Weird Al Yankovic Announces New Album 'Mandatory Fun,' Shares Cover and Track Listing

Comedian's 14th studio record coming on July 15, more info inside.

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Legendary music comedian Weird Al Yankovic has shared full details regarding his new album "Mandatory Fun," unveiling release date, front cover and track listing.

As Al's 14th studio effort, the 12-track self-produced record clocks in at 45 minutes and is set for US release on July 15 via RCA Records.

As reported, Yankovic has requested a permission to cover Iggy Azalea, leading to a conclusion that "Handy" of "Tacky" might be a parody tune to Iggy's "Fancy," Fuse reports.

Sharing a series of guesses regarding new songs, the same source connected "Tacky" with Pharrell's "Happy," "Foil" with Lorde's "Royals," "Word Chimes" with Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" and "Inactive" to Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive." Note that these are all guesses and not the official info, but they do seem like legitimate possibilities.

So without further ado, check out the cover and track listing below.

"Mandatory Fun" track listing:

01. Handy
02. Lame Claim to Fame
03. Foil
04. Sports Song
05. Word Crimes
06. My Own Eyes
07. Now That's What I Call Polka!
08. Mission Statement
09. Inactive
10. First World Problems11. Tacky12. Jackson Park Express

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    I wanna hear First World Problems
    The keys to my Ferrari keep scratching up the screen of my iPhone in my pocket
    "There was a burglar, so I ran downstairs, got him in a headlock and thought to myself 'Now what do I do?' So I let him go" - Ozzy Osbourne
    I'm away from my desktop and my laptop and ipad batteries are dead so I have to post using my M8.
    Cover art gave me a chuckle. Not as good as "Running with Scissors" though.
    I'd have to put it up there with that record in terms of cover art, though. Probably my favourite cover of 2014!
    Sooo who here is familiar with Kenny vs Spenny? That album cover looks very similar to the opening of their show.
    Weybl Himself
    Which is in itself a parody of a plethora of soviet era propaganda in a style that has been done and redone since at least the 70s. I don't really see your point, nobody has a claim on this style of artwork.
    This album is gonna be great, he has the last two years of terrible pop music to destroy on this one. He has never let me down before, this one should be awesome.
    he is king of what he does thats for sure lol, hell some may even outsell the originals lol
    Finally!!...UG is giving us the kinda news we wanna hear. Gonna be an awesome album!