Weezer Stream New Song 'Back to the Shack'

New single taken from upcoming ninth album.

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Weezer have made their upcoming new single available to stream.

As Classic Rock notes, "Back to the Shack" will be released on Monday, September 22 and is taken from the band's ninth album "Everything Will Be Alright in the End," due for release a week later on Monday, September 29. You can hear the single below.

Produced by Ric Ocasek, who previously worked on the band's first and third records "The Blue Album" and "The Green Album," "Everything Will Be Alright in the End" is Weezer's first collection of new material in four years.

Frontman Rivers Cuomo says almost all of the songs on the album began as piano pieces before he transferred them to guitar and got the rest of the band to add their input.

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    Very optimistic about this album. Hurley was their first album that felt energetic and raw (not in terms of production, more Rivers' singing style) and fun since Pinkerton. They seem to still be on the right track to FINALLY being awesome instead of just "meh."
    Rivers just has a knack for writing instantly memorable choruses. I'm going to have this stuck in my head for the rest of the week.
    Lacking that special something Weezer used to have. I know that sounds like a cheesy comment but this band's best days were over years ago imo.
    I believe Matt Sharp was that "special something" (listen to some of the Rentals' songs, many have that Blue album vibe). It seems with each release everyone hypes it up to capture the feeling of Blue or Pinkerton, not going to happen. They're grown up now... when they wrote Blue and even Pinkerton, they were teenagers writing songs for teenagers, now they're in their 40s writing songs for teenagers...it's going to come off odd. The reason I am excited for this release is the fact that (in part, judging by the lyrics of the new single) they have finally realized they need to get back to making "serious" music. Their past few releases seemed very light-hearted, just fooling around almost... Lil' Wayne, electronic/drum machines, rapping, flying dogs, fat TV characters, having the drummer play guitar live. Hurley was a turn in the right direction, and I really am curious to see where the rest of this album goes.
    First thing i thought of was all the references to "Say it ain't so" and rechecked that video, sure enough he's wearing a lightning guitar strap.Always loved that song and that album when it came out, so if there going back to that I'm happy