Album Release Date

artist: Weezer date: 07/10/2014 category: music news
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Weezer Reveal New Song 'Return to Ithaca' and Album Release Date
Weezer have previewed new song "Return to Ithaca" from their new album "Everything Will Be Alright in the End," which the band have confirmed will be released on September 29. It can be heard below (via NME).

"Return to Ithaca" has been previewed live, when Weezer headlined their Weezer Cruise festival around the Bahamas in February. It's the first full song to be premiered from the album, which has previously been previewed with its album art and various sound collages in a series of updates dubbed "Weezer Wednesday."

"Everything Will Be Alright in the End" is produced by Ric Ocasek, the Cars singer who also produced Weezer's "The Blue Album" in 1994 and "The Green Album" in 2001. It's Weezer's first album since "Hurley" in 2010.

Drummer Pat Wilson has described the album as a mix between "The Blue Album" and "Pinkerton." In an interview with EW, Wilson said: "If you took the 'Pinkerton' band and then play all the other records, that's what we sound like now: bombastic, loose, kind of booming. This record sounds like it's going to have the tight structure of 'Blue Album' with a little bit more abandon like 'Pinkerton.'"

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