Weird Al Takes on 'The Man,' Name-Droppers, First-World Problems and ESPN in Four New Videos

Lots of new goodies from Uncle Al, the album headed for No. 1 on the US chart.

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Weird Al Yankovic has premiered a string of videos to wrap up his eight-video series promoting the new album "Mandatory Fun."

Along the way, Uncle Al has tackled "The Man," annoying Average Joe name-droppers, first-world problems and even ESPN.

The latest video is a Crosby, Stills & Nash-inspired tune titled "Mission Statement," taking on today's mega-corporation in a doodle-driven video. Check it out below.

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Up next are the name-droppers and "Lame Fame to Claim." Quite a catchy tune, name-checking the likes of Steven Seagal, Motley Crue and much more.

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Then we get some Pixies vibe in "First World Problems." The title of the track makes it very obvious what the track's about, and it's another shoo-in for a hit single.

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Finally, an original tune from Yankovic - "Sports Song," featuring Al leading the nerdy marching band for an awesome ESPN parody.

When it comes to "Mandatory Fun," Billboard reports that the album is predicted to sell very well and might even reach the No. 1 spot on the US Billboard 200 chart, reeling in a first chart-topper for Yankovic.

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    "He who is tired of Weird Al is tired of life." - Homer Simpson I've been a fan of Weird Al as far as I can remember since I first started really listening to music and he just keeps getting better!
    The songs are great, but what really impresses me is the videos. The stop motion in "Lame Claim to Fame" is really fun to watch.
    All of these are fantastic. Still think the FOIL MV is the best!
    The way the lyrics turn around in that one caught me off guard, and that just made it so much better for it.