Weird Al Yankovic Earns First No. 1 Album

"Mandatory Fun" is now officially the first comedy album to go No. 1 in 54 years.

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Weird Al Yankovic's new album, "Mandatory Fun," earned No. 1.

As Consequence of Sound notes, this is not only Weird Al's first No. 1 ever, but the first comedy album to debut No. 1 in 54 (!) years (which is double awesome).

According to Billboard, Yankovic's 14th LP moved 104,700 copies in its first week. The success is largely attributed to the viral success of those eight aforementioned videos, which received more than 20 million cumulative views during their initial week of release. Yankovic's label, RCA, refused to pay for the videos, so instead the comedian partnered with sites such as Funny or Die, College Humor and Nerdist to help bring his project to fruition (RCA must be sorry for that now, for sure).

Yankovic has two previously top 10 albums in 2006's "Straight Outta Lynwood" and 2011's "Alpocalypse." His previous best sales week was back in 1991, when "Straight Outta Lynwood" sold 73,000 copies in its first week.

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    Good! Glad to see him having more success as he gets older rather than fading away into obscurity.
    id say its mostly because theres so much CRAP out there that is just too easy to make fun of
    Nice, I always thought that Weird Al was far more popular, it's crazy that this is his first no.1 album!
    Even more impressive than his musical genius is his way of working in the modern music industry. RCA refused to make his videos and he found other ways by using the internet which is allegedly killing the music industry. He has the vision that the industry heads don't. Great job Mr Yankovic!
    I'm glad, not to put down any previous albums as they all rocked, but this one is his best in a long time.
    My favorite since Running With Scissors which was my everything in 1999.
    That's what I was thinking when I wrote that. Running with Scissors and Bad Hair Day were the best before this IMO
    Good to hear. I'm glad that Weird Al is getting recognized for his REAL musical talents
    Only 110 k sold and 20 million plus views? and 100k puts it number 1? wow, album sales must be way less than I thought these days
    i read somewhere that robin thickes album sold only 150 copies and charted (in the uk i think). only number 200 but it will still go on record despite being such a pathetically small amount.
    It's a tiny amount, but it was more than made up by the number of times Blurred Lines was downloaded (I believe it's the most downloaded single of all time at the moment). Most Pop music doesn't lend itself to albums that well, and instead focuses on singles. Yes I know artists like The Beatles, David Bowie and Michael Jackson all made killer albums, but artists like that are in a minority.
    I'm. It sure I believe that it only sold 150 copies there. I know most people don't buy albums, but Blurred Lines was about as big of a hit there as it was in the US.
    This is a monumental middle finger to pop music as an institution. Bravo Mr. Yankovic, you sir are a legend.
    So probably gonna get hit with the downvotes here. But I've just never gotten why people like him so much? IMO, parody music I think is "secondary", but obviously people are going to think otherwise. Anyone care to give their opinion?
    Let me put it this way - pop music = not clever at all Weird al = clever Weird Al parodying pop music = better than pop music.
    Because despite the fact they are parody, he is able to come up with lyrics to fit a certain song, and then a title that sounds very similar to the original, while the lyrics match the title of the song. He doesn't seem to repeat lyrics too often either.
    Yeah but what Zalant said is kind of what I'm getting at. I think Weird Al is definitely talented for what he does. He will be an icon in music definitely. But I listen to his song and it's good, then that's it. To me, his music has no replay value honestly. But that's where it comes down to opinion and musical taste.
    However, listening to Weird Al once and enjoying that once is still more enjoyment than most people get out of Avenged Sevenwank.
    Ok thanks for that completely useless comment which is clearly a knock on my username.
    I know what you're saying. A geeky buddy of mine is always trying to get me to listen to "funny" music (like Code Monkey), and it just has little appeal for me. You listen to it once, get the requisite chuckle, and then never listen to it again. To me, music should be something to really get into, and it should make you want to hear it over and over.
    Thank you lol, someone at least gets me. It's not like I try to say he's a bad musician. Great at writing lyrics, but his music for me has no replay value. I don't get hooked on Wierd Al songs even though they may be funny.
    It has no replay value for you... I'm not a massive fan of Weird Al (I listen to him for a quick laugh at times) but it doesn't mean his music isn't good. It has replay value. It's like me saying that Iron Maiden has no replay value because I can't get into them. But that's not the case because I know they are talented musicians who many people love, and thus they must have replay value, even if I don't replay them
    Thank you lol, someone at least gets me. It's not like I try to say he's a bad musician. Great at writing lyrics, but his music for me has no replay value. I don't get hooked on Wierd Al songs even though they may be funny.
    For those saying his songs have no replay value, I don't necessarily agree. This may be the case with some of his parodies, but his original (style parody) songs have plenty of merit and can be listened to long after you don't necessarily laugh at each lyric. Songs like "One More Minute" and "You Don't Love Me Anymore" are good songs in their own right.
    I definitely agree. Hardware Store is one of my favorites. Even if I'm not laughing anymore there's still alot of musical talent in his songs.
    Which is yet another indictment on the state of the music industry.
    Neo Evil11
    No replay value wtf. Found my copy of running with scissors last week and it was awesome. Especially Albuquerque