Weird Al Yankovic Goes Grammar Nazi in New Robin Thicke Parody 'Word Crimes'

artist: "Weird Al" Yankovic date: 07/16/2014 category: music news
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Weird Al Yankovic Goes Grammar Nazi in New Robin Thicke Parody 'Word Crimes'
Weird Al Yankovic has outdone himself with his brand new video, a parody of Robert Thicke's global hit single "Blurred Lines" titled "Word Crimes."

Al went full grammar nazi for this one, addressing a very up-to-date topic - grammar on the internet. From the very first "Everybody shut up" line, the song turns into an epic grammar lesson you should most definitely check out.

As reported, the 54-year-old comedian started off an eight-day series of fresh daily videos yesterday by unveiling "Tacky," a cover of Pharrell's hit tune "Happy." More info on that one here.

Speaking of Robin Thicke, the singer is currently undergoing major difficulties with his new album "Paula," going so far to fail reaching Top 500 list in Australia. Specifically, the record sold less than 54 (fifty four) copies in the land down under.

Back to Al, the musician recently did an AMA session over on Reddit, discussing the new album "Mandatory Fun" and his career in general.

"Someone asked me how different my life would have been if my parents had gotten me guitar lessons instead of accordion lessons," he said. "I probably wouldn't have a music career right now. The reason Dr. Demento played my material on the radio when I was a teenager wasn't because it was so good, it was because it was such a novelty hearing a kid rocking the accordion."

Asked on whether the "Tacky" video was made as a single shot, Yankovic replied, "While it looks like there might have been an edit somewhere, I absolutely guarantee you, that was all done in one continuous shot. That was a bit of a challenge for me, because I start the video on a 5th floor fire escape, and I reappear on street level wearing completely different clothes.

"That means - for every take - as soon as the camera was off me I had to run down five flights of stairs while changing my clothes so I could be on camera again at the end. Definitely got my workout that day!"

As for "Mandatory Fun," the album also marks the end of Al's 32-year record contract. Yankovic definitely still intends to release new music, but will likely do so in a more modern manner, focusing on EPs and video singles rather than full-length efforts.

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