Weird Al Yankovic Premieres Pharrell Parody 'Tacky' Featuring Jack Black

First of comedian’s #8videos8days is released.

Weird Al Yankovic Premieres Pharrell Parody 'Tacky' Featuring Jack Black
Weird Al Yankovic has released his latest musical parody, this time taking on Pharrell's "Happy."

Al's version, titled "Tacky," premiered on the Nerdist yesterday on July 14th. As the website notes, the video features a crop of cameo appearances from a number of comedy stars:

"Featuring guest appearances from comedians Aisha Tyler, Margaret Cho, Eric Stonestreet, Kristen Schaal and Jack Black, the video was shot on location at the historic Palace Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles, the same space that was used as Julianne Moore's apartment in 'The Big Lebowski.'"

The video is the first of Al's #8videos8days project. As he announced on Twitter on Sunday (July 13th): "I'll be premiering 8 brand new music videos - one every single day for 8 days - starting TOMORROW MORNING. (11 AM Eastern, 8 AM Pacific)"

On the basis of the strength of the first video, we here at Ultimate-Guitar can't wait to see what Weirld Al comes up with next.

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    Man, now that I'm old enough to just avoid mainstream pop, I won't even recognize the songs Weird Al is making fun of.
    I don't think he ever mentioned the weirdly large fedoras Pharrell always seems to be wearing. That shit is tacky.
    Wow, this is great, its going to be even more annoying than the original, that's a next level parody.
    I think I was more excited about the Eric Stonestreet appearance than anything else. Awesome video.
    I don't really get Weird Al. Don't get me wrong - I have a laugh when I watch his stuff, I just don't see where the skill\talent is here. Surely anyone can make up daft lyrics to go with someone else's tune. I appreciate that there's a lot of love out there for Al though.
    He's got decent original songs as well, plus it's hard to be as consistently funny as he is.
    The internet has proven that, in fact, NOT anyone can make up daft lyrics to go with someone else's tune. It's an art form that Weird Al has mastered.
    Keep in mind--he has been around since the early 1980s....he started doing 'professional' parody songs when nobody else was doing this sort of thing. it has been done a lot since then, but lots of people don't know how long he has been around. Sure, lots of people these days can do this...but he was one of the first, if not THE first....maybe zappa was doing some of this sort of thing with the comedy/wacky lyrics but unlike zappa, weird al lyrics were pretty clean.
    greif hammer
    Sure anyone can replace the lyrics to songs, but Al has got it down to an art where you almost wouldn't know his lyrics were different to the original. He's also quite the wordsmith, his song "Bob" if you read the lyrics to it, you'll see that every line in the song can be spelled/pronounced the same backwards.
    Very poor for him the parody by Bart Baker is way better
    I had no idea who this was so I looked it up. I don't dislike a lot of things, but I'll make an exception for Mr. Baker's parody. You cannot compare that crap to Al especially when insinuating that Al wouldn't come out on top in a parody-off.
    Pharrell Williams - "Happy" PARODY
    This is what he's talking about. It kinda falls apart right after the first minute, then it's a chore.
    A musical genious
    does anybody else think he has the best moves they have ever seen?